Incendi in Europa, fiamme devastano boschi in Spagna, Francia e Portogallo

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Yesterday, luckily for us, America celebrated Labor Day, without America the world markets do not exist, no volumes, nothing moves without America in the financial field.

After the bad data in the manufacturing sector, yesterday, thrilling data coming from Germany and Europe!

The final index of SME services of S&P Global in Germany it fell to 47.7 for August from 49.7 the previous month. The figure was also lower than the flash estimate of 48.2 at the end of August.

The European one, It fell to an 18-month low of 48.9 in August from 49.9 in July, below the preliminary estimate of 49.2. Any value below 50 indicates a contraction.

Yesterday the euro fell below 0.99 for the first time in 20 years, it will be very difficult in the coming months to return definitively above parity, especially if in Europe, the bureaucrats carry on the suicide of the euro.

Instead of continuing to whimper about everything, the devaluation of the euro which is only just beginning is good news for European businesses.

Thanks to stupid and foolish ideas like this, the euro will quickly fall below all-time lows.

“It could force member states to ignore contract law, force companies to disclose commercially sensitive information and share their stored products or impose their production in whatever kind of crisis the commission decides,” Barysas said. Most worrying for companies is a ‘priority ordering’ system under which Brussels could target what companies produce and to whom they sell it, potentially breaching customer contracts.

It takes application to propose such crazy ideas, but that’s okay, we are wonderfully positioned against the end of this crazy experiment that is the euro!

But now let’s stop here. Too pessimistic true, only the end of the war could change the fate of the economy in the future. We looked for it, they went to look for it, but that’s okay, because no one protests.

But it is not enough for the bureaucrats, plutocrats of Brussels and above all for Biden’s America, they increasingly want to raise the level of confrontation.

Isn’t it World War III? Or yes of course, until a missile arrives in your house, it is not World War III.

Yesterday I listened to an ignorant man speaking during the transmission Against the tide, the sanctions are destroying Russia, after all Russia apart from gas and oil, what does it produce?

In addition to gas and oil, Russia has platinum, palldium, aluminum, steel, Russia and Ukraine together account for a third of grain exports.

Russia alone supplies half of the titanium needed by Airbus and a third to Boeing, and nickel also produces.

But are there really those in Europe who are stupid enough to think they can do without Russia’s resources? But where has pragmatism gone?

The new British premier wants to try Putin, what they do, they invade Russia!

Everything is fine, Russia is a dictatorship, but a minimum of pragmatism does not hurt.

It is hallucinating to observe how the Italians clap their hands to the messiah banker, one who screams if you do not vaccinate you die, one who with a mocking smile asks you if you want peace or the conditioner, knowing that with sanctions you will never reach peace. and then never!

Chris Williamson, Chief Business Economist at S&P suggests a contraction in GDP in the third quarter, but it does not take an economist to understand what will happen if this war does not stop.

  • The deterioration is also getting wider, with services now joining the manufacturing sector in bringing production back down. After leading the growth spurt earlier this year, consumer-facing services such as travel, tourism and recreation are now experiencing declining activity levels as rising cost of living pushes households to cut back on non-spending. essential

It doesn’t take a scientist to understand that the higher prices go, the more the economy collapses and the more jobs disappear.

… The downturn in commercial activity could increase in September and companies are already cutting hiring in the face of lower-than-expected sales, rising costs and concerns about future growth prospects. “Business costs and selling prices continue to rise at rates not seen before the pandemic, underlining the persistence of high inflationary pressures, but there is at least good news in terms of rates of increase slowed further in August, suggesting that the inflation peak is over ”.

Am I too pessimistic? No, unfortunately I’m an incurable, stupid optimist… well informed!

Yes, of course, there is no alternative to equity, there is no alternative to the euro, there is no alternative to stupidity, but you know, the central banks, yes, they are the main culprits of every crisis of the last ones. 30 years!

In the next manuscript coming out next week, we will explore what awaits us in this fiery autumn and what will happen to the dollar, but especially the euro and our government bonds!

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