The oratory, a training ground for "great living" - RomaSette

The oratory, a training ground for “great living” – RomaSette

The experience of “Villaggio Oratorio” organized by Cor. On September 24th, appointment with the end of summer party at Cinecittà World park

With a solemn celebration Eucharist presided over by the Cardinal Vicar Angelo De Donatis, the experience of the “Oratory Village” organized by the Roman Oratory Center (Cor) for training and discussion between oratories ended yesterday, 4 September. Bringing the greetings and prayers of Pope Francis, met on the occasion of the beatification of John Paul I in the Vatican, to the many adolescents, young people and adults, De Donatis assured that “the Church of Rome is proud of your transparency, of your being there, of your service, the righteousness of your consciences. I seem to read in your dreams – he added – one that prevails over everyone: you want to “live great”. Do not mortify this desire, do not extinguish it, continue to cultivate the dream of living fully ».

Commenting on the Gospel of the day, the cardinal suggested to the boys to become disciples of Jesus, the primary objective of the service in the oratory. “Living great means carrying a cross, even if it may seem madness.” Then, he gave the young people present four words, four ways that also emerged in the work of the “Village Oratory”: a mad love like that of the cross, gratuitousness, discernment and fraternity. «I hope that our oratories are masterpieces, that everyone’s life is a mosaic where each piece is the fruit of a continuous and profound discernment assisted by the Holy Spirit. One does not sit alone to think, one cannot think of an oratory without a lively fraternity, so as to live in fraternal, synodal discernment. The language our children need is that of the community – he pointed out -, of a Church, as Pope Francis always reminds us, which is a mother with an open heart. I pray to the Lord that you will be able to live great, cultivating your dreams of good. You will be truly happy if you testify to everyone the priceless honor of being disciples of Jesus ».

Thanking the cardinal for his presence, the president of Cor David Lo Bascio underlined how tiring it was to walk together in Villaggio Oratorio, where teenagers, young people, adults and priests have brought their richness in diversity. “We are aware that we are all limited, personally, as parish communities, as oratories, even as an association. But if we put together this fragility of ours it becomes a network that supports us. These young people are not the future of the Church, they are its present because they live in a diocesan Church that we know is so vast and complex. But their presence today testifies that they are there, ready to do a service, to give a good word, a witness even in the rickety courtyards of our oratories ».

Young people have then given to the Cardinal Vicar the T-shirt of the Oratory Village with a phrase of the founder of the Cor, the servant of God Arnaldo Canepa: “Entertain the children and make the Oratory cheerful: here is our uniform”. The more than 40 speakers present, including a large Sardinian representation from the oratories of the Urban Vicariate of Tempio Pausania which has recently joined the Cor, held their final assembly giving voice to all the components of the experience, from pre-adolescents to adults and to priests, for a synodal experience on the future of the oratory and on the need to network to grow in co-responsibility, in confrontation and in fraternal communion. The final event of the summer of “Oratorio Summer End Party” was also announced to the youngest, a great party to be held at the Cinecittà World amusement park on September 24th from 3pm and for which registrations have already opened. .

September 5, 2022

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