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LIVE READINGS – Giuntoli to KKN: “Meret? Renew, we are waiting for the agent! Kvara followed for some time, the war helped us. On Ndombele, Navas, and CR7 …”

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22.22 – The interview with Cristiano Giuntoli ends here

Choruses? “I have been in Naples for eight years, an extraordinary city. Football square without contraindications. Beautiful pressure that makes you feel alive. We have to feel strong for this, even if I hear those chants. Disappointed, but proud, it means that we are strong and we annoy “.

Renewal? “The value of my card is equal to zero (laughs, ed)”.

Easier to talk to Spalletti or to De Laurentiis? “I have friendship with the president and the family. I am at ease. Spalletti lives near my house, I feel very comfortable with him too”.

Zielinski? “We hope it can be the year of consecration. Last year he did not do very well, we hope he can make the final qualitative leap. He has insertion times from behind as a midfielder and can play under the striker. He can cover those gaps in the game. midfield “.

Were you afraid of losing Raspadori or not? “We wanted a player who could replace Mertens, who had quality in the short term, who could play in many front and Italian roles and we identified him. The boy had a great desire to come and thanks to this desire we were firm on our conditions and in the end we won. He can also play as a center forward, especially with teams that close. ”

Can Ndombele play in 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1? “If he has great condition he can also play at 2. At this moment in my opinion it is better at 3 so you can divide the field with more players. I think it is better to play the mezzala in a 4-3-3. There is a right to redemption with Tottenham even if very high “.

Were the players taken all first picks? “Yes, in every situation there is a path of feasibility. All the feasible ones were the first choices”.

Ndombele? “He is a bit out of competition, he has great qualities but we also notice that he is struggling because he misses the game. The coach must be good to get him into condition slowly. We had already dealt with him a few years ago, good relations with Tottenham they helped us. ”

Liverpool? “It is very difficult even if we have won the last two times. At the moment he seems in difficulty but he has changed a little bit but it will be a very difficult match but it will certainly be for them too.”

Meret was criticized a little too much, a few more words of confidence from Spalletti would do him good: “I have seen Meret more serene in the last three games. In goal he is the best in recent years. He made a complicated save on a Felipe Anderson header making it look easy. He has elasticity and knows how to defend the goal. If he did more of 100 matches in Napoli, there will be a reason despite being so young. ”

Where can Napoli go? “Napoli must not set goals, one must set the goal of winning all the games. Napoli must try to win with Liverpool, they know they can be competitive against anyone so they have to do that. Then the time will speak.”

Cristiano Ronaldo? “It’s bad to put out the fans’ dreams but there has never been a negotiation. Nobody discusses the qualities of Cristiano Ronaldo, but we are connected and we keep close to our players thinking we have a very competitive team.”

Again on the renewal of Meret: “The DA always told us he wanted to wait for whoever came or not. Now that he has ownership, I don’t think there will be any problems. We await your agent’s return from vacation. ”

Navas? “In the spring we had 4 players expiring, namely Koulibaly, Ounas, Fabian Ruiz and Meret. We reached a point where they either renewed or had to be sold. Having a very good relationship with PSG who were looking for a player like Fabian Ruiz, we made a sort of mutual problem agreement. We wanted to support Navas with Meret but when we realized that it was not possible to do so because there was a misunderstanding between them, we were lucky and we were good at selling Fabian Ruiz “.

Meret renewal? “I have heard some accusations. We have always bet on him. He lost 40 days twice last year. When we bought him he lost 2 months. With Ancelotti he played more than Ospina. Then due to an obsession with setting up from behind, he played less. “.

How is Osimhen? “He has a little discomfort in the adductor, there is no injury, it is a fatigue that he must manage together with the doctor and decide a few hours of the game with Liverpool if it is appropriate to risk or not”.

Naples of Giuntoli? “It’s not Giuntoli’s Napoli but De Laurentiis, Spalletti, Giuntoli and all the others. I’ve been in Naples for eight years and I can tell you that skimming the staff and reinforcing them is difficult. Then what the populace thinks doesn’t interest me. This is a competitive Napoli and I’m sure of this. Every player has his own story, you don’t know what’s behind each of them: requests and renewals, for example. Marotta had Bonucci and Nedved, yet he was everyone’s Juve. also applies to Napoli “.

It is the beginning of a new era and it takes time. Do you agree? “In football it always takes time to blend. The coach must know the characteristics of the players. To be competitive, the team must first of all have balance, then know the specific characteristics of the players well. And it takes a little patience.” .

How is Kvaratskhelia discovered? “There are many reports that we take into consideration. After that over the years there has always been an interest on our part, obviously in the past they asked for a lot of money that we could not spend and we waited for the right moment. The outbreak of the war allowed us to have a slightly cheaper channel. So we were able to bring this guy long before the market. “

There were grumbles after the draw with Lecce, on Saturday with Lazio a good response arrived: “First of all, the compliments I received must be divided between the president, Chiavelli and all the staff who work with me. I believe that together with all the communication and marketing we have done a long and important job and I believe that the big applause goes to everyone. . Having said that, the renewal had already been done in 2019 when there were 4 players out of 26. In one year we didn’t do well, we changed coaches and won the Coppa Italia. The following year we lost the Champions League by one point and the “last year we hit it. Then we tried to restart with a project that could give a continuity of economic self-subsistence that leads you to be more serene in your reasoning. I believe that a Neapolitan fan should be proud of everything the team is doing. De Laurentiis family because keeping the team at high levels is not easy and you need great managerial skills that he has proven to have “.

21.41 – Here is Cristiano Giuntoli, all ready for the interview.

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