Europeans: Setterosa in the semifinals, Settebello awaits France

Europeans: Setterosa in the semifinals, Settebello awaits France

The blues double Croatia (16-8) and challenge Greece on Wednesday. Tomorrow the men in the quarterfinals against the revelation

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It is not a performance to remember, but it is enough and advances to overcome the quarters. In Split the Setterosa doubles the host Croatia (16-8) and approaches the much more difficult challenge with Greece, which will have no problems getting rid of Israel in the evening. Meanwhile, after the fourth place at the World Championships, another important milestone is reached by Carlo Silipo: “I’m happy for this, even if we need to do much better. Honor to Croatia that managed to avoid our counter-escapes and put us in difficulty in numerical superiority. . In a tournament with so many close matches, a not very exciting test is there. In the semifinals we need to be more lucid in attack “. The coach rests Palmieri and Viacava, alternates Banchelli and Condorelli between the posts and makes continuous changes even among the players of movement to dose the energies. The slaves (three Butic sisters in the water, another in the stands), despite everything, withstand the impact with generosity even if the score is always reassuring for the blue. As Silipo observes, a slave with an excellent percentage in numerical superiority, 5 out of 6. Triplet for Marletta, double for Tabani, Gustini, Bettini and Cocchiere.


On Sunday evening, in the second round of the men’s tournament, what few predicted happened. But the victory of France over Serbia (10-9) is a surprise up to a certain point, which is worth reaching the quarterfinals against Settebello. The team coached by Bruzzo is now a great reality despite not having qualified for the last World Cup, is working hard in the perspective of the Paris 2024 Games and has given itself a solid game discipline thanks to the inclusion of the Croatian Kobescak in the technical staff (guide lo Jug Dubrovnik): sometimes it is he who gives indications during the time out, to call the scheme. The challenge with the Olympic champions was decided 29 “from the end by Marzouki in numerical superiority, but do not deceive the result: the French have always been ahead – five times even by three goals – and only a desperate comeback of rivals has reopened the match. Fontani worked miracles between the posts, captain Crousillat scored a poker, but for the umpteenth time it was above all the pure talent of the versatile Thomas Vernoux, 20 years old, in the senior national team since he was 15. He plays in the national team. Marseille, the club that with substantial investments has brought the country back to the elite of water polo, among the big names in the Champions League. France had not entered the top eight since 1958 (closed in eighth place, in Budapest). In the World League Final Eight in Strasbourg, on 23 July, Settebello overtook the Bruzzo team by 9-8. “It is true that they have no experience in matches of this level, but they have made extraordinary progress” underlines the coach Sandro Campagna, who will have to do with the suspended Renzuto (tomorrow at 16.30, RaiSport). For his part, Serbia is dealing with a complicated renewal, after the departure of six Olympians (and a few injuries along the way). Also considering the era of Yugoslavia, the last time she was out of the top eight was in the Bologna 1927 edition (when the bleus won the only continental silver medal). At the European Championships, since 1934, he had faced the French seven times, winning systematically. On the last two occasions, with eloquent scores: 15-6 in 2014 and 16-8 in 2016. The wind has changed.

CROATIA: Ratkovic, Miljkovic 1, Desnica, J. Butic, Lordan, Skelin 1, Brnetic 1, Kangler, Rozic 1, I. Butic 2, Barisic, D. Butic 2, Maric. Herds Kunac. ITALY: Banchelli, C. Tabani 2, Galardi 1, Avegno 1, Giustini 2, Bettini 2, Picozzi 1, Bianconi 1, A. Cocchiere 2, Marletta 3, Di Claudio, Cergol 1, Condorelli. Herds Silipo. REFEREES: Debreceni (Ung) and Cabanas (Spa). NOTE: sup. num. Croatia 6 (5 goals), Italy 8 (3). Exit 3 f. Brnetic 4th time.

WOMEN – THE FORMULA: Twelve teams divided into two groups, the first four classified of each group access the quarterfinals (first against fourth and second against third).

THE GROUP: Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Holland, Romania (A); Serbia, France, Slovakia, Italy, Israel, Spain (B).

Saturday 27 – Group A: Germany-Romania 15-10, Netherlands-Croatia 22-6, Greece-Hungary 9-8. Group B: Spain-Serbia 32-3, Italy-Slovakia 26-1, Israel-France 8-7.

Sunday 28 – Group A: Greece-Romania 24-3, Croatia-Germany 15-8, Netherlands-Hungary 13-4. Group B: France-Serbia 15-14, Israel-Slovakia 18-7, Italy-Spain 12-9.

Tuesday 30 – Group A: Hungary-Germany 26-4, Croatia-Romania 15-6, Netherlands-Greece 13-8. Group B: Serbia-Slovakia 9-6, Spain-France 16-4, Italy-Israel 18-5.

Thursday 1st September – Group A: Greece-Germany 13-3, Netherlands-Romania 28-0, Hungary-Croatia 22-6. Group B: Italy-Serbia 23-7, Spain-Israel 20-3, France-Slovakia 28-5.

Saturday 3 – Group A: Hungary-Romania 22-0, Greece-Croatia 24-4, Netherlands-Germany 29-3. Ranking: Netherlands 15; Greece 12; Hungary 9; Croatia 6; Germany 3; Romania 0. Group B: Spain-Slovakia 26-3, Israel-Serbia 15-4, Italy-France 19-6. Ranking: Italy 15; Spain 12; Israel 9; France 6; Serbia 3; Slovakia 0.

Monday 5 – Quarterfinals Netherlands-France 22-3, Croatia-Italy 8-16, Spain-Hungary 15-11, Greece-Israel 14-4.

Wednesday 7 – Semi-finals Netherlands-Spain (19), Italy-Greece (20.30).

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