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“Don’t Worry Darling” Gossip Explained – The Post

The American film out of competition was presented on Monday evening at the Venice Film Festival Don’t Worry Darling by director Olivia Wilde, and although it has not yet been released in theaters – and the critics do not seem particularly enthusiastic – it is probably one of the most talked about films of recent months, especially in the American press. A little because the lead actor is Harry Styles, one of the most famous singers in the world, who during the filming began a relationship with Wilde, but above all because of a series of tensions, skirmishes and apparent rudenesses that are developing between the members of the cast, particularly fond of journalists and readers who are passionate about gossip from movie stars.

For days the rumors and the background around the film have accumulated in the specialized press, so much so that they also end up on the more institutional and usually reluctant to deal with this kind of events whose degree of truth is often difficult to establish. Until Monday the insinuations and theories regarding the ongoing conflict in the cast of the film seem to have been confirmed. Florence Pugh, the leading actress along with Styles, has decided not to attend the press conference for the presentation of Don’t Worry Darling. On that occasion some journalists asked Wilde questions about his absence, without obtaining a particularly interesting answer, but ended up further fueling the curiosity (also of the Italian press) about the events that marked the shooting and promotion of the film.

The first thing to say to frame the chatter raised by Don’t Worry Darling it concerns the fame of the director and of the two protagonists, who can generally be considered very fashionable, belonging to that generation of cinema professionals very present on social networks and much appreciated by the press.

Styles, who is 28, is one of the biggest stars of the show business international, and after his teenage career in the One Direction boy band he is now a highly esteemed pop soloist, with a parallel film career at the beginning and the widely recognized status of one of the sexiest men in the world. In recent years he has become the symbol of a delicate masculinity, which is not afraid to play with clothes and movements traditionally considered feminine and which is very popular with the younger generations but not only. Many commentators have said that they have never seen so many fans welcome someone to Venice as when he arrived.

Wilde, 38, has solid television fame for starring in Dr. House And The OChas made several successful films such as Rush And Herand had a popular directorial debut with the film a few years ago The revenge of the losers. In addition to directing Don’t Worry Darling he co-produced and starred in the part of Mary. The notoriety of Pugh, 26, on the other hand, is a bit more recent, and mainly due to some important and critically celebrated performances in the films Midsommar And Small women. Among other things, she is very popular on Instagram for her nice cooking lessons.

Don’t Worry Darling instead is a psychological thriller that tells the story of a married couple, Jack and Alice, who in the 1950s “lived in the idealized community of Victory”, an experimental corporate city built for men working on a secret project and their families . In addition to the three actors already mentioned, in the cast there are among others Chris Pine, Gemma Chan and Nick Kroll.

In the various interviews given in recent months, Wilde has repeatedly insisted on how his priority as a director was to overturn the unhealthy rules and hierarchies he has always seen applied on sets while working as an actress, and on how he insisted on creating a respectful environment. and attentive to the mental well-being of all workers. It is a theme that in recent years – especially after the MeToo movement – has become very current in the US film industry and which has attracted a lot of attention, along with the fact that she is a female and relatively young director.

Initially the role of the protagonist of the film, Jack, was not entrusted to Styles but to Shia LaBeouf (36), an actor already known for his wacky and eccentric projects and for having a difficult character on the set, and who in 2020 was was accused of abuse by former partner, singer FKA twigs. In August, in a promotional interview ahead of the film’s release, Wilde said that the reason for the actor’s replacement was that LaBeouf’s attitude “was not in line with the ethics I demand in my productions” and that his responsibility had to be first and foremost “towards the production and the cast, to protect them”.

