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Gianfranco Rosi, ‘Traveling’ with Pope ‘rock’ Francesco – Cinema

At the end Gianfranco Rosi says it raising his tone of voice to cover the screams of the fans of singer-songwriter Harry Styles today at the Lido for DON’T WORRY DARLING: “Do not think it is different when Pope Francis moves, the screams are the same: he is just a Papa Rock “. Thus the director of FUOCOAMMARE in describing his IN VIAGGIO, a documentary out of competition in this 79th Venice International Film Festival and in theaters on October 4 (St. Francis’ day) with 01. An ongoing work that the director, formerly Golden Lion in 2013 with SACRO GRA and Golden Bear in 2016 for FUOCOAMMARE, has continued to update until the last. A documentary that recounts Bergoglio’s nine years of pontificate through 37 journeys, from Brazil to Cuba, from the United States to Africa, up to Southeast Asia.

All made up of archive images, images of Rosi’s cinema and still images of current affairs and more recent history. And then obviously in the film the Pope’s speeches on the poor, nature, migration, dignity, war and pedophilia in the Church. “In the meantime I had absolute freedom – says Rosi – and even then six months to decide whether to do it or not. I then selected about 200 hours of material (from the original 800) and I found myself having to assemble for a whole year to get to a summary of eighty minutes. And this for a film that is still ‘open’ “. And Gianfranco Rosi, who, not surprisingly, closes TRAVELING with a plane on the taxiway, reiterates several times: “The war in Ukraine has changed things. If the Pope leaves for Kiev, I’ll be there. This film is not finished. “. His meetings with Pope Francis? “After FUOCOAMMARE he asked me to meet him once – he says – and then I went to Malta to greet him, but I must say that what strikes me most, besides his words, are his silences. Among the best memories are those of his trip in Canada where the pontiff publicly apologized for what the missionaries had done to the natives. Then he even spoke of a ‘cultural holocaust’ saying: ‘The pope apologizes in the name of the Church and also personally.’ But from what I could understand there are many who have never forgiven him “.

What prompted Rosi to create this work? “It was a life experience, but also an act of humility. I suffered, for example, when I saw certain TV repertoire materials shot badly thinking about how I would have made them. What struck me about him instead is his ability to express himself at various levels, that is to say with journalists, with people on the street, with other religious authorities. He is a Pope who speaks to believers and non-believers. I can never forget – he stresses – his gaze on the Philippines after the tragedy of the typhoon when he met the poor “. Among the points of contact between Pope Francis and Rosi: “Everything Bergoglio says for me as a layman is a world that still belongs to me, because they are universal discourses that many politicians should adopt”. Has the barrier between fictional cinema and real cinema fallen? “Netflix will never show my works, because they do not respect their algorithm. On this platform there is no longer even the name of the director and by now many young filmmakers are embracing this formula”. Is Pope Francis one Pope alone? “Yes, you understand immediately, and then he is also full of courage: I saw him ride his car without any protection without showing any fear”.