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EXCLUSIVE TJ – Zauli on the experience at Juve: “Fantastic years, Miretti paints football and Soul is crystal-clear talent! Beans? He will have his chances. Who will surprise me …”

The editorial staff of contacted the former Juventus Primavera and U23 coach exclusively by phone, Lamberto Zaulito talk in depth about his experience in Juventus and beyond:

You will be able to listen to an excerpt from the speech at “Cose di Calcio” broadcast on Radio Bianconera (visible from the Sportitalia channel 60 bouquet).

Your experience in Südtirol did not last long. How come? What happened?

“Despite having already worked with him at Santarcangelo years ago, the director Bravo realized that I was not in line with his idea of ​​football. The fact is that I was wrong to leave Juventus for Südtirol, but fundamentally I would do it again. It was an absurd situation, but obviously it had to go like this. But I look at the glass half full: I have the possibility, not having started the championship, to be able to go back to coaching immediately. “

Let’s rewind the tape for a moment and go back to summer 2019, the one in which you officially become the Juventus Primavera coach. Can you tell us how the important call from Juventus arrived?

“In the two years I was in Empoli I have faced Juventus several times and, probably, I had made a good impression. They considered me capable, even if in the youth sector, to be able to lead Juve. For me this was a great pride and I will always have good memories. I met some wonderful people, worked in a fantastic environment and in these three years, between the Primavera and the U23, I have really grown a lot “.

The first year, in fact, was also difficult because of the ‘Covid-19’, with the Primavera championship interrupted and then not concluded.

“The players have experienced difficulties, Covid-19 ‘was more impactful for them than for me as a coach. For the athletes it was not easy to stop three months, stop training and stop playing, there is who was infected who then brought heavy aftermath. Surely there was the regret of not being able to do what you like, but as I said the most affected were undoubtedly the boys “.

If Pirlo had not been called up to coach in the first team, would Lamberto Zauli have remained the Primavera coach?

“Yes, I confirm: Pirlo had to coach the U23 and was also presented to the press, I had to stay in the Primavera. Then, when he was called to the first team, I was asked to advance to the U23 and I accepted immediately without thinking about it. second team there are some very important players, some of them like Miretti and Soulé we see them today on a permanent basis in the Allegri squad. It is really very nice all this “.

Chapter U23, how were the two years? What can you tell?

“Two different years, but it could not be otherwise. It is a passing team, built to make the boys grow and at the same time the goal is to bring them closer to the first team. There are many talented players, someone like Fagioli at Cremona also managed to obtain great satisfaction. Without forgetting Ranocchia, protagonist of an excellent championship in Serie B, and Di Pardo who now plays for Cagliari. Last year the club decided to make an even younger team and results have been seen both in the field and in their growth “.

It’s true, some of them, as you mentioned before, managed to earn the first team on a permanent basis.

“And all with great merit, without gifts or help from anyone. Today we are talking about Miretti, Aké, Soulé who are in the first team, but also about the other guys who have performed well in the tour in America. This testifies to the great work they have done. Juventus is doing and the importance of U23 “.

Last season you were very close to eliminating Padova and only the ranking rule stopped you. Did you have the belief that that U23 could win the playoffs and thus earn Serie B?

“Every game of the play-off is very difficult, the draw made us meet Padova who were a really strong team and built for the most part with players from Serie B. The context is still wonderful, with challenges from inside and outside that the young people prepare in an important way. For them, in addition to participating in a difficult championship in which the result counts, it becomes essential to live such a formative experience “.

Now Juventus is called Next Gen and with Trento they made their debut with a victory. Would you like a promotion from them?

“We are talking about sport and football, so matches will always be played to win. But the main objective of Juventus, in my opinion, will be to make many very young players play in a difficult league like our Serie C. It is clear, then, that the result will always be important “.

Fans, even on social media, say that Fabio Miretti paints football. What do you think of this statement and what are your thoughts on him?

“Fabio paints football, sees the game first and can play in any position in midfield. The fans are absolutely right. He has an out of the ordinary personality, one of his strengths is certainly the way he controls the ball. when he is 8-9 years old he manifests a special talent, his former coaches have always agreed to recognize in him something different from the others. Juventus had the patience to wait for him, he has grown and matured until arriving to deserve to wear the shirt of the first team. The credit goes to all the people who were close to him and who taught him what it means to be a footballer. The club was good at building such a player at home and enhance it “.

He can actually fill any midfield role, but are you surprised to see him a little more advanced than where he played with you?

“He is very young, then the roles leave the time they find. I was always amazed that he manages to control the ball, even when he receives it dirty, in such a way as to always find the right solution and thus open the field . It is perhaps his best quality, which then has many others. We are talking about a boy from 2003 who is carving out an important space in Juventus. He is not something for everyone. “

Another guy who could have some important chances this year is Fagioli. What is your opinion on this?

“He’s a bit different from Fabio in terms of playing style, he’s a talented guy and maybe he needs a little more time to get used to the team. In Cremona he had struggled a bit at the beginning, but then he’s exploded under the leadership of Pecchia and earned promotion on the pitch. Even if there is a lot of talk about Fabio at the moment, I personally place Nicolò at the same level and he will have his chances to do well this year “.

Speaking of roles, even if they leave the time they find for you, could it be an idea to move Soulé back to mid-wing?

“We are talking about a 2003 boy who is building himself, anyone recognizes him as crystal-clear talent. Many opponents I met in Serie C asked me questions about him and Miretti as they were impressed by their talent. He is a forward and it is never easy. always affect the games, perhaps in other roles it is easier to do well right away. It may take Matias a little more time, but he has been training in the first team for years. He is a fighter and certainly not he will give up, you will see that he will be able to give his contribution to his comrades “.

If we really want to find him a nit, he must improve from the point of view of continuity.

“Yes, I often told him that he had to improve and try to play in every area of ​​the pitch. He is a player who always tries the game, but to attacking players he does not always succeed. We always talk about continuity in these cases, but it is important to know also what is the percentage of risk of dribbling or feinting he wants to try “.

Did you get to mention Soulé’s name in Südtirol this summer?

“When I went there they associated me with many guys I knew, but the only great chance was that of Hans (Nicolussi Caviglia ed). The other players are still very young and I hope they can carve out an important space in the Juventus world.”

Can you name one or more surprises of the guys you worked with in the past years?

“I have been with Juventus for three years and I appreciated their investments in the youth sector. Even in the teams that were below the ones I coached, I saw some very important players. It is always difficult to name names, but one of them it is Mbangula who thrilled me and has all the potential to emerge. I also think of Cerri, to whom I can recognize important qualities, there is Da Graca who has recovered from a few too many injuries and I hope it will be his year. With the hope that other important and talented young people will come out “.

We thank Lamberto Zauli for the courtesy and availability shown during this interview.

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