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  • The Verona wins the first victory in the league and moves away from the slums of the standings. The match is decided in the last five red-hot minutes of the first half: to the splendid goal scored by Caputo in the 40th minute, the hosts responded with a deadly one-two signed by the innocent Audero and by the seal of Doig almost at the end . In the second half there are opportunities for Cioffi’s men, who, however, fail to pierce a superlative Audero. The Sampdoria do not create a lot, but they risk evening the score with Caputo in the final.19:58

  • In the next round of the championship, Sampdoria will play at home against Milan while Verona will be busy away against Lazio.19:58

  • 90 ‘+ 6’

    OVER! VERONA 2-1 SAMPDORIA. The Gialloblù take home their first success of the season.19:57

  • 90 ‘+ 4’

    While enjoying a lot of freedom, Depaoli crossed in the middle without seeing giving the last possession of the match to the Sampdoria.19:55

  • 90 ‘+ 3’

    Depaoli blocks with Caputo profession and gets a free kick.19:55

  • 90 ‘+ 2’

    Good protection of the Kallon sphere, which gains a few precious seconds near the flag.19:55

  • 90 ‘

    SAMPDORIA OPPORTUNITY! Good side of Pussetto, Caputo kicks with pure instinct with the outside hitting the outside of the net and making the Scaligeri fans shiver.19:52

  • 90 ‘

    Five minutes of recovery.19:52

  • 89 ‘

    VERONA REPLACEMENT: Terracciano exits, Hongla enters.19:50

  • 88 ‘

    Terracciano falls to the ground in cramps.19:49

  • 86 ‘

    The ball put in by Đuričić is totally busted, Verona is breathing and also works with the clock.19:48

  • 85 ‘

    VERONA REPLACEMENT: Veloso exits, Depaoli enters.19:46

  • 84 ‘

    Chances in flurries in the last 10 minutes of the game, with the hosts who have been several times one step away from the safety net.19:46

  • 83 ‘

    VERONA OPPORTUNITY! Lazovic evades the intervention of two defenders with a spell, Audero denies him the safety net with another providential intervention!19:47

  • 82 ‘

    SAMPDORIA OPPORTUNITY! The ringing of the guests is all of Gabbiadini, who tries to place with the left-handed missing the mirror of the door not by much.19:44

  • 81 ‘

    VERONA OPPORTUNITY! On Lazovic’s illuminating throw, Veloso attacks the depth and lets himself be hypnotized by Audero. Immediately after it is Doig who engages the Sampdoria goalkeeper, who is still ready.19:43

  • 80 ‘

    Good fanning from Tameze, Doig, however, is found beyond the Sampdoria defensive line.19:42

  • 79 ‘

    SAMPDORIA REPLACEMENT: Sabiri exits, Pussetto enters.19:40

  • 77 ‘

    Marco Giampaolo tries to shuffle the cards a bit to shake up his team.19:37

  • 76 ‘

    VERONA OPPORTUNITY! Another miracle by Audero on the conclusion of a platter attempted by Doig with his left-handed.19:38

  • 74 ‘

    VERONA OPPORTUNITY! Lazovic attacks the space well and shoots hard, Audero rejects and is once again decisive.19:36

  • 73 ‘

    VERONA REPLACEMENT: Ilić exits, Tamèze enters.19:34

  • 73 ‘

    VERONA REPLACEMENT: Lasagna comes out, Kallon enters.19:34

  • 72 ‘

    SAMPDORIA REPLACEMENT: Vieira exits, Villar enters.19:34

  • 72 ‘

    SAMPDORIA REPLACEMENT: Bereszyński exits, Léris enters.19:33

  • 70 ‘

    The game is interrupted for a cooling break.19:32

  • 69 ‘

    Caputo fails to free himself from Hien’s tight marking at the edge of the penalty area.19:32

  • 68 ‘

    Sampdoria struggles to get out, Verona administers the game and creates more dangers than their opponents.19:29

  • 65 ‘

    Henry risks the game, Ferrari’s detour facilitates Audero’s task.19:26

  • 64 ‘

    Caputo’s cross is out of reach of the players who arrived in the area in tow.19:25

  • 63 ‘

    Good phase of possession of the Gialloblù.19:24

  • 61 ‘

    WARNED Colley.19:23

  • 61 ‘

    WARNED Henry.19:23

  • 60 ‘

    Hien arrives like a train and forcefully anticipates Sabiri, who is trying to fly off in the open.19:21

  • 59 ‘

    SAMPDORIA REPLACEMENT: Quagliarella exits, Gabbiadini enters.19:21

  • 59 ‘

    SAMPDORIA REPLACEMENT: Exit Verre, enter Đuričić.19:20

  • 58 ‘

    Verre loses time for the pocketing towards Caputo, who finds himself in an offside position.19:20

  • 58 ‘

    Ilic attempts the first intention conclusion, Augello understands everything and contains it effectively.19:19

  • 56 ‘

    VERONA OPPORTUNITY! Lazovic serves with the external rev counter Lasagna, who jumps Audero in dribbling and shoots high at an unguarded goal. Resounding opportunity missed by the hosts!19:18

  • 55 ‘

    Ferrari throws a good time on Lasagna and anticipates it with a great choice of timing.19:17

  • 54 ‘

    Sampdoria tries to build some interesting plot, Verona blocks every passage.19:16

  • 52 ‘

    On an interesting cross from Doig, Lasagna argues with the ball and with a strange carom that ends up on his forehead he wastes a potential scoring chance.19:14

  • 51 ‘

    On the developments of a corner beaten by Sabiri, Coppola stands out above everyone and clears the penalty area.19:13

  • 50 ‘

    VERONA OPPORTUNITY! Doig disengages and releases a central torpedo, Audero opposes and rejects the conclusion.19:12

  • 49 ‘

    WARNED Ilić for a detention on Sabiri.19:09

  • 48 ‘

    The closure of Bereszynski on Doig is decisive, Verona earns a corner.19:09

  • 47 ‘

    The vertical passage of Rincon is unattainable for the tips of Sampdoria.19:08

  • 46 ‘

    THE RECOVERY BEGINS, it restarts from 2-1 in the first half.19:06

  • 46 ‘

    VERONA REPLACEMENT: Dawidowicz exits, Günter enters.19:06

  • In the second half, Verona will have to be good at preserving the advantage by riding the positive wave of the last five minutes of the first set without neglecting the offensive phase and trying to punish the Sampdoria who will go in search of a draw. Sampdoria will instead be called upon to react promptly and not suffer the backlash through more linear and clean game plots.18:56

  • The values ​​of the first 40 minutes of the game are leveled and the rhythms are not too high. From the splendid goal scored by Caputo, the game ignites with Verona which reacts promptly thanks to an unfortunate own goal by Audero on Henry’s header and the goal of Doig, able to follow the action and capitalize on the good play of Lasagna.18:53

  • 45 ‘+ 4’

    FIRST HALF END: Verona 2-1 Sampdoria. To the initial goal of Caputo, the hosts respond in a few minutes thanks to an own goal by Audero and a goal by Doig.18:50

  • 45 ‘+ 3’

    GOAL! VERONA 2-1 Sampdoria. Doig network. Lasagna attacks the depth and engages Audero, a few steps from the goal Doig takes advantage of the rebound and leans inside the net to overtake Verona.

    Look at the Josh Doig player profile18:49

    Josh Doig
  • 45 ‘+ 2’

    Vieira tries the shot out, Verre on the rebound does not let himself be told twice and kicks but does not worry the yellow-blue rearguard.18:48

  • 45 ‘

    Three minutes of recovery.18:46

  • 44 ‘

    GOAL! VERONA 1-1 Sampdoria. Audero’s own goal. Henry’s header hits the crossbar and slams into Audero’s back, mockingly ending up in the bag.

    Look at the card of the player Emil Audero18:47

    Emil Audero
  • 44 ‘

    Terracciano previews a bit too much and loses the time necessary to kick at goal.18:44

  • 42 ‘

    Lazovic misses the support with the outside towards Doig, the hosts try to react.18:42

  • 40 ‘

    GOAL! Verona 0-1 SAMPDORIA. Caputo network. On Rincon’s suggestion, Caputo turns in a handkerchief and invents an extraordinary goal by aiming at the far post.

    Look at the player’s card Francesco Caputo18:41

    Francesco Caputo
  • 39 ‘

    Ferrari remains on the ground after a headshot, the referee stops the game.18:39

  • 38 ‘

    Bereszynski gets in the way of Doig’s cross, Verona tries to insist.18:39

  • 36 ‘

    Tough game clash in the heart of the penalty area between Colley and Henry.18:36

  • 34 ‘

    Lazovic’s shot ends up abundantly high over the crossbar.18:34

  • 33 ‘

    The restart of Verre is defused by the timely intervention of Doig.18:33

  • 30 ‘

    Quagliarella gains advantage over Coppola looking for a very daring flying conclusion on the first ball offered by Caputo.18:30

  • 29 ‘

    The combination between Caputo and Sabiri is not successful, Verona regains the ball and starts again.18:29

  • 27 ‘

    Good percussion by Terracciano, Lasagna does not hook well letting itself be taken by the frenzy.18:28

  • 25 ‘

    The game is interrupted for a cooling break.18:25

  • 23 ‘

    Sampdoria manages possession of the ball without finding outlets.18:24

  • 21 ‘

    Quagliarella tries to place the shot but without success.18:23

  • 20 ‘

    Augello becomes the protagonist of a timely closure on Terracciano.18:20

  • 18 ‘

    Dawidowicz completes the disengagement with Montipò on the high pressure brought by Sampdoria.18:19

  • 16 ‘

    Augello sees the door and kicks from outside, the conclusion is fortuitously blocked by Caputo.18:17

  • 14 ‘

    Verre fits in well, Terracciano makes a great defensive diagonal.18:14

  • 13 ‘

    SAMPDORIA OPPORTUNITY! Caputo commits Montipò with a good header on Quagliarella’s excellent cross.18:15

  • 12 ‘

    The rhythms in this start are not particularly high.18:12

  • 10 ‘

    Audero’s miracle on Lazovic, who starts slightly beyond the Sampdoria defensive line.18:10

  • 9 ‘

    Attempt from an unrealistic distance of Lasagna.18:09

  • 8 ‘

    Doig puts a low ball inside, Colley closes without worries, taking refuge for a corner.18:08

  • 6 ‘

    WARNED Sabiri.18:06

  • 6 ‘

    The spread of Veloso at the address of Terracciano is out of proportion.18:05

  • 5 ‘

    Rincon’s through ball is well read by the home side’s rearguard.18:05

  • 3 ‘

    On Quagliarella’s strong cross-shot, Montipò pisses off and averted the danger.18:03

  • 2′

    Caputo tries the veil for Quagliarella, the ball slips between Montipò’s gloves.18:02

  • 1 ‘

    LET’S GO! The first half of Verona-Sampdoria begins. The first ball is managed by the Sampdoria.18:00

  • Paolo Valeri directs the meeting assisted by assistants Fabiano Preti and Alessio Berti. The fourth official is Alberto Santoro. The Var couple is formed by Marco Di Bello and Alessio Tolfo.11:34

  • Marco Giampaolo lines up Caputo and Quagliarella in attack with Sabiri acting as attacking midfielder. On the bench sit Gabbiadini, Djuricic, Villar and Pussetto.17:45

  • Gabriele Cioffi relies on Henry and Lasagna in attack with Terracciano, Lazovic, Veloso, Ilic and Doig in midfield. On the bench go Faraoni, Tameze, Verdi and Djuric.17:45

  • Sampdoria have lost only one of their last 13 Serie A matches against Verona: 0-2, on 5 October 2019; since then, four Sampdoria wins and a draw, all matches in which both teams have found the net.11:28

  • Verona and Sampdoria will face each other for the fifth time in Serie A in September: so far, the yellow and blue have never found success (2N, 2P), drawing 0-0 the only one of these matches played at Bentegodi, in 2017 .11:28

  • SAMPDORIA (4-3-1-2) OFFICIAL TRAINING: Audero – Bereszynski, Ferrari, Colley, Augello – Rincon, Vieira, Verre – Sabiri – Caputo, Quagliarella. Available: Ravaglia, Conti, Amione, Murillo, Murru, Yepes, Leris, Djuricic, Villar, Gabbiadini, Pussetto. Herdsman Marco Giampaolo.17:43

  • VERONA (3-5-2) OFFICIAL TRAINING: Montipò – Coppola, Hien, Dawidowicz – Terracciano, Lazovic, Veloso, Ilic, Doig – Henry, Lasagna. Available: Perilli, Chiesa, Faraoni, Gunter, Ceccherini, Cabal, Depaoli, Cortinovis, Sulemana, Tameze, Hrustic, Hongla, Verdi, Djuric, Kallon. Herds Gabriele Cioffi.17:43

  • The Sampdoria, who come from the home draw against Lazio, are looking for their first victory of the season in the league.11:31

  • The hosts, returning from the draw obtained away to Empoli, have collected two points in four days.11:30

  • At the Marcantonio Bentegodi stadium everything is ready for Verona-Sampdoria, a match valid for the 5th matchday of Serie A.11:29

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Marcantonio Bentegodi
    City: Verona
    Capacity: 39211 spectators11:29

    Marcantonio Bentegodi
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