Totti and Noemi caught having dinner together: Ilary sad, the last request

Totti and Noemi caught having dinner together: Ilary sad, the last request


Francesco was pinched again by the paparazzi of Chi in the company of Bocchi: new gossip on the love triangle surfaced

Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi they’ve been paparazzi together again. In the issue of Chi on newsstands on Wednesday 7 September, the photos of the former football player and his new girlfriend were published as they enter and leave the same venue the same evening, at different times, however, to try to mislead photographers and more curious ones. The new couple wants to wait for legal separation from Ilary Blasi before officially coming out into the open.

As the pictures show – they don’t lie – Totti and Noemi they allowed themselves a dinner, with a few trusted friends, at theHostaria del Vicoletto, a renowned restaurant in Terracina, a city a few kilometers from Sabaudia and San Felice Circeo, where Francesco and Boschi spent a month’s vacation. Il Pupone is a regular at the business, so much so that in the past he used to frequent the place with his now ex-wife Ilary Blasi.

Totti has very clear ideas about separation

The magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini has provided new details on the separation between Totti and Ilary, which was announced last July and which has been chatting throughout the summer:

“Totti has very clear ideas on the front of the separation from Ilary. While, on the one hand, he denies that the cause is his acquaintance with Noemi, on the other his entourage makes it clear that Ilary also had a “distraction” in the past and the bill would end in balance, with a consensual and peaceful solution . Not only that: Totti hopes that the case will be closed quickly, without legal or media wars, for the sake of the children, who come first “

Not only that: apparently Ilary Blasi will not even be able to go on TV to tell the whole truth about the end of her marriage, which lasted a good seventeen years and culminated in the birth of three children, Cristian, Chanel and Isabel. There was talk of the possibility of seeing the Mediaset host again a Very true, by Silvia Toffanin, but such a guest would have a negative impact on separation from Totti.

Of the alleged flirtation between Cristiano Iovino – personal trainer and ex-boyfriend model of Sabrina Ghio and Giulia De Lellis – nothing more has been heard. No confirmation or denial either from the boy, who lives between Rome and Milan and is a great travel lover, or from Ilary Blasi.

The latest gossip on the separation between Totti and Ilary

Always the weekly Who lets you know about the break between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi:

“According to certain sources, the peace agreement would be closer. Neither of them would go on TV or in the newspapers to talk about the separation: Ilary would have a new house, in the name of the children, where to live, and a substantial economic allowance. In this way, a page that has already been talked about a lot would be closed without fanfare. And Totti could start dating Noemi in the open, saying that at the beginning, when he was still married, it was just a friendship “

Ilary Blasi would be sad and angry

The magazine clarifies that most likely a Ilary Blasi it doesn’t go down that it was so blatantly replaced by Francesco Totti, who is attending the same places with Noemi Bocchi where he used to go before with the former Letterina di Passaparola.

“Despite the long vacation and the happy photos, it was a very sad summer for Ilary, who was forced to smile so as not to show how much she suffered. She is a public figure, she cannot complain, some will say. She was lucky, she had so much in life, others will add. And loves cannot end well, otherwise they would not end. But, perhaps, such a great love could have ended differently “

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