Sferisterio, superintendent with a degree The Board votes the ban, furious mayor Messi seems out of the game

MACERATA – In the morning the session of the Board of Directors was abruptly interrupted, the president of the Association Sandro Parcaroli did not like the no to his proposal for the confirmation of the outgoing professional and he also left rather noisily. Resolution approved in the late afternoon

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The superintendent Luciano Messi and the mayor Sandro Parcaroli

from Luca Patrassi

If the curriculum presented last March by Luciano Messi is still current, and does not register changes within a couple of months, the current superintendent of the Sferisterio is out of action. as a result of the resolution approved in the late afternoon today by the board of directors of the association after a heated meeting, which opened in the morning and postponed to the afternoon due to the excess of tension. The Board of Directors has decided to resort to a public selection for the selection of the superintendent, including the possession of the degree title among the requisites required. Title, the degree, which Messi does not have according to the curriculum of last March published on the website of the Sferisterio association: the outgoing superintendent has a high school diploma, scientifically matured at Galilei with 60/60.

Almost absolute confidentiality on the contents of the meeting, the agenda included several points and in the end, in the best tradition, there was the most poisonous point, that of the discussion on the announcement for the appointment of the superintendent. Before the announcement for the superintendent there was also talk of ticketing and the economic budget, but the councilors were not given certain numbers on the outgoing items. In short, the Sferisterio company, it seems to deduce, does not officially know how the season went: we will talk about it later. There is also a draft billboard for 2023, but even in this case there have been no official presentations, only informal ones and among the hypothesized titles there is Don Carlo, it was staged for the last time at the Sferisterio in 2005, and it remained in the minds of those who dealt with the accounts because it was not what is commonly called a success. The main scene today, however, was staged at the time of the discussion on the selection of the superintendent. The mayor, and president of the Sferisterio association, Sandro Parcaroli started by exposing his conviction, that of renewing trust in Luciano Messi, but he found the barrier of those present and the silence of those who were connected remotely.

Evidently the mayor did not expect such an answer, perhaps he thought he could find a board of directors willing to follow him and the no triggered the energetic reaction of Parcaroli who left noisily and then adjourned the session at 4 pm. Finally the decision , the announcement with the request for a degree for aspirants. No official communication about it from the Sferisterio Association, no statement from President Parcaroli: the fact is that within a week he found himself in the minority twice, the first on the management of the non-renewal of the office to the manager Puliti and the second time today.

Sferisterio, Luciano Messi in the balance “Call for the choice of superintendent”


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