LIVE TMW - Fiorentina, Commisso: "Troppe critiche a Italiano. Spalletti? Inaccettabile quanto ha fatto"

LIVE TMW – Fiorentina, Commisso: “Too many criticisms of Italian. Spalletti? What he did unacceptable” –


15.45Rocco Commissopresident of Fiorentina, returns to speak in public from the press room of the Franchi stadium, at 4 pm.

15:59 – President Commisso arrives in the press room and the conference begins.

Initially, Commisso took the floor: “I know that someone was angry because the questions were sent last time … But did someone tell you that certain questions cannot be asked? No. In the meantime, I thank the fans who have always been close to us, the strength of the our society is to be a united group and to always be together. I start from my health, I have been through so many ills and I do not wish anyone what I have experienced, but since August 12 I am in Florence and I have postponed my departure for America afterwards talking to my doctors. I think I’ll stay here another month. Now let’s get to the questions. “

What does Fiorentina represent for you today? How enthusiastic do you have?
“Let’s start with the numbers. How much money has Rocco put in in the last three years? I read things that are not true, exactly 387 million including the end of Viola Park. The problem in the last 6-7 months is that the euro is gone. kaputt. I brought dollars from America, converting them when the euro was high. This means that of 387 million, practically over 440 million dollars were brought in. And is there any American who has put 400 million in Italy? Money of him? Yet I have to receive criticism: me, the coach and the players … Because this is how you know how to do in Florence, talk too much and do little. This is bad for our whole society. Our team must be helped, I did not like the criticisms of Italiano and I hope they will end “.

Did you want confirmation from Kouame?
“I confide in Barone and Pradè, he sent the message that Kouame should not go away, the same one I did with Amrabat to save him. Then I would like to talk about Torreira, here not even a day did you leave us to do the post-Europe alleluia and a big mess broke out because of his procurator. I saved Amrabat and now everyone speaks well of him. But if Torreira had stayed, maybe Amrabat wouldn’t have today’s value. You’ve all been listening to Torreira’s procurator and how much love had the latter in Florence. If he went to Turkey for 5 million, had I listened to you I had to spend 15 million plus commissions. I don’t miss Torreira, today Amrabat has a higher value than he would have if he didn’t play “.

Do you think you will lead the way in the Conference League?
“Why has no one here ever said something about that coward, about the fact that Commisso was called a” mafia “? in recent weeks there have been problems with Spalletti, with the Jews … Five hundred articles a day on these things. But when someone calls the president of Fiorentina a “mafia”, everyone is silent … make a month of controversy on Torreira but celebrate. We want to do better than last year but we have to see the whole situation “.

Where are you with Viola Park?
“The architect took the money but the project is not going on as it should. Then I saved Nigro (the builder, ed) because if I hadn’t put in a lot of extra money he wouldn’t have been able to continue. And the central villa flooded after the flood of a few days ago. Now we have another problem, they are not ready to give me the infrastructure as agreed. I believe that before March everything will not be over, we will move all the teams there only towards May, when the championship ends. There was a meeting with the mayor Nardella, not only for the Franchi. The tramway for another two years will not be done, now then they promise me that the parking lots will be finished by May-June and these are problems and responsibility of Casini (mayor of the municipality of Bagno in Ripoli, ed) and Nardella. The latter has a beautiful office, but if he opens the window he sees that there has been a crane there for twenty years. Mediacom, my company, completed the main space in 22 months, with two winters in between, the snow he worked, fast, while in Italy there is bureaucracy. You will excuse me, but I put the money and the Municipality, architect and builder took it, all increased in addition to the euro-dollar exchange rate up to about 115 million. In a week and a half I will see Arup (winner of the tender for the restyling of the Franchi, ed) and we will have to understand whether or not there will be problems to get Fiorentina to play there in the meantime. But since he took the money from the state, here the times must be respected and everything must be done by 2026. Let’s see if anything changes, but I don’t put a cent if I don’t have control of the stadium. It means I’m in charge in there and not the municipality. A bit like done for the 99-year concession to Juventus, or to Bergamo and Udine, otherwise they can forget my money. “

What is the goal for this season?
“The women started by winning, the Primavera have three wins and one draw, the first team has two wins, three draws and one defeat. Among all the teams we have an average of 2 points per game … You have to give time. And then I remember that our Primavera in the last three years have won three Italian Cups and a Super Cup. The goal this season is to do better, I can’t do otherwise. The only promise is that Fiorentina will not fail with me. “

Dg Joe Barone intervenes to clarify a point: “There is one thing we talk about every day, the expenses for the structure. Which mean the daily expenses on the team, in addition to those to buy the company. There is not only Viola Park, but it is the management of all of Fiorentina, therefore also the purchases and contracts we found “.

