Lose weight, 2 fundamental changes in the routine and the results will come

Lose weight, 2 fundamental changes in the routine and the results will come

The desire to lose weight after vacation is common to many, but crash diets and extreme workouts are not the most effective solution. These are the fundamental changes in the routine that highlight certain results

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The arrival of September, for now at the beginning, very often coincides with the desire to adopt positive and virtuous changes in order to improve well-being or quality of life. Returning from holidays, a period of rest useful to recharge the resources, when the routine is restarting, the possibility of succeeding becomes concrete. This is precisely the best time to promote new choices, even easier to achieve thanks to the latest research.

The results of the studies highlight an unexpected fact: it is not the most drastic transformations that produce the greatest results. They turn out to be much more effective, strictly for the purposes of the balance, small and healthy changes maintained continuously and without major sacrifices. The adoption of a new lifestyle, albeit moderately, over the long term certifies the possibility of significantly losing weight.

The most extreme choices, in addition to causing stress to the body, often require too much sacrifice compared to one’s possibilities (or willpower), ending up being set aside as difficult to prosecute. Setting achievable goals is the first way to maintain and cultivate motivation, the driving force in any diet. Exist two fundamental changesapparently small but deeply impacting, which allow all this in a definitive way.

Losing weight: two fundamental changes

Weight loss fundamental changes
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The most common mistake that prevents you from optimally achieving your goals when it comes to losing weight is theirs excessive drasticity. Making too extreme choices in food or starting workouts harder than your degree of endurance could be ineffective in relation to the sacrifice. In addition to procuring stressenemy of the good line, could also greatly diminish, if not destroy, the motivationthe first driving force to be able to make real changes in your life.

In fact, the latest research in the sector has shown that there is a method much simpler and above all effective on the long time to reach the set goal, and does not require the use of hard-to-sustain efforts. Sustainability is precisely the trump card of these small but great transformations, easily pursued so as to multiply one’s motivation. Just arm yourself with patience and not be in a hurry to admire the results of the path, which in the long term prove to be certain.

There are two fundamental changes that can allow all this, and the first concerns precisely the diet. The latter obviously must correspond to a certain degree of wholesomeness, with the preference of healthy and nutritious foods. The inclusion of plant foods, rich in minerals and vitamins, as well as a certain balance between the most important nutrients is essential. However, precisely for the high caloric intake of some eating habits, the simple elimination of these can already have many effects.

Rich in saturated fat and sodium, junk or packaged foods are the ones that most affect body weight, for this reason it is important to reduce their presence in the diet. Choose two of these foods which are indispensable, indulge in them once in a while, and eliminate all the others, is an excellent strategy to lose weight without excess. The second change that turns out to be extremely effective concerns movement, but even in this case it is not about extreme choices.

Walk it is a simple action that can concretely allow a decrease in body weight, a choice that can be easily adopted in some circumstances. Just choose to reach your destination by walking, if this is the case within 2 km, giving up the machine to activate the muscles and speed up the metabolism. An option that not only benefits health and the silhouette, but also the environment, which is increasingly compromised.

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