Destroy All Humans!  2 Reprobed, the review of the remake of the second, historical, episode

Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed, the review of the remake of the second, historical, episode

Two years after the first, THQ Nordic returns to exterminate human beings with Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed, here is the review of the remake.

We already got to talk about the Destroy All Humans remake! 2 Reprobed with a long trial that had put us in the shoes of Crypto-138, the protagonist of the second unforgotten original chapter. After a couple of months we are ready to tell you what we think, always keeping firm the will to wipe out humanity and all its resources.

Where is it? In Destroy All Humans review! 2 Reprobedobviously!

The cosmic Cold War

Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed: a Flying Saucer is forever

Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed is set ten years later the events of the first chapter. Crypto-137, the Furon who among a thousand follies and adventures had conquered the Earth is now dead. In place of him we find the next clone who, enjoying the achievements of his “older brother”, was even able to settle in the White House and become President of the United States by taking the guise of us humans.

Bad luck wants the Russian Motherland discovered the deception and launched the offensive against the aliens by destroying the orbiting mothership. Our mentor, unable to save himself in the attack, poured his conscience in digital form, thus warning us of the imminent destruction wanted by Russia.

In the course of a thirty missions and five different macro zones to explore, Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed enacts the usual follies born from the minds of the Pandemic kids more than fifteen years ago. A moment in the history of the medium in which it was simple and profitable to experiment, launch sequels a year later and less onerous to collide with the cornerstones of today’s multimillion-dollar productions.

Obviously forget the possibility of being faced with a new, revolutionary or revolutionized game even if only on the basis of the original. There is no shortage of optimizations already lived a couple of years ago, but the experience remains just as crazy and with a narrative arc that already at the time was more cohesive and interesting, capable as it is of mixing madness and historical reinterpretation with a strong hint of B-Movie Hollywoodian.

Lucky formula

Destroy All Humans!  2 Reprobed: the Jetpack will not allow you to fly for hours, but it is useful for taking advantage of the verticality of some maps

Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed: the Jetpack will not allow you to fly for hours, but it is useful for taking advantage of the verticality of some maps

Between San Francisco, England, the Motherland and even a lunar station, Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed does not spare itself in the varietywhile still remaining anchored to its open-map action shooter structure, albeit quite contained.

The control system, the management of the nine weapons present and the exploration have remained the same as two years ago, with the difference that this second chapter tends to insert more secondary tasks into the equation. Precisely for this reason, combined with the question of the challenges to be completed from mission to mission, the game could keep you glued for a handful of hours longer than the original, while maintaining the longevity around fifteen / twenty hours if you want to complete more or less everything. what the game allows.

Obviously there is no lack of the possibility to face the adventure in co-op, even split screen, so as to be able to double the laughs and the funny situations that arise. Everything always with a view to turning upside down anything or creature that stands in front of us.

Destroy All Humans!  2 Reprobed: conquering planet Earth, again

Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed: conquering planet Earth, again

Wandering around the maps will be as always possible interact with unfortunate human beings brutally killing them with their own guns – some borrowed from the first chapter, while others totally the preserve of this sequel – as well as taking their likeness, reading their thoughts and doing so also end up blowing their heads by collecting the cerebral cortex. Crypto-138 will therefore be able to spend the acquired experience to enhance the weapons and their powers without necessarily having to go back to their Flying Saucer this time.

About UFO, there is no shortage of sections on board your car, which make the game a sort of surreal button mashing where instead of punches it will be possible to blow up every single destructible element, so as to increase the alert level and make more and more aggressive human assault forces. Although these are game sections that totally exclude gray matter from the game equation, it cannot be denied that everything works today as it did fifteen years ago, giving moments of hilarity that few other series have been able to generate over the years.

Remake successful?

Destroy All Humans!  2 Reprobed: Blowing brains is always fun

Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed: Blowing brains is always fun

We also come to the technical part, certainly important for a remake. Destroy All Humans! 2 hardly departs from the remake of the first chapter a couple of years ago. On the contrary, it confirms the goodness of the work done on the game, aware of its budget that is anything but stellar and capable of optimizing at best with a simple but successful art design. The transition between the 60s and the 70s modifies the chromatic palette and general aesthetics of the reproduction of our world, inserting us into Cold War sensations which, all in all, are also very successful and consistent with the playful nature and above the lines of the saga itself.

We would have liked a little more care in the menus and navigation of the same, as well as a refinement and more variations of the models of humans around, but it is also true that it is pure slaughter meat, so it would be a tinsel all. other than fundamental.

On the other hand, the discourse onartificial intelligence. Unfortunately nothing has been improved on this aspect, even going so far as to amplify in some moments the feeling of being faced with an artificial difficulty, which makes the final stages of the adventure much more difficult just for the fun of it. In this the boss fights are emblematic, which at times become frustrating due to the duration and repetitiveness of some mechanics, but nothing that then manages to ruin the total experience given by the rest of the adventure.


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Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed is exactly what we expected it to be. A totally crazy action shooter title that slavishly follows in the footsteps of the remake of two years ago. Little has changed, something has been optimized and there remains the madness and the story of a saga that has been able to mark a generation and which still maintains its user base, welcoming even some new fans. While waiting to find out what THQ has in store for the series, perhaps a totally new chapter with at least a decent budget, it’s time again to go and Destroy All Humans!


  • Crazy and fun as always this saga manages to be
  • The progression is more rhythmic and free than the original
  • It is confirmed better written than the first chapter


  • We would need some work on AI
  • It is a good technical remake, within the limits of the evident little budget available
  • The whole corollary, starting with the new Menus of these remakes, could have been done better

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