"Exterminated by cancer": the drama of Elisabetta Gregoraci - the Democrat - Giornale di libero information

“Exterminated by cancer”: the drama of Elisabetta Gregoraci – the Democrat – Giornale di libero information

A perfect life, but only in appearance, is what many believe the presenter Elisabetta Gregoraci is carrying out. In reality, however, in her heart, the woman fights every day with a great pain caused by one of the evils of this century.

Faced with Silvia Toffanin, Elisabetta Gregoraci also decided to dig deep of his heart and of share his anxieties and yours fears larger. An interview in which you spoke at length about yours affections and of all those people who unfortunately are no longer part of his life today.

The revelation of Gregoraci

Silvia Toffanin is famous for being able to bring out from her guests the feelings and the emotions more hidden.

In front of her, during each episode of Verissimo, they take turns numerous characters that tell moments of private life just as if they were in front of an old friend.

She was not immune either Elisabetta Gregoraciwoman who has talked a lot about how important it is to her fight against cancer, sharing one of the saddest stories that Italian TV has ever heard.

The presenter in fact revealed that many members of his family I am died from cancer. The first to leave was there mother, as dead as Elizabeth was still very young.

Just 37 years old the woman had received this terrible diagnosis. In addition to her, also the cousin and the grandmother of the showgirl died because of this terrible bad. And it is precisely for this reason that Elizabeth claims to try to help as much as possible all people, offering them support psychological.

The terrible situation involving Elisabetta Gregoraci’s mother

Elizabeth and her mother had a beautiful relationship to the point that the showgirl considered her to be his own best friend. It was 2011 the year that the woman closed her eyes forever because of a breast cancer.

It was this end of a disease lasted many years even if fortunately it managed to encounter the small Nathan Falcothe child who was only one year old at the time.

A cancer breast which, with the passing of the years, is degenerate. Despite this, it has always submitted to chemotherapies.

Elizabeth remembers with great pain one particular interview he had with the doctor he was treating mother. In fact, from his mind they remained impressed these words “Say hello to your mother because she will die “.

Certainly Elisabetta Gregoraci remained a long time upset from this loss to the point that, whenever he leaves the house, hugs her son tightly telling him that will never leave him. Despite these words, the woman is aware that the life is unpredictable and that at any moment anything can happen.

The interview of the presenter continues with these words: “My mom was my best friend, my confidant. She got to know Nathan and unfortunately she died 15 days before my sister’s wedding, which we later canceled ”.

A tragic situation in which she managed to find comfort in faith.
In front of Silvia Toffanin he also spoke of Flavio Briatorewhat was hers at the time husband.

He too stay with his eyes wide open due to a left kidney cancer who was diagnosed in 2006. To keep the situation under controlhe must continue with the various controls even if, after surgery, the entrepreneur is completely healed.

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