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  • Thank you for following Spezia-Bologna and see you at the next matches with Serie A.17:13

  • Nice match at the Peak, unblocked on 6 ‘by Arnautovic’s first goal of the day who, served in depth by Medel, carries on his team by jumping Dragowski and depositing the ball of the advantage on the net. The Spezia is not there, attacks and finds the same during the recovery of the first half with a personal action of Bastoni, which ended with a left in the low corner. The number 20 is again the protagonist in the 54th minute when, in the best moment of Bologna, he takes the free kick that leads to Schouten’s own goal, who heads the cross by beating his goalkeeper Skorupski. Ten minutes pass and the guests reach the final draw again with Arnautovic who, served by Soriano, runs away to Gotti’s defense and stabs Dragowski again.17:12

  • Second draw in the league for Spezia, which returns to score points after the defeat by climbing to 5 and maintains the unbeaten home match. Still without a win in Serie A, however, Bologna, which obtains the second consecutive draw and rises to 3 points with five goals scored, all signed by Marko Arnautovic.17:07

  • 90 ‘+ 7’

    TRIPLE WHISTLE OF GIUA: SPEZIA-BOLOGNA 2-2. Draw at the peak: a goal by Bastoni and an own goal by Schouten on one side, a brace from Arnautovic on the other.17:02

  • 90 ‘+ 6’

    Joshua Zirkzee also warned.17:00

  • 90 ‘+ 6’

    WARNED Dimitrios Nikolaou for a dispute with Zirkzee.17:00

  • 90 ‘+ 3’

    Vehement protests at the Peak for a contact between Agudelo and Lucumì. Giua gestures to play.16:58

  • 90 ‘+ 2’

    Bologna’s free-kick scheme with Dominguez finding Lucumì at the far post. The header of the rossoblu defender, however, ends high.16:57

  • 90 ‘+ 1’

    WARNED Jacopo Sala for a detention against Schouten.16:55

  • 90 ‘

    Five minutes of recovery reported.16:55

  • 89 ‘

    Fourth substitution for the Spezia. Emanuel Gyasi exits, Jacopo Sala enters.16:53

  • 88 ‘

    Third substitution for the Spezia. Outside Emil Alfons Holm, inside Leandro Sanca.16:53

  • 88 ‘

    Personal action by Cambiaso, who receives on the left, returns and tries the shot, but does not find the goal.16:52

  • 86 ‘

    Mihajlovic wants to win, who has rearranged his team with the back four and the pair Zirkzee-Sansone behind Arnautovic, with Soriano lowered in the middle of the field.16:51

  • 84 ‘

    Fifth substitution for Bologna. Gary Medel leaves room for Nicola Sansone.16:49

  • 81 ‘

    Attempt by Dominguez who exchanges at the edge of the area with Arnautovic and tries the conclusion. His counterbalance right ends high.16:46

  • 79 ‘

    Great opportunity wasted by De Silvestri, who fails to put a ball from Lucumì down in the penalty area. The rossoblu winger would have had plenty of time to finish or serve a teammate in the middle.16:44

  • 78 ‘

    Nzola tried! The number 18 receives in the area, turns and kicks with the left, but he is not precise and goes very far from Skorupski’s goal.16:43

  • 76 ‘

    Fourth substitution for Bologna. Charalampos Lykogiannis exits, Andrea Cambiaso enters.16:40

  • 76 ‘

    Second substitution for the Spezia. Outside Simone Bastoni, inside Mikael Egill Ellertsson.16:40

  • 73 ‘

    Opportunity for Zirkzee who, served on the left side of the area by Soriano, tries the right to turn before but hits badly, ending the ball in the Railway Curve.16:38

  • 72 ‘

    Nice vertical idea from Arnautovic for Zirkzee’s race. Dragowski understands everything and leaves, pushing the ball away.16:37

  • 70 ‘

    The game resumes at the Peak.16:34

  • 67 ‘

    It’s time for the cooling break.16:32

  • 64 ‘

    GOAL! Spezia 2-2 BOLOGNA! Marko Arnautović Network! Assist by Soriano for the internal insertion of the number 9 who is again face to face with Dragowski, who tries the low exit but is overcome by the precise conclusion of Arnautovic.

    Look at the player’s profile Marko Arnautovic16:31

    Marko Arnautovic
  • 64 ‘

    First substitution for the Spezia. Outside Viktor Kovalenko, inside Kevin Agudelo.16:29

  • 62 ‘

    Third substitution for Bologna. Musa Barrow leaves room for Roberto Soriano.16:27

  • 62 ‘

    Second substitution for Bologna. Riccardo Orsolini exits, Joshua Zirkzee enters.16:26

  • 59 ‘

    Great enthusiasm now at the Peak. The home fans make themselves heard, pushed by the Curva Ferrovia.16:24

  • 56 ‘

    WARNED Simone Bastoni for a tough intervention against Orsolini.16:20

  • 54 ‘

    GOAL! SPEZIA-Bologna 2-1! Own Goal by Jerdy Schouten! A free-kick cut by Bastoni, Schouten anticipates everyone but heads into his goal.

