Dancing with the stars, cast criticized! Milly Carlucci is not there: “I only deal with entertainment” –

There is no great show without it controversy inherent to it. And this is exactly what is happening recently to the new edition of dancing with the Stars. What made us discuss, in particular, was the choice of three of the thirteen competitors in the race.

Milly Carlucci –

As every year, the new edition of the talent show will begin on Saturday 8 October dancing with the Stars. It will always be led by her, Milly Carlucci, accompanied by the jury and very special guests. In the competition, once again, there will be thirteen competitors who, in the course of the episodes, will have to challenge each other to the sound of dance steps in order to be able to decide, in the end, the winner.

The selections to decide who will participate in the program are never easy, and aspiring dancers are chosen not only for their skills and artistic skills, but also for what they can transmit through their stories, experiences and ways of doing. In recent weeks, finally, the names of the characters who will take part in the Rai Uno talent show have been disclosed, but in this regard, there has certainly been controversy.

Specifically, it was attached the choice to have Dancing Enrico Montesano, the actor who, during the pandemic, has repeatedly expressed his position regarding vaccines and green passes; Marta Flavi, ex wife of Maurizio Costanzo, and Lorenzo Biagiarelli, companion of the juror of the Selvaggia Lucarelli program. Recently, the hostess of the talent has thought about her in this regard: Milly Carlucci.

Milly Carlucci responds to the controversy

Milly Carlucci responds to criticism -
Milly Carlucci –

dancing with the Stars, since its inception, it has always been broadcast on Saturdays in prime time. Saturday, however, is also the day on which the programs of Maria De Filippi. Strategic choice? Hence the controversy concerning the participation of the ex-wife of Maurizio Costanzo, Marta Flavi. Thus, to dispel any doubts, during an interview with Moreover, Milly Carlucci said the following: “Don’t make me laugh, this is not. Marta is one special competitor. She has an innate, incredible grace and elegance. Of other times “. On the same occasion, the presenter also expressed herself on the presence of her in the cast of Dancing from Enrico Montesano: “I take care of the show, I leave the rest outside the door. I can tell you that I am a great admirer of Enrico Montesano, for me he is a milestone of Italian culture. I thank him infinitely for accepting. I have long dreamed of having it ”.

Come on Lorenzo Biagiarelli? Many have speculated that the judgments given on his performances by Wild Lucarelli they may not be above the parties. To the previously cited magazine, Milly Carlucci said: “Do you think Selvaggia can make discounts? I could perhaps have not let her judge the performances of her partner, but better not ”.

Alex Di Giorgio’s request

Among the competitors of the next edition of dancing with the Stars there is also Alex Di Giorgio, a young and talented athlete specialized in swimming. The latter asked to be joined by a male dancer, and the production of the program welcomed his desire for him.

Here, in this regard, what were the words of Milly Carlucci during the aforementioned interview: “He made me a specific request, that of dancing with a male dancer, and we welcomed it. She expressly asked that his teacher not be heterosexual, but had the same sensitivity, the same experience, with the idea of ​​being able to tell how both of them came out in the open by declaring their orientation. They want to be a example for those who do not have the courage to do it and suffer from it ”.

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