World Cup 2022: Italy flies to the Quarters.  3-1 in Cuba

World Cup 2022: Italy flies to the Quarters. 3-1 in Cuba

ITALY – CUBA 3-1 (25-21, 21-25, 26-24, 25-18) – the match report
ITALY: Giannelli 3, Romanò 14, Michieletto 10, Russo 8, Lavia 11, Galassi 3, Balaso (L). Sbertoli, Anzani 7. Ne: Pinali, Scanferla (L). Recine, Bottolo, Moscow, All: De Giorgi
CUBA: Goide 2, Herrera 23, Yant 11, Mergarejo 5, Osoria 5, Simon 11, Garcia (L). Lopez 3, Concepcion, Gutierrez, Suarez, Taboada. Ne: Sanchez B., Gourguet (L), All: Vives
Referees: Ortiz (PUR), Akinci (TUR)
Spectators: 3250
Duration set: 24 ‘, 27’, 30 ‘, 23’5
ITALY: a 3 bs 19 mv 12 et 28
CUBA: a 3 bs 22 mv et 41

(Slovenia) – A beautiful Italy, capable of fighting and fighting as it was not necessary in the first three qualifying matches, overcomes the obstacle Cuba, one of the loose mines of the World Cup and deserves a place in the quarter-finals, a placed among the best eight in the world.
A choral rehearsal with peaks of Romanthe most continuous among the blues, then Street which, however, at times seemed excluded from the game. Determinants too Balaso in defense and the entry of Anzani which changed the inertia of the fourth set with block, attack and serve. A success born of patience, of the ability to wait for the errors of a discontinuous and foul Cuba.
And now one between France and Japan to play for one of the four semi-final places in Katowice.

SEXTETS – Italy with Giannelli setter, Romanò opposite, Michieletto and Lavia in 4th place, Galassi and Russo in the center, dance free. Cuba with Goide as director, Herrera opposite, Mergarejo – Yant in place 4, Simon and Osoria in the center, Garcia free.

1st SET – It is immediately set in balance at the start of the match with the Cubans who shoot for service. Herrera undoes (8-6 counterattack on the net), then blocks for 8-8. Romanò immediately in the game: 10-9 (2 points of the opposite). Herrera and Yant find passages in attack, Cuba also exploits some blue inaccuracies and flies +2: 12-14. Time our by De Giorgi.
Against overtaking Italy with Giannelli’s block on Yant but the 5th error in the service is worth 15-16 Cuba and the use of the second challenge by De Giorgi.
Italy again at + 2 thanks to the mistake of Mergarejo that greedy tightens too much and closes on the net: 20-18. Michieletto goes to serve, Cuba attacks and is defended, Lavia signs the +3. 21-18. Pressure on the Caribbean: Herrera puts the service online. Romanò diagonally winning, then Balaso defends Simon and Lavia finds the opponent’s hands high: 24-20. Yant cancels the first blue ball set. Galassi mura Herrera on the Caribbean counterattack: 25-21.
5 points by Lavia, 3 by Romano. 5 points from Herrera, Only 36% of Cuba in attack.

2nd SET –
Still a lot of balance at the start of the second set with Cuba that is +2 (6-8) ahead thanks to Herrera’s attack and Yant’s serve that complicates the construction of the Azzurri. Herrera pushes his serve brings a new break, for a +4 which forces de Giorgi to a second time out: 8-12. Two errors from Cuba arrive; Herrera out, Simion invasion that help 10-11. Lavia Wall on Herrera that pulls only power straight diagonally: 11-12. Italy is at -1, the motivational stimulus of De Giorgi’s time out is felt, even if with elastic: Cuba goes forward by 3/4 then gets back to take. Michieletto hits a ball without a master, then signs the ace of 17-17. Mergarejo exits for Miguel Angel Lopez after yet another mistake. Lopez brushes three placed serves, two inaccurate balls from Giannelli are born for Lavia, defended with a consequent Cuban counterattack, then Simon’s block on Galassi: 19-23. Sbertoli enters, two counterattacks by Romanò and Michieletto: set still open 21-23. Yant is there: 21-24, Italy gives 21-25 with a clumsy reconstruction.
4 points of Michieletto, 8 of Herrera, 4 by Simon. Cuba drops errors from 11 in the first set at 7, Italy gives away 8.

3rd set – Lopez remains in the field for Cuba instead of Mergarejo. Cuba stutters: Simon’s wrong joke, Yant pulls out, Romanò is there, Osoria puts her on the net: 5-3. Italy is wrong in the service, Herrera goes to his turn instead finds the ace on Balaso and then a half point that allows counterattack: 8-8 with a mistake by Michieletto who gets enticed after having previously successfully closed two detached balls. De Giorgi stops everything and asks not to “overdo” and “accelerate” the match. You need patience and clarity. Good boy Balaso on Herrera (10-10). On 16-17 with Romanò protagonist in attack, Anzani enters for Galassi. Herrera signs the 17th and then 18th personal point: 17-18, 19-19. Russian wall gives a new +1. Sbertoli enters for the service: Lavia still puts up a wall for the 20-22. Cuba returns to -1 when he defends a Giannelli ball with the free Garcia and then Lopez closes. Herrera on the serve he blows Balaso on reception, Italy fails to close the second set ball, Herrera always counterattacks from place 1: 24-24. But then he forces the service too much: 25-24 and in the following action he exaggerates in the diagonal of attack: ball out: 26-24.
13 errors by Cuba help an Italy that attacks 38%. 6 points for Romanò, the best of the Azzurri in the set. 6 also for Herrera.

4th set – Bad blue start: 1-5. Blue errors that galvanize Cuba. Anzani walls and thanks to Caribbean errors we arrive 7-8. Seventh errors in attack (and 7 in service) for Herrera so far. Ace of Anzani: 8-8. Azzurri forward: Simon scores an attack in the first half: 10-9. Change in direction of Cuba with Taboada. +3 Italy, Cuba game: 15-15. The impact on the race of Anzani however, it is heavy. The central of Lube places the wall of +3 Italy: 18-15 and the first half of 19-15. Goes to serve and causes Herrera’s error in attack: 20-15. Cuba error, Russo’s wall: 23-17, the set flies towards blue joy… Mergarejo cancels the first match ball: 24-18. Close Russo, theItaly is in the quarter-finals.

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