The victory of the right will be sharper than expected

The victory of the right will be sharper than expected

Dear Aldo,
according to most of the “forecasters” the center-right is starting to win the box office, but if I look at the last administrative elections, I see that in the four major Italian cities they have not touched the ball, indeed they have come out with rather humiliating results. In short, don’t say cat if you don’t have it in the bag.
Francesco Duina Sovere (Bergamo)

Dear Francis,
Given that we are precisely making predictions, no auspices, I remain convinced that we are on the eve of a clear victory for the right. The majority of Italians do not live in large cities; and even in the big cities, the divisions on the left put at risk colleges where the center-right would be behind. The point is that the center-left has split because it knows it is losing, and everyone aims to maximize their consensus: both Calenda and Conte know they get more votes alone than in coalition with the Democratic Party, which for its part has made a mistake not to make at least one of the two alliances. Maybe he would have lost a few percentage points; but he would at least convey the idea that he was trying to win, or at least limit defeat. Instead, now the final outcome is so clear that it encourages the national attitude to rush to the winner’s aid. In my opinion, Meloni will get even more votes than the polls indicate: recent electoral history teaches that in recent days undercurrents are being created in the direction of the announced winner that escape the polls. It remains to be seen if Salvini and Berlusconi will hold, or if they will be heavily scaled down in the polls. One thing is certain: Berlusconi will not come out in the center, but on the right. In the end, most of Berlusconi’s votes did not go to Monti or Renzi or to Draghi’s party (which is not there), but to Salvini, Meloni and – in the past – also to Grillo. And this authorizes us to think that Berlusconi is the true father of Italian populism.



“I’m 30, I choose to leave Italy with no regrets”

I am 30 years old and I am happy not to work in Italy anymore. Here because. In September 2021 I returned to live in my city, and I found a job as a saleswoman. Initially things were fine, the salary was good, then the situation worsened due to a growing discontent with me on the part of the boss: in the end I had to leave that safe place for a part-time in Milan. During the first few weeks of work, I received a call from a well-known 5-star hotel, did the interview and immediately started there. I had high expectations: I found myself in a place considered unreachable, an opportunity to redeem myself. Unfortunately this was not the case. I immediately noticed a certain unease among the employees. I was given only one uniform and I had to buy the shirts myself. There were absurd rules, and the salary was not the one agreed during the interview. But the worst thing is that they relied on the fact of “being in an eternal, wonderful place” and therefore every extra hour had to be a privilege. And the extra hours were always many. The “old recruits” told me that the situation got worse with the arrival of the new shareholders. On July 4th, I accepted a part-time job in Switzerland, where I started on July 31st, at the conclusion of the contract. Now I work in Switzerland and I am treated well: you go in, you work, you go out. The latest jobs in Italy made me want to escape. I had to agree to arrive half an hour early because the boss was anxious, being judged on the outward appearance, insulted in front of customers, and more. Here “work is work”.


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