Fasting coffee, can you?  All the unexpected effects on the body: this is what happens -

Fasting coffee, can you? All the unexpected effects on the body: this is what happens –

It’s morning, you just woke up…. and the first thing that comes to mind to do? Have a nice coffee! Too bad you do it on an empty stomach, right? Why is it a pity? Read on below if you want to know more.

Fasting coffee –

Are you used to having a nice cup of coffee, perhaps as soon as you wake up and without having eaten anything? Surely this is one of those habits that you will have to leave out and give up completely.

Those used to their beloved cup of coffee taken on an empty stomach have to deal with reality: taking one without having thrown down anything is risky and can lead to significant effects on the body.

What effects are we talking about? If you are curious and care about your health, read on.

Fasting coffee: is it really a risk?

To be active early in the morning, you are used to having your beloved coffee, right? And maybe you do it without having eaten anything. Well, from today think about it before doing this, because this is not one simple habitbut it can pose a real risk to your health and it’s not an exaggeration and I’ll tell you why.


You know the caffeine?

This substance, when fasted, is able to enter our body more quickly and this is not a far-fetched thought, but it is a fact based on studies that confirm it. According to these, in fact, in order to absorb the caffeine it takes 45 minutes, but this time frame can change, based on various variables, including whether or not they have ingested before food.

Specifically, some studies confirm that if we take food before drinking coffee we have the possibility of slowing down the absorption process of caffeine.

Consequently the effects on our body are reduced.


The effects on our body: what are they?

What effects are we talking about? We certainly refer to states of anxiety, nervousness, irritability.

This can, therefore, be experienced from one point of view psychologicalIf you are already a person experiencing the typical symptoms of anxiety, be careful, as this can affect your mood in the long term.

What to do to change habits and thus avoid damaging our mood in the early morning?

You could have a nice big breakfast, trying to supplement it with grains and fiber. Surely this can do you good and not a little. Taking this habit is essential if we want to safeguard our health, also because the coffee it is an acidic food and on an empty stomach it simply increases gastric acidity and as a result you may experience other symptoms such as the gastric reflux, nausea, tachycardia.

Typical physical symptoms anxiety. Are you still convinced that drinking coffee on an empty stomach is a choice to be repeated? I really do not think so.

One last piece of advice that I can give you in this regard? Drinking coffee a full stomach and then a few hours after waking up.

This is because cortisol levels are high upon waking. For those who do not know the cortisol it is the stress hormone: combined with the exciting effect of coffee it can only do great damage.

But we don’t want this for us, right? Well, follow these little tips and you can only take care of yourself.

Or do you need other reasons to quit drinking fasting coffee?

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