Volkswagen Id.Buzz, here's how it is, how it goes and how much the electric Bulli costs

Volkswagen Id.Buzz, here’s how it is, how it goes and how much the electric Bulli costs

Sometimes they come back and immediately reap the success of yesteryear. This is the starting point of the Volkswagen Id.Buzz, an official name that risks not being taken into much consideration because this electric van suggests that it is called Bulli. That is, like the second Volkswagen in history that has spread rapidly since the 1950s, seducing from families to hippies who proudly exhibited it at Woodstock to those who used it exclusively for work, because it comes in passenger and commercial vehicle versions. Just like Buzz who, if you like, promises to do better than his ancestor because this year’s production is sold out even before reaching European dealerships.

Volkswagen Id.Buzz, seduces with its iconic style outside

The zero-emission Bulli fits aesthetically into the Volkswagen Id electric family in a very personal way. Indeed, in contrast to both the sturdy build, because it is 4.71 meters long and almost 2 meters wide as well as 1.93 meters high, and with the appearance. In fact, the Buzz line is the modern reinterpretation of that of the Bulli, a name inspired in Germany by the contraction of bus and lieferwagen, or van. The dual personality also remains unchanged in Buzz, since both the line of the Pro passenger version and that of the commercial vehicle Cargo are identical. The design integrates the iconic stylistic features of the ancestor such as the square profile that rests on a wide step (almost 3 meters) in relation to the length, the large windows and the rounded and smiling front, furrowed by a V-shaped motif in which the enormous Vw logo. Aesthetically, the link with the Bulli can be completed with the optional two-tone paint.

Volkswagen Id.Buzz, inside is a large, functional and hi-tech loft

On the other hand, in the cockpit, Buzz is linked to the other native electric Volkswagens because it does not offer any suggestion of a heritage mold. The interior is a large and bright loft, furnished in a minimalist and linear style like the other Volkswagen Ids, largely made with green materials, scattered with large storage compartments and USB sockets, flanked by a plate for wireless charging of the devices. . Buzz’s interior is also in step with the times in terms of digitization thanks to the configurable 5.3 “display of the instrumentation and the 10” or 12 “touch display of the intuitive infotainment system based on a always connected and with Ota protocol, to update all the car’s software.

Volkswagen Id.Buzz, the photos of the test of the heir of the legendary Bulli

Volkswagen Id.Buzz, the photos of the test of the heir of the legendary Bulli

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The space available to the five passengers is abundant. The high suv-type floor (under which there is the battery pack) does not affect accessibility that much, facilitated at the rear by the large sliding doors: electric on the top-of-the-range Pro + version of the test and mechanical on the Pro. Bulli of the 21st century is also positively reflected on the loading area, whose capacity is considerable since it ranges from 1,121 to 2,205 liters, so much so that the advantage that the rear sofa can give compared to the width of the rear sofa that can slide 15 centimeters seems almost superfluous. .

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Volkswagen Id.Buzz, architecture and powertrain already known

Under the empathic guise of Buzz there is an all-back mechanical approach like that of the original Bulli, since the electric motor and traction are rear. Based on the currently stricter version of the Meb electric native architecture, Buzz debuts with a 204 horsepower powertrain with 310 Nm of torque, powered by a 77 kWh lithium-ion battery rechargeable in 11 kW AC. in 7 and a half hours and with that continues to 170 kW in about half an hour. Buzz promises to drive electrically up to 423 kilometers, as well as to reach 145 per hour and to cross the 100 hourly mark in 10 ”2.

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