Medicine test, tomorrow in 65,000 for 16,000 places: the handbook with advice on how to pass it

Medicine test, tomorrow in 65,000 for 16,000 places: the handbook with advice on how to pass it

Tomorrow is the day that many are waiting for: that of medicine test, one of the most famous and difficult entry forms for a limited number faculty. This year, alone a quarter of candidates will make it. I am indeed 65,378 those enrolled in the testwhich contend i 16,070 places to be announced (14,740 for medicine and 1,330 for dentistry), 700 more than last year. For such a coveted position, the rules to be respected are strict. And it is easy to forget a few due to tension or simple naivety. For this Consulcesi, a legal team that opposes the limited number and supports aspiring white coats in their path has drawn up a vademecum to be sure not to make errors of form during the test. I are not allowed telephones and calculators. Get out of margins multiple choice box could be expensive and it is good to have all the necessary documentation with you. «Also this year, approximately 50,000 young people will be forced to postpone or give up to the dream of wearing a white coat ”, declared the president of Consulcesi Massimo Tortorella to the Messenger. “Whoever is the best or most deserving doesn’t always win, but only often only the luckiest”, Tortorella continues. “IS nonsense if we consider the serious shortage of doctors that characterizes our national health service ».

Forbidden items, and beware of the margins

Therefore, upon entering the test venue, candidates must deliver where indicated all prohibited items during the test. Among these there are smartphone And smartwatch, calculators and simple telephones. It is good to remember that the form of fair copy of the proof cannot contain notesscribbles or calculations. They could in fact confuse the automatic optical reader that corrects the tests. For the same reason, particular attention should be paid not to exceed the borders of the box when choosing the answer from the options present. It does not mean, however, that you cannot change your mind about the answers. To correct one it’s enough blacken completely check the box with the wrong answer and then make the “X” on the right one. Given the modality, it is possible correct yourself once.

Check codes and signatures well

If in the envelope not all modules are presentalso, it is necessary do this immediately to the commission. Each exam folder must contain: a form for the personal data to be filled in compulsorily, the test questions with the identification code of the package, two sheets for the draft and an answer form with the same identification code of the package. In case of confirmation of a reported irregularity, the president of the commission will replace the package giving reasons for the gesture in the minutes of the event. The various labels with the codes on the form to be applied on the personal data form and on the reply form they must match between them, and it is up to the candidate to verify that this is the case.

The composition of the questions

In the end, leave the blue pen at home. Testing is allowed only the black one. There are those who suggest signing the personal data sheet just received, to avoid forgetting it. At the time of delivery they will be there two sealed boxes, one for the personal data form, and one for the answer form. The questions are 60, to answer in 100 minutes, for a total of over a minute and a half per request. From this year the composition of the topics changes. Less general knowledge and logic will be required, leaving room for biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. In total, it is about 4 questions on reading skills and knowledge from studies, 5 of logical reasoning and problems, 23 of biology, 15 of chemistry And 13 of physics And mathematics. In 2021, logical reasoning and general culture picked up well 22 questions.

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