A few days later, however, the same newspaper that had published the interview with Wilde, Variety, published an article in which he reported how LaBeouf denied that he was fired by Wilde, claiming instead that he was the one who left. In support of LaBeouf’s thesis, a video of Wilde dating back to August 2020 – not meant to be disclosed – in which he told him he did not want to give him up as an actor began to circulate on social networks. Wilde was referring to an actor’s disagreement with Pugh, whom he ironically calls “Miss Flo”, asking him if “you guys can make up – and I respect your point of view, I respect hers – but if you guys can do it, what do you think? Is there hope? Let me know?”.

It is not clear what episode Wilde refers to when he talks about “making peace”, but for some his words would have revealed that the much preached attention to mutual respect and well-being on set was really only a facade.

According to many, the spread of the video would have pushed Pugh to move away from everything related to the promotion of the film. Since it started, in fact, the actress has actually had a suspicious attitude, deciding to advertise Don’t Worry Darling very little on his social profiles (which he had always done with other films) and not to attend the press conference in Venice. Pugh – who had nevertheless confirmed her presence on the red carpet and then at the first screening – justified this by saying that she was busy with the production of the second film by Dunes, which however also includes the actor Timothée Chalamet, who arrived in Venice on Friday. Moreover, the distribution house of the two films is the same, Warner Bros .: and therefore certainly had an interest in facilitating Pugh’s presence in Venice.

Other voices have been added to this episode. One of them is that Pugh didn’t take the relationship between Wilde and Styles well. As he wrote about Puck Matthew Belloni, Pugh “was not thrilled that his director disappeared so often with her lead actor.” The origin of this rumor is attributed to the gossip site Page Sixknown for not necessarily being reliable.

Wilde had divorced her partner (Jason Sudeikis, actor of the series Ted Lasso) in November of 2020 and the relationship with Styles was made public after a few months. The separation of her among other things returned to being a topic of gossip a few days ago, when the actress received a notification regarding the legal negotiation for the custody of her children while she was on a stage talking about the film.

Another story that has never been verified, but that has helped to heighten the perception of the tensions between the cast of Don’t Worry Darling, is the one released on the gossip site Showbizgalore that Pugh’s pay for the film would have been much lower than Styles’s, despite the fact that she plays the main character. Talking with VarietyWilde had called the news “an absurdity invented just to make a click” adding that she was “a woman who worked in the film industry for twenty years, and [la lotta alla disparità salariale tra uomini e donne, ndr] it’s something I fought for for myself and for others, especially as a director. There is absolutely no truth in those claims. “

Another possible disagreement between Pugh and Wilde was spotted following the release of the movie’s trailer in May of this year. In fact, in the trailer there is a scene in which Styles practices oral sex with Pugh: a scene that, due to Styles’ huge following, has been commented and filmed everywhere on social networks. Wilde has repeatedly talked about the importance of sex scenes in the film and how they convey a new and feminist point of view on the subject, which is not often found in most films. Pugh on the contrary does not seem to have appreciated all this attention to the subject: in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar he criticized the fact that it all boiled down to “your sex scene, or watching the most famous man in the world give oral sex to someone”, specifying that “that’s not why I work in the cinema.”

During the press conference on Monday, a reporter asked Wilde to clarify the story behind the rumors as to why Pugh was not present. Wilde replied very generically that she was grateful that Pugh could still be present at her premiere and that “as a director I know how destabilizing it is to lose an actress even if only for one day.”

During the press conference, however, the thing that attracted the attention of viewers the most and that went viral on social networks were the photos of the actor Chris Pine – who remained a stranger to the tensions between colleagues and the various gossip – who appears. clearly not very involved and almost bored.

Pine, however, was the protagonist of a new round of slander on Tuesday morning, when on Twitter many people commented between the serious and the amused a video shot in Venice showing Styles sitting next to him during the screening. Many have seen, or so they say, a spit of Styles in Pine. It is extremely difficult to imagine that it really happened, in front of hundreds of people and photographers, but a little lip movement from Styles and above all a strange and synchronized expression from Pine convinced many people anyway. Pine is known in the world for being a very good person, and there are no known problems with him with Styles.

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