Inzaghi: "After the derby, Bayern are an opportunity".  Calhanoglu: "Leave immediately"

Inzaghi: “After the derby, Bayern are an opportunity”. Calhanoglu: “Leave immediately”

The Nerazzurri coach on the eve of his Champions League debut: “Mkhitaryan can be a solution. Gosens is training well.” The midfielder forms a group: “We made a mistake all together and we all get up together, nothing can happen if we are united”

The anthem that everyone loves begins, the parade of the stars begins, the language of international football is finally spoken. It’s just the eve of Inter-Bayern Munich, but the enthusiasm and tension for the Champions League debut are palpable at the Nerazzurri: “It is very important to have so many fans at the stadium – explains Simone Inzaghi during the conference -, we know the team. opponent we meet and his strength. The group is competitive, but the match against Bayern must be an opportunity because it comes after the derby, which we know what it represents for fans and clubs. ” Hakan Calhanoglu echoes him, with a bit of self-criticism: “Last year we dominated with Real Madrid and Liverpool, we had the game in hand but then we had lost due to small mistakes. We will have to be more united and focused, playing together until the 90 ‘. This year we have another difficult group, but this is the Champions League. It’s nice to be here and play against strong teams. “

The coach

The coach continues in front of the reporters, talking about the doubts of the eve: “There is still a training session, I have several training doubts and after the conference I will look at the training data. We know that we have to score 10 points and it is a much more difficult group than last year. Bayern are one of 4-5 teams to win the Champions League. ” As said several times, the goal is to get up again: “Defeats must become opportunities. We reviewed Saturday’s: there were moments in which we did better, but Milan managed to score three goals in their best moment. We would have deserved a draw for what we did, but I have to work harder primarily. The biggest mistake? Stop doing what we were doing when we got the draw. The team must stay in the game, they must react better as happened after the 3-1 goal. “However, there is optimism for the next matches in the words of Inzaghi:” What matters is the training ground and I saw the team train in the best way. Bayern will create difficulties for us, we will have to be good at overcoming them. The criticisms? The constructive ones stimulate me, I like to listen to them “.

Between the field and the opponents

The goalkeepers chapter always holds the bench between fans and professionals, but Inzaghi deflects the question about the group: “It is normal that when there is a defeat you always try to find the culprits. The team is and I first. championship that is going slower than last year, not just us. We need to try to improve every day, even on the video because you can’t train a lot “. And then a few words about the opponents, to say the least fearful: “We met Mané already last year with Liverpool, one who hits you with crazy intensity. In a month and a half we will meet both Bayern and Barcelona twice. each.” And certainly there is no need to be fooled by the double Bundesliga draw with Borussia Monchengladbach and Union Berlin: “In terms of statistics there was no match, then the opponents were good at limiting Bayern with aggression across the board. But we are certainly talking about a team that is among the best in Europe. ” The rumors about the possible ownership of Mkhitaryan do not lead Inzaghi to unbalance: “He is a player of quantity and quality, he will help us a lot. He has been working at full capacity for a week and certainly can be a solution, both from the start and during the race. . Tomorrow I will decide on the formation. Gosens? He is training very well and is an exemplary professional. He pays for the long inactivity due to the injury he has had, it will be up to me to understand when it is time to insert him immediately from the beginning “.


The words of the former Milan player also deserve to be underlined: “We have to start again immediately – the words of the Turk – we have already analyzed the derby mistakes, we must be ready and united immediately”. Then Calhanoglu continues, speaking of the Germans: “I know Bayern Munich well. They are strong and fast, they always want to dominate. They are quick to counterattack and we have to be focused. I don’t want to talk about the derby because it passed, it bothers me to have lost. Let’s think about the Champions League, the next match “. Finally, an appeal to teammates: “We have to be calm and take one step after another. This year we want to improve compared to last season, in which we had passed the group anyway. The defense? We all made mistakes and we get up again. all together, nothing can happen if we are united “.

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