What do you think about the controversies about stadium choirs, a subject that is talked about a lot?
“I do not know what can be done, the leadership could do something. Arriving in Florence I was the first, you will remember that they put in front of me a scarf that said” Juve shit “and I didn’t like it. I remember episodes with Dalbert, with Boateng … From the first day I said that racism is not on my side. But there is also the racism of Italians towards those of the south. About Naples I will always have nice words, always. But I must also ask for the respect of my fans, because what Spalletti did it is not acceptable. He went to meet the fan. I tell my parents that every time certain things happen there are fines to pay, this time 15 thousand euros. So let’s be good … Florentines do not deserve this, to be defined racists , and neither do our fans. “

Do you feel disappointed by the football institutions for ignoring your proposals?
“In Italy, yes, but with Infantino, for example, I have very good relations. Let’s see what it will be, but I cannot solve every evil of football. I have heard that FIFA will do something on some of the issues I have proposed.”

DG Joe Barone again intervenes to specify: “FIFA works on the issue of prosecutors and agents, which is also a legal issue for the whole of Europe. Both Rocco and I are in contact with Infantino and his lawyers, we hope to reach a point where the rule will be the same for everyone “.

Commisso takes the word again: “For the work done by Joe, the relations are very good. There is no one in Italy in the last three years who has done as much as the commission for Italian football. The agreement in the USA with Paramount and CBS was the only one in the world which has seen revenues increase by 40%. I spent 170 million for the company, then 115 lost in recent years and then the others for Viola Park “.

What dream do you have for Fiorentina after all this money spent?
“The dream is to win the championship every year, but it is not a goal. How much are the revenues of the past year? 80 million. Three years ago I said that if we don’t raise them, we will get away with it. Then there is Fair Play Financial, but I want to talk about Vlahovic, which for me was a fe-no-me-na-le operation. This morning I saw all the names of the players who released themselves, they brought zero euros. Rocco, on the other hand, sold Vlahovic for 75 million. The truth is that otherwise we were ruined. It would be as if Juve sold their player for 300 million … Great operation, he made us go to Europe without having problems with the FFP. year we will bring over 200 million in revenues, so for two years we are ok. There are few clubs that have zero debts. You may know that Inter, Milan, Juventus and Roma have all been penalized, while Fiorentina and Rocco have not. The players are bought to be sold one day, this is the new system And then we talk about Atalanta, m how long did it take you to go above the tenth place? “.

Any regrets about the expenses?
“Last day I read that each team decreased their salary. The only one to increase was Fiorentina.”

Do the articles from journalists or the comments of the following fans make you more angry?
“But do you know how many things they said about me after the Torreira case? Some people came to look for themselves if I was dead or alive … And then I was told that the same questions about me were asked by many Florentines. I am alive, until today, tomorrow I don’t know. I have read criticisms after Udinese, and I accept them, it was an unfortunate game. The boys were dead and I saw too many back passes, not as they usually play Italian. I have to protect my parents, and you must know that my players are angry with you. Do you want me to come and do interviews with you every now and then? How much did you kill poor Biraghi? nothing matters anymore. Yet I read that he is the one who has made the most crosses in Europe. The same with Venuti and the mistake of Udine, which for me was a foul. Or poor Amrabat … “.

On the stadium issue, can you reaffirm your position, including economic ones?
“I understand a little about business and in the right situation we will make the right decision. We need control, if the Municipality wants to keep it, it is not good. In a week and a half we will meet Arup. play the stadium, I’m not a politician, if they see it, but if they want Rocco’s money, there must be control. “

Is it worth spending a lot on commercial areas? Joe Barone replies: “We need to understand what commercial spaces there will be and how many, we need to have this meeting with Arup first, so they can take our opinion. Once we have details, we can deepen”.

Would you still spend this money in Fiorentina?
“I never go back on decisions, good or bad. The money has been spent and I’m happy, I’m not for the unfair criticisms. And then I say that you call me” The American “, but I want to reiterate that I was born in Italy much before all of you. Platek (president of La Spezia, ed) can say what he wants but if he sells the company for 100 million he makes us an asset, with Fiorentina I am not today. Yet I read and heard everything, even that I would have sold to PIF … But remember that if Rocco loses 500 million, he does not go to wash dishes and will never be conditioned to sell, when and to whom. Cardinal for Milan went to look for other investors, I also read the Yankees, while Rocco has put all the money into him and debt-free. Suning has lost his company, they have hundreds of millions of debts. And Juventus, after Ronaldo, had to put 700 million on an 800 million stock market. debts, who instead like Platek bought teams for zero is fine. Ditto De Laurentiis in Naples and Lotito with Lazio, or Della Valle before me at Fiorentina “.

How did you see the team against Juventus?
“We have a lot of confidence in the team, we do not have the points we should have had. If you let the Italian work he will do well. He will always be defended by me, the Florentines must be happy with him. I am waiting for the results now because I will put the money into it. then it’s up to him. The move Sottil made with Juventus was incredible, I talked to him this morning. We hope to do well on Thursday. “

How do you rate the team?
“I like it very much, we played very well with both Napoli and Juve. We could have won both: the boys always give a lot when they have against a big team. We are not in a good position, the championship is still long and I hope to finish more. high. Now we have three points less than last year “.

17:10 – The press conference ends.

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