Games with Gold, the games of September 2022: from Gods will Fall to Portal 2

Games with Gold, the games of September 2022: from Gods will Fall to Portal 2

Let’s go on with the Games with Gold of September 2022, which now offer for the last time the tried and tested scheme of the 4 games in backward compatibility.

We are heading towards autumn with the late summer update of Games with Gold: let’s do the classic overview of the four games coming to September 2022, moreover in what should be the last proposal of this type for the Microsoft initiative. As reported long ago, in fact, starting from the Games with Gold of October 2022 the Xbox 360 and the first Xbox games will no longer be present, due to the conclusion of the backward compatibility initiative extended to previous generations decided by the Redmond house for a while ‘of time now.

The mystery remains as to how the offer will be organized starting next month, in particular if four games are destined to remain, but all taken from the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S catalog or if only two will remain, or some other solution. mixed among these. Seeing the priority that Microsoft has been assigning to Games with Gold for some years now, we doubt that the new solution is particularly attractive, but the time would also be ripe for the launch of an offer that also takes into consideration games purely dedicated to the new one. console generation.

In any case, we’ll see: in the meantime let’s start the overview onthe Games with Gold of September 2022.

Gods Will Fall – From 1st to 30th September

Gods will Fall

The idea of ​​Clever Beans and Deep Silver with Gods will Fall was to propose a roguelike action RPG in a dark fantasy setting capable of pointing towards a slightly different gameplay mechanics. The result was not exactly up to the great ambitions, but the game is certainly enjoyable and also original, in many respects.

The setting is somewhat reminiscent of Diablo and similar hack and slash action RPGs, but the gameplay dynamics are quite different, through a series of initiatives: the first is precisely the characteristic related to the roguelike, namely the fact that the death of a character corresponds to the necessity of having to use another one.

In Gods will Fall we have 8 fighters to count on and, each time, the next in line can save the previous one from death by killing the boss of the area he is imprisoned in. The other peculiar mechanic lies in the management of the levels: each of these is controlled by a boss, but the player can decide whether to dedicate himself to the total cleaning of the area, which leads to a weakening of the final bad guy, or to aim more directly at this. last and face it in full force.

In general, it is a series of interesting ideas put together in a not exactly perfect way, but one that is worth trying. Read more in our Gods will Fall review.

Double Kick Heroes – From September 16th to October 15th

Double Kick Heroes, an action and music scene

Double Kick Heroes, an action and music scene

Putting together the shooter with the rhythm game is not really common, but we are now quite used to seeing several hybridizations of this type in the current indie landscape, which seems to want to try their hand particularly on these bizarre game solutions. Double Kick Heroes it is just that: a musical game disguised as a shooter, in which a group of metalheads find themselves facing hordes of mutant abominations in a post-apocalyptic Earth.

The world is now totally destroyed and at the mercy of terrible genetic mutations that have led to the invasion of zombies, modified dinosaurs and other assorted monstrosities, making survival virtually impossible. However, Metal has survived, and precisely this seems to represent the main hope of redemption for mankind: as unlikely champions of civilization, a group of metal musicians begin a sort of tour around the wastelands of the Earth aboard a “Gundillac”, or rather a bizarre self discovered and modified in order to shoot to the rhythm of the music. The Double Kick Heroes player has the task of pressing the keys with the right timing, following the rhythm of strictly Metal music and thus trying to eliminate all threats.

Thrillville – From 1st to 15th September

Thrilleville, a screenshot from the game

Thrilleville, a screenshot from the game

Directly from 2006 it arrives Thrillville, a peculiar simulation focused on the construction of roller coasters by Frontier and LucasArts. This is the start of the series of management software of this type by the British development team, which has then progressively specialized on the subject only to devote itself to various digressions, but this is perhaps also the game that has remained most in the hearts of the players in the studio’s entire career of simulations.

Obviously today it appears somewhat dated, but its somewhat cartoonish and humorous characterization helps to keep it a current minimum, even if we are talking about geological eras ago, as regards the technical realization of video games. However, Thrillville is still quite enjoyable: especially for those who knew it at the time or who want to recover some pearls of the past, but also for anyone who does not need cutting-edge graphics to stand in front of the screen. It is a bizarre game because, beyond the careful management of rollercoasters, it offers a wide range of attractions to try firsthand through real mini-games, therefore it presents itself as a decidedly curious title to discover, even at 15 years away from release.

Portal 2 – From 15th to 30th September

Portal 2, an image of the game

Portal 2, an image of the game

Not only can any presentation be somewhat superfluous, but it would also be necessary to put on a suit and tie to talk about Portal 2, given that it is one of the most important games, in terms of level design, puzzles and the basic concept itself, in the history of video games. For this reason, the download is practically mandatory, but at the same time it could be superfluous, since probably many will already have the famous Valve game in their library.

If not, this is an unmissable opportunity to remedy a huge gap, or simply to keep the title available in digital version so that you can start it more conveniently at any time. Emerging at a time when Valve was still quite active in the development of video games, Portal 2 is a rare example of creativity applied to an apparently known game structure, which is broken down and re-proposed according to a completely new perspective. It is a first-person puzzle entirely focused on the possibility of moving objects and creating passages through portals, but this is only the beginning because it is then the application of sophisticated physics to enrich all the gameplay, without forgetting also an environmental narrative. ironic and interesting.

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