Milan-Inter 3-2, le pagelle: Leao non lo prende nessuno, la difesa tradisce Inzaghi

Milan-Inter 3-2, the report cards: Leao does not take anyone, the defense betrays Inzaghi –

(28 ‘and 60’ Leao, 54 ‘Giroud; 21’ Brozovic, 67 ‘Dzeko)

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Maignan 7.5 – Three great saves on Lautaro, Dzeko and Calhanoglu. He keeps Milan in the running and ahead in the moment of greatest difficulty for him. Goalkeepers make the difference.

Calabria 6 – Little push, some trouble in the end, overall ordered game without infamy and without praise. (From 83 ‘Kjaer sv).

Kalulu 6 – A few flaws but forgivable in the complex of a match in which little and nothing is played in the Milan area until the last half hour.

Tomori 5.5 – In the area there is little to do until Dzeko enters who, ready to go, steals his time and gets in the door.

Theo 5.5 – Clumsy and shoves with Dumfries, in the most anticipated duel of the race. He risks so much when the Dutchman asks for a second yellow that would not have been sacrilegious.

Tonali 7 – Anyone have more doubts? When he gets bigger, Inter loses him and he does what he wants, there is nothing in the middle for anyone. (From 83 ‘Pobega sv).

Bennacer 6.5 – Calm and chalk, direction and muscles. He hides in the folds of the game, following the pace of his teammates.

Messias 5.5 – At the cost of being repetitive and even raging, Milan’s weak point is the right wing. Not that it hurts, but the disproportion between what the Rossoneri do on the one hand and what they manage to do on the other is sensational. (From 73 ‘Saelemaekers 5.5 – Ditto with potatoes).

De Ketelaere 5.5 – The Prince of Belgium in his first big game as a starter. Pioli asks him to keep an eye on Brozovic if he loses him in the 1-0 Nerazzurri: there is something he doesn’t know how to do. There in front of him he enchants and even touches the goal. (From 63 ‘Brahim Diaz 6 – He enters the most delicate moment for his team and sees little, but offers Leao the ball of the potential knockout. The final tear is also good).

Leao 8 – On his hundredth appearance in Serie A, he found the first and then the second goal in the derby. Already dangerous for Handanovic at the start of the race, when he accelerates they never catch him. Decisive with the assist for the 2-1, he makes good and bad times: the personal double is a manifesto for the football omnipotence that in our league perhaps only he can boast.

Giroud 7.5 – He moves, he crashes, he works for his teammates. She turns around again and carries on the Devilthe heel touch that Leao does not stick. Chapeau. (From 73 ‘Origi 5.5 – A nice shot attempted from distance and little else).

Pegs 7 – Turnover behind him, he finds the typical line-up and confirms that having clear ideas makes the difference. Note of demerit having questioned a well deserved race in terms of performance, but in the