    See the player’s profile Jerdy Schouten16:20

    Jerdy Schouten
  • 52 ‘

    STATISTICAL PILL; Bologna are unbeaten in four Serie A precedents against Spezia, thanks to a draw followed by three wins – considering the 2020/21 and 2021/22 seasons, the Ligurian one is one of the three teams against which the Emilians have played four games without never lose (like Udinese and Sampdoria). 16:17

  • 49 ‘

    Nice action in the Bologna strait ended by Arnautovic’s cross in the area, put in a corner by the Spezia defense.16:14

  • 47 ‘

    Barrow’s long-distance attempt: weak and strangled conclusion that ends at the bottom.16:12

  • 46 ‘

    The second half of SPEZIA-BOLOGNA begins. It starts from the result of 1-1.16:10

  • 46 ‘

    First substitution for Bologna. Outside Nikola Moro, inside Nicolás Martín Domínguez.16:10

  • Few solutions on the bench for Luca Gotti, who has to monitor Holm’s situation, who was booked during the first half. In Bologna, on the other hand, there are many who could give a shock from the bench, starting with Soriano up to Samson and the new signing Zirkzee. We’ll see if Mihajlovic chooses to change at the start of the second half.16:09

  • At the Peak, Bologna immediately took the lead in the 6 ‘: Medel throws vertically for Arnautovic’s run, who skips Dragowski and deposits the Rossoblu advantage on the net. Spezia reacts, creates a lot but never frightens Skorupski until, in full recovery, Bastoni equalized with a precise left from the edge of the area.15:57

  • 45 ‘+ 7’

    FIRST HALF END: Spezia-Bologna 1-1. Bastoni replied to Arnautovic.15:53

  • 45 ‘+ 5’

    Tough clash between Orsolini and Kovalenko. Both remain on the ground.15:51

  • 45 ‘+ 2’

    GOAL! SPEZIA-Bologna 1-1! Simone Bastoni’s network! The number 20 receives on the trocar, overtakes Lykogiannis with a rebound and from the edge of the area he starts a precise left that goes into the low corner of Skorupski’s goal.

    Look at the player’s card Simone Bastoni15:49

    Simone Bastoni
  • 45 ‘

    Given five minutes of injury time.15:46

  • 43 ‘

    Nice personal action by Bastoni, who in the area gets rid of Lucumì and unloads for Kovalenko. The Ukrainian kicks but only earns a corner for Medel’s deflection.15:44

  • 42 ‘

    It starts with the ball between the feet of the players of La Spezia.15:43

  • 41 ‘

    Arnautovic is back on the ground. I still play at the Peak.15:41

  • 40 ‘

    Cross of Bastoni, comfortable exit in high grip for Skorupski.15:41

  • 38 ‘

    WARNED Emil Alfons Holm for a detention against Lykogiannis.15:39

  • 37 ‘

    STATISTICAL PILL: Marko Arnautovic has scored four goals in Bologna’s first five games in this league, the last rossoblù player to do so in Serie A was Marco Di Vaio (4 goals in the first 5 matches of 2010/11).15:37

  • 34 ‘

    Another attempt by Holm, who this time goes on his own, returning on the left and trying the conclusion. Too weak, he blocks Skorupski without problems.15:34

  • 33 ‘

    Nzola unloads for Holm who tries the cross from before. Badly calibrated, ends at the bottom.15:34

  • 31 ‘

    Incredible opportunity wasted by Bologna. He misses a pass in the middle of the field, Bologna starts again in three against one, but Barrow does not make the right choice and the rossoblu counterattack is stopped by the return of the La Spezia defense.15:32

  • 30 ‘

    Gyasi’s attempt from inside the area, Moro’s deviation and a corner kick gained by Spezia.15:31

  • 27 ‘

    The game resumes.15:27

  • 25 ‘

    It’s time for the cooling break.15:25

  • 24 ‘

    Corner kick cut by Bastoni, Skorupski flicks away.15:24

  • 22 ‘

    OPPORTUNITY FOR SPICE! Bastoni’s corner, Hristov tries the left-footed shot with a sure shot, but finds the opposition of the host defense who prevents the ball from coming to Skorupski’s side.15:23

  • 20 ‘

    Personal action by Orsolini who cuts the field starting from his own half, reaches the edge of the area and starts the left. Easy for Dragowski, who locks to the ground.15:21

  • 19 ‘

    Match resumed with Medel regularly in the field.15:20

  • 18 ‘

    Again game stopped. This time Medel remained on the ground after a clash with Nzola.15:18

  • 17 ‘

    NZOLA! The number 18 goes away by force in the penalty area and kicks with the left at the near post. Skorupski crumples to the ground and freezes.15:18

  • 15 ‘

    KOVALENKO! Nikolau descended on the left-handed flank, a low backward cross for the Ukrainian, who checks and tries to close the conclusion. Ball a couple of meters wide.15:16

  • 14 ‘

    Let’s start once again. The Austrian also returns to the field.15:15

  • 13 ‘

    Game stopped at the Peak. Arnautovic was left on the ground after a plane crash with Dragowski.15:13

  • 12 ‘

    Raid in the area attempted by Bourabia. The rossoblu defense tightens and manages to stop him.15:12

  • 9 ‘

    La Spezia tries to regroup by spinning the ball in search of an opening.15:10

  • 6 ‘

    GOAL! Spezia 0-1 BOLOGNA! Marko Arnautović Network! Thrown deep by Medel, the number 9 jumps Dragowski and deposits in the net with the left.

    Look at the player’s profile Marko Arnautovic15:08

    Marko Arnautovic
  • 6 ‘

    Searched for Arnautovic in depth by Soumaoro. However, the Austrian is stopped in an irregular position.15:06

  • 1 ‘

    START WHISTLE. Spezia-Bologna begins.15:14

  • Where the game is played:

    Stadium: Alberto Picco
    City: La Spezia
    Capacity: 10336 spectators15:14

    Alberto Picco
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