Venezia 79, Andrea Pallaoro's transsexuals thrill the public on the Lido |  Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement to Paul Schrader

Venezia 79, Andrea Pallaoro’s transsexuals thrill the public on the Lido | Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement to Paul Schrader

“I worked a lot, I know I deserve it, I think the time has come to get out of prejudice”, says Lysette, who brought to the Lido, for her experience and the story of her experience (a completed sexual transition, documents still male ), the theme of gender identity, disseminated in many films, including today’s film,

“The immensity” by Emanuele Crialese

with a teenager, Adriana, who rejects her name and stubbornly exalts the masculine in her. Also today is also expected “Ti mangio il cuore” by Pippo Mezzapesa, with

protagonist Elodie,

which runs in the Horizons section.


Monica is the story of a time to recover, the one away from the family, and of a reunion to be made after so many traumas: Monica from California returns after a long time to her home in Ohio, to the bedside of her dying mother who had rejected her, and in the embrace there is liberation and forgiveness. “I tell a modern heroine, a character full of courage and generosity who manages to forgive being abandoned. She is a trans, but this if at the beginning it was a spring of the story, based on events that I knew as that of a person dear to me or Trace herself, then – said Pallaoro – during the film he almost faded into the background and the story becomes that of a daughter who finds her mother and family after a long absence, the memory that her sick mother lost becomes the center of everything and the acceptance of the other, that is the basis of human relations “.

“Argentina, 1985”

If Monica is an intimate portrait, “Argentina, 1985”,

Santiago Miter’s film

who had an amazing reception at the Lido, is an epic tribute to PM Julio Strassera and his group of very young inexperienced lawyers who managed to get Videla and the other colonels of the Argentine dictatorship to give life imprisonment in the 1985 Buenos Aires trial that in fact it inaugurated democracy in Argentina.

Ricardo Marin

, who plays Strassera, is applauding a hypothetical Coppa Volpi (like Monica’s Lysette) and the film, amidst emotion and even laughter, leaves the mark of a “necessary” civil cinema, pressing like “Spotlight”, a duty for the memory of the 30 thousand victims of torture, like the white handkerchiefs of the mothers of Plaza de Mayo worn by the actors on the red carpet. “There is no family in Argentina – said the protagonist Darin – that has not experienced some disappearance, some terrible episode, pain, something happened every single day, it was state terrorism and everyone knew, although no one, at least until the 1985 trial and the overwhelming evidence that came out, he thought it might have really been that ferocious. ”

Alejandra Flechner,

who in the film is the prosecutor’s wife, almost moved: “I lived through the dictatorship, it’s like a tattoo on my body, you can’t think about it but it’s inside you”.

Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement

During the ceremony for the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement a

Paul Schrader,

the screenwriter of “Taxi Driver”, the director of “American Gigolo”, “The Card Collector” and the new thriller “Master Gardener”, with Joel Edgerton out of competition, said: “The Golden Lion is me deserved – said ironically the filmmaker who receives it from

Sigourney Weaver,

co-star of the film – if only for the fact that, in addition to writing and directing films, I have often also produced them, a way, the latter, to realize these little miracles that are precisely the films “. The director, born in 1947, he says he is obsessed with the character of

Travis Bickle

played by De Niro in “Taxi Driver”, who comes back to life as Narvel Roth (Edgerton) in Master Gardener, in theaters with Movies Inspired.

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