Barbara D'Urso: "Mediaset didn't kick me in the ass, whoever is obsessed leads a life of shit"

Barbara D’Urso: “Mediaset didn’t kick me in the ass, whoever is obsessed leads a life of shit”

Barbara D’Urso guest at Dogliani for the TV Festival talks about how she faces the hate campaign against her: “Mediaset didn’t kick me in the ass, I could reply but I don’t, who is obsessed with me already has a life of shit “.

Barbara D’Urso guest al Dogliani TV Festival, gave a rare interview to the deputy director of La Stampa Andrea Malaguti. Rare because the storytelling opportunities that involve the presenter are sporadic compared to those she realizes during a working year. Or at least until recently. Today the D’Urso calendar includes a Mediaset contract expiration in December and the return to the theater in February of 2023. A return that has been much talked about precisely because of the coincidence with the downsizing to the Afternoon 5 only throughout the Biscione schedule. Not surprisingly, in this regard:

After 15 years I go back to the theater, I will debut on Valentine’s Day. The funny thing is that when there are rumors that I am going back to the theater, you may like it or not, when the news came out people thought ‘Mediaset kicked D’Urso kicked in the ass’, but that’s not the case. I do theater and Mediaset didn’t kick me out. I read these newspapers that click and view and laugh, I could easily tweet to deny, I have 1 million people there. Or on Instagram I have 3 million and say ‘It’s not like that’. But I keep quiet and smile because I think: these people obsessed with me what shit life do they lead?

The return to the theater with priority to Mediaset

It is the first time that Barbara D’Urso strongly denies an behind-the-front of the network against her and raises: “I have been exclusively with Mediaset for 23 years. I might as well return to Rai one day, who knows. I will continue to do Afternoon 5, should there be a new program in prime time Mediaset would take precedencethe dates of the show at the theater would be moved and I would recover them, they already know“.

Barbara D’Urso ageless: “I’m 65 years old, sometimes I’m 12”

Barbara D’Urso makes a brief passage on her chronological age, since her ability to crystallize time, convincing him to play in her favor, is recognized as a super power: “For me, age doesn’t exist, I’m 65 and I’m very happy. I have super birthday parties, I deeply love celebrations and do not shy away from them. Sometimes I have 12 head, other 90, I never feel I am only one age“.

Barbara d’Urso remains at Mediaset, chronicle of an announced renewal

The birth of Meta D’Urso, the metaverse for its community

Barbara D’Urso, TV presenter and actress, announces it at the Dogliani TV Festival, where she says she received a teaching post on social media and TV from the Luiss business school. Immediately after, she launches one of the next extra television projects, anticipating to those present her triumphal entry into the Metaverse, or rather in the Meta d’Urso:

I have used almost all media, so I thought it was right to take the community that follows me to a place that is talked about a lot, the metaverse. It will be called ‘Meta d’Urso. I am the first to bring my community into the metaverse, it will be a space to meet, dialogue and talk, through another expression of me, through my avatar. In a few days there will be a link, it will be a very nice space where people can meet with me (about 100 people / avatars): this space remains open, I cannot tell more.

Elections and politics: “I would like a President. Meloni? Woman caz * uta”

An obligatory passage on the upcoming elections on 25 September and on the projection from 26 onwards, a delicate moment for the Italians, who will find themselves facing a political situation that is anything but fluid: “One of my battles is for civil rights and against homophobia, so we don’t totally match Meloni. But I think Giorgia Meloni is a champion. I am not saying that I want her to win, but I would like a woman President of the Council of any side, right or left. The important thing is the team that she will make, she is a badass, she has been fighting for years and could make a right one“.

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