With Psg Rabiot there is, Paris is his home.  Paredes and Di Maria, formerly poisoned

With Psg Rabiot there is, Paris is his home. Paredes and Di Maria, formerly poisoned

The Frenchman has overcome the injury and is back at disposal. The Argentines have a great desire for redemption

Paris seduced them and then abandoned them, Adrien Rabiot excluded. Even if the story under the Eiffel Tower was not the same for everyone. Angel Di Maria’s, for example, was full of love and trophies. The Fideo may never have been the star at the Parco dei Principi, but only because the PSG galaxy is as bright as few others in the universe. First Ibrahimovic, then Neymar, Mbappé and Messi. People from another planet. In Paris, however, Di Maria took the satisfaction of winning 19 star trophies. And also Leandro Paredes, Adrien Rabiot and Moise Kean have added cups and championships to their personal palmares. Only the Champions League was substantially missing from the appeal. And it is precisely in the taboo competition for PSG (but for over 26 years also for Juventus …) that the whole gang returns to Paris tomorrow. Although, hopefully, not on a courtesy visit.

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Meanwhile, Rabiot is back at his disposal. The French midfielder had missed the trip to Florence with Fiorentina due to a physical problem. Yesterday he trained regularly and we are confident to see him again tomorrow evening in the Juventus midfielder who will face PSG. After a summer spent in the balance between Turin (physically) and Manchester (it was not just a fantasy, if only United had said yes to the exorbitant requests of mother Veronique …), Rabiot remained at Juve, but Max Allegri did not it is conditioned by the market tourbillon. Immediately starter against Sampdoria, after serving the round of disqualification with Sassuolo. And again from 1 ‘with Rome and Spezia. With decent performance, just add it. Then the stop, for a blow remedied in the match against the Ligurians. Nothing serious and here it is ready to return to Paris. He who was born a stone’s throw from the capital and at PSG became one of the most promising players in France, before “running away” to Juve. His fellow citizens did not take it very well at the time.

the fideo and leo

For Di Maria, however, it will be an opportunity to find Leo Messi. The two in November will try to drag Argentina to the World Cup in Qatar. They are the veterans, as well as the technical leaders of Seleccion, where there is also an (almost) guaranteed place for Paredes. The three were all called up yesterday by coach Scaloni for the friendly matches at the end of the month with Honduras and Jamaica. But if the feeling persists with the albiceleste soul of PSG, the farewell to Paris was not without regrets. The heavy load was put (on social media) by his wife Jorgelina in May, when the club officially announced the end of the relationship with Fideo: “Thirty-four years are nothing if your football says that you are still young, but the managers have you said goodbye. Another team will benefit from your services as you deserve and will bring out the best in you ». That team is Juve and fate now offers Angel the chance to take revenge, sportingly speaking. Di Maria, however, does not reach the challenge in Paris in top form, quite the contrary. First the stop of 20 days after the debut with a goal in the 1st against Sassuolo, then the tiring 45 ‘in Florence. At the break, Fideo asked for the change without too many words, remaining with a dark face on the bench to watch the second half. He is bruised, but as Jorgelina wrote in the continuation of the farewell message to PSG, Di Maria “inside is a warrior”. Therefore he will want to be there at all costs at the Parco dei Principi. Where until a week ago he was sitting on the bench Paredes. Leandro can reveal Galtier’s secrets to Allegri, but is it enough to stop Messi, Neymar and Mbappé?

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