Nuovo bonus alle imprese fino a 10mila euro: come funziona

New bonus for businesses up to 10 thousand euros: how it works

In this very complicated phase for the world of Italian and European companies, with the price of gas skyrocketing and the energy crisis that anticipates a “blood and tears” winter season, there is good news for SMEs. In addition to the new aid for the so-called Green New Deal (here what it is, how much it is due and how to request incentives), the Draghi government has in fact approved new aid for companies up to 10 thousand euros. Let’s see in detail what it is and how it can be achieved.

This is the so-called Fairs Bonus, a voucher with a maximum value of 10 thousand euros in favor of companies for participation in international trade fairs in the sector, organized in Italy. The total budget foreseen for the intervention is 34 million euros for 2022.

Here you will find all the new bonuses and help that companies can request against expensive energy.

What is the Fair Bonus

The measure provides for a non-repayable grant, up to a maximum of 10 thousand euros, equal to 50% of the expenses incurred for renting and setting up spaces, services for promotional activities and more.

The fairs for which the voucher can be used are those identified in trade fair calendar approved by the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces (you can find it updated here) and taking place until 31 December 2022 (and starting from July 16, 2022, date of entry into force of the law converting the decree law).

Therefore, the Fair Bonus is aimed at all companies with operational headquarters in the national territory that participate in the international trade fairs of the sector organized in Italy, in the period between July 16, 2022 and December 31, 2022.

The contribution, which may concern participation in one or more fairs, can be requested only once by each beneficiary.

Who can request it

Companies that can access the fair trade voucher:

  • they have an operational headquarters in the national territory and are registered and active in the Business Register of the territorially competent chamber of commerce, industry, crafts and agriculture;
  • have obtained the authorization to participate in one or more of the international trade fairs in the sector identified by the norm establishing the subsidy intervention;
  • have incurred or must incur expenses and investments for participation in one or more of the international trade fairs in the sector identified by the law establishing the subsidy intervention;
  • they are not subject to bankruptcy proceedings and are not in a state of bankruptcy, liquidation, even voluntary, controlled administration, arrangement with creditors or in any other equivalent situation according to current legislation;
  • they are not the recipients of disqualification sanctions and are not found in other conditions provided for by law as a cause of inability to benefit from public financial benefits or in any case impediments to this;
  • have not received any other public grants for the same purposes referred to in this intervention.

What expenses are covered by the Bonus

I’m eligible for the subsidy, until the available resources are exhaustedthe expenses incurred by companies for participation in trade fairs that specifically concern:

  • expenses for the rental of the exhibition spaces
  • expenses relating to the payment of fees for insurance services and other mandatory charges provided for by the fair event;
  • expenses for setting up the exhibition spaces, including expenses relating to design services and construction of the exhibition space, as well as the execution of connections to public services;
  • expenses for cleaning the exhibition space;
  • costs for the transport of specific samples used exclusively for participation in trade fairs, including related insurance and similar charges, as well as costs for porterage or internal transport services within the fair space;
  • expenses for storage services of the necessary materials and products displayed;
  • expenses for the rental of audio-visual systems and various equipment and instruments;
  • expenses for the employment of hostesses, stewards and interpreters to support company staff;
  • expenses for catering services for the supply of buffets within the exhibition space;
  • expenses for advertising, promotion and communication activities, connected to participation in the fair and those incurred for the creation of presentation brochures, posters, billboards, flyers, catalogs, price lists, videos or other multimedia content, connected to participation in the event fair.

However, expenses relating to taxes and fees are not permitted. VAT is only eligible if it represents an actual non-recoverable cost for the beneficiary.

Here you will find all the useful information on the energy bonus that companies can obtain, approved by the Aid bis decree.

How and when to apply

Applications must be submitted by the firm’s legal representative and they go sent exclusively by computer procedure (soon the MISE will publish the link to connect to).

To access the IT procedure it is necessary to identify and authenticate through the National Service Card, the so-called CNS (here what it is and how to get it). The application must include the PEC address of the valid and functioning company, used for any communication between the company and the Ministry, and the IBAN relating to the bank account in the name of the applicant.

The instances start Friday 9 September: they can be sent from 10 am to 5 pm every working day, from Monday to Friday.

But pay attention to the dates: to facilitate the submission of applications, companies will be able to carry out, already starting at 10 am on 7 September, the checks on the possession of the technical requirements and the necessary authorizations in view of sending the request for booking the voucher from 9 September. In this phase, the proponent can verify, in particular, the validity of the National Services Card and ascertain the possession of the powers of representation in relation to the legal entity that intends to submit the application for access to the facilities.

The Fair Voucher is awarded by the Ministry of Economic Development on the basis of the time order in which applications are receivedso companies that do not want to miss it must log in and submit the application as soon as possible, starting as said on September 9th.

Here you can download the facsimile application form of the Fair Bonus in pdf version for free.

For info you can write to [email protected] The requests for clarification received are answered through the FAQ (answers to frequently asked questions). No answers will be given to questions relating to specific cases but only to those of a general nature relating to the interpretation of the implementing provisions.

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