Mara Venier: "An ex of mine beat me and tried to kill me, he waited for me under the house with a knife. The first night of love I got pregnant" - Il Fatto Quotidiano

Mara Venier: “An ex of mine beat me and tried to kill me, he waited for me under the house with a knife. The first night of love I got pregnant” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

“They are pop, not trash. Popular, not vulgar. And I study: I ​​never go out on Saturday nights. I’m staying at home to prepare the episode. If I present a book, I read it until three in the morning. When I was with Renzo Arbore he would say to me: come on, let’s go out. But I have nothing ”. On the eve of the start of his fourteenth Sunday In (“Baudo stopped at thirteen”), Mara Venier is told with an open heart in an intense interview with Aldo Cazzullo for the Corriere della Sera, where he retraces his life, summing up and rrevealing unpublished anecdotes from his past that he had to deal with. Now not only does she feel ready to talk about it, but she has decided to make it an opportunity to witness: “After the death of my mother, I was unable to return to Venice for seven years. Now I did it, and it was like closing the circle. The same goes for the violence suffered: things must be faced, the circle must be closed. But some wounds never really heal. And it is right to talk about it. Even on TV. Even if it makes you lose plays. I’ve had it all, it’s time to risk something. Last season I had already given space to commitment, to important stories, to serious topics. This year I will do it even more. First of all on the theme of violence against women. In the first episode I will host Alessandra’s sister, the lady from Bologna who was massacred with a hammer by her younger partner. A terrible story of obsession, of possession, of denied freedom, of violence. I know something about it. I had a violent partner. Very violent. He beat me. He came to try to kill me“.

“He waited for me outside the house with a knife. This is something I have never told. Just know that I paid a very high price“, Confided Mara Venier, recalling those dark years in mind. Who was she? “One who did not accept the end of our story. He said he still loved me. But this is not love. They are men who feel they own your body and soul. And they destroy you. Not only with the barrel or with the stabs. They make you feel like nothing. One thing in their hands ”. And again, Mara’s story is lucid and heartbreaking: “I felt fear. The fear of physical violence, and the fear of filing a complaint. But I was in love, and when you love you don’t want to see: love leads you to justify almost everything. It was a serious mistake. Eventually I was forced to report, I went to the set with two escort carabinieri. But I should have stopped the spiral first. For a long time something unresolved remained inside me: weakness, anger, the inability to react… Unfortunately we women are like that ”.

“We have the Red Cross syndrome. “I will save him, with me he will be different, I will change him”. But unfortunately they don’t change. And then we have to leave. Let him. At the first slap, immediately. We must not allow him to exercise a power, a violence on us; otherwise it’s over. That man is gone and I, in the end, I forgave him“. Before him, Mara Venier had already had a disappointment in love: “One day, in Piazza Ferretto in Mestre, I meet a boy as handsome as the sun, and I fall madly in love with him: Francesco Ferracini. We made the fuitina. The first night of love I got pregnant. I didn’t even know how babies were born. And three months later we got married. I didn’t have the courage to tell my parents that I was expecting a baby, even though my mom understood. The priest, Don Gino Trevisan, was very opposed: “Keep the toseto, but don’t stay at maritarte!”. On the evening of the wedding, the bridegroom left for Rome: he dreamed of being an actor. And I stayed in the house of the railway workers, where Elizabeth was born ”.

Today she has moved on and has finally found love with her husband Nicola Carraropresented to him by Melania Rizzoli: “I’ve been hearing about him all my life: intelligent, very cool, a retired producer, between Los Angeles and the Caribbean… One evening Melania organizes a dinner for three of her friends to meet Nicola. I ask: why don’t you invite me too? She replied: because you are engaged. I had a flirtation with a radio reporter, Fabio Visca, the one from the show Fabio e Fiamma. Anyway, I spend an afternoon in agitation, I make up, I put on a little black dress, I go to the restaurant as always in advance, and I await this famous Nicola Carraro. A Milanese cumenda enters with a blue jacket with gold buttons, a great golfer, and I say to myself: I have nothing to do with this here. To make matters worse, he nods a hand kiss. I hate kisses – concluded the presenter -. Melania did it all. She said to me: Nicola is crazy about you. She said to him: Mara is crazy about you. One evening he went up to drink a glass of grappa, and we drained the bottle. Nothing happened; but she told me everything about him ”.

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