Checks on incomes, current accounts, movements and purchases at the start: how they work and when the compliance letter arrives

Checks on incomes, current accounts, movements and purchases at the start: how they work and when the compliance letter arrives

Is called VeRa and stands for Verification of Financial Reports. This is thealgorithm which will search for anomalies between income, current accounts, movements and digital purchases. After the green light obtained by the Minister of Economy Daniele Franco and by Privacy Guarantorwill be the new tool ofRevenue Agency in the fight against tax evasion. Together with mandatory electronic invoice also for the VAT numbers under the flat tax regime and above i 25 thousand euros of revenues. And to the daily broadcast of payments with cards And ATM. With the aim of getting to cash 14.4 billion euros from the fight to the cunning of the taxman. And to reduce the tax gapor the difference between taxes due and collected, al 15.8% by 2024. But theHades will also use i drones to census the ghost real estate. While the data scrapingor the use of social network in anti-evasion function, is yet to come.

How it will work

How it will work the anti-evasion algorithm? The Republic explains today that the Sogei it will process millions of data simultaneously. It will cross-reference current account data, real estate and financial accounts, electronic invoices and credit card payments Italians. On data that will initially be anonymised. And only then will they couple with the taxpayers. Human evaluation will come into play here. The government still wants taxpayers to go towards spontaneous compliance. For this he will send letters in which the citizen will be asked to pay the bill before a formal investigation is started. In which instead he can defend himself and explain his possible reasons. The executive’s commitment with Europe is to increase by 15 percent sending these letters. They are expected 2.5 million missives.

Alessandro Santoro, advisor to the ministry on tax evasion, explains in detail how the procedure works. “It starts with the feedback fromregistry of financial relations, that is, of all current accounts. If the algorithm finds significant deviations between balance at the beginning of the year And that of the end of the year, apparently not justified by anything – such as inheritance, donations, property sales, winnings – then the administration will make the first move. That is the “” kind “of the compliance, of the letter, of the urge to explain the anomaly or to comply. This norm was there for a long time two years, remained unfulfilled. Now thanks also to the PNRR – it is also in this case a milestone of the National Plan – we really start ».

Drones and surveys on social networks

Santoro also explains that the data that is crossed is pseudo anonymized, “without tax codes, encrypted. Only in the next step, when you go from the list to the first verification of anomalies, then the taxpayer to contact is identified “. This is not the only innovation reserved for the taxman. In the interview with Valentina ConteSantoro also explains that the AdE will also use i drones to go fishing who does not pay today. With particular attention to the real estate sector: «The Revenue Agency and the Municipalities themselves have for several years been engaged in surveying both unclassified and ghost properties using various technologies, including drones to take photos from above. A method that has already led to the emergence of several buildings ».

Nothing to do instead, for now, for the data scraping. That is the possibility of crossing information coming from social networks and the web to ask the possible tax evader for an account. «France has been using it for two years, that is, they can collect exclusively public data on social and Internet platforms to make feedback. For example, they can check if those who rent a house in the summer then declare this income. Or if the subjects offering a professional activity have a VAT number ”, he explains Santoro. The Draghi government had in mind to implement it, after the green light of the Privacy Guarantor. But with his downfall it will be up to the next executive.

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