Ford, here we go again: this model has been recalled

Ford, here we go again: this model has been recalled

There is no peace for Ford this year. In fact, the call for two famous cars of the American brand has started, grappling with important problems.

2022 for the car market is not very positive so far. Sales are struggling to return to pre-pandemic levels, but in return the “green” revolution continues, with the electric power sector now supplanting thermal engines, with all the car manufacturers strongly committed to investing in this technology and presenting numerous models only electrical. But this 2022 is proving to be disastrous in particular for a historic brand, which since January has seen a series of recalls of its cars with a series of problems that just don’t seem to want to end. Let’s talk about the Fordwhich just in these hours has launched a new message aimed at the American market.

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The American brand has always been one of the most important and prolific on the market. Even that of the auctions, with several of his famous models, which have gone down in history, which have been sold for crazy prices. It has experienced extraordinary years but also difficulties, especially the last ones due to the international crisis. But the current one is one of the most complicated, precisely because of the series of repetitive recalls that are occurring for its models.

Ford, here are the models targeted by the recall

This time 198,000 cars were forced to recall the car manufacturer due to problems. These are the SUVs Ford Expedition And Lincoln Navigator, especially those produced from 2015 to 2017. The reason? There’s a faulty component in the heating and cooling system that the company says could catch fire. And to certify it there are 25 suspected fires that have occurred in recent months on these cars.

In particular, it emerged that some customers noticed that before the fires the fan had stopped working and that they had perceived a burning smell, as well as smoke that spread from the vents. The problem, Ford explained, relates to a part called the fan motor, which runs the fan that circulates air throughout the vehicle’s cabin. This is basically located under the dashboard and behind the glove box. In fact, the automaker has not yet identified why these fan motors caught fire, but the message delivered to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration it was clear: it will replace the fan motors for free, with updated and more efficient versions.

In the documents provided to the NHTSA, Ford has confirmed that it is aware of only 25 cases of fire at the moment but has decided to intervene for this. Among these, however, there are 12 reports of extensive damage to the vehicle, as well as an injury to a person in the hand. All episodes, however, that occurred with the vehicle running. However, the American brand also wanted to underline that the recall of these two cars has nothing to do with that which occurred recently with these models produced last year.

So far, Ford in 2022 is the leader of the brands that have recalled the most cars due to technical problems. We talk about at least 7.4 million vehiclesan incredible figure justified by the fact that the models recalled are among the best sellers ever: among the last to end up in the viewfinder Mustang Mach-Eone of the most successful electric cars in the US and beyond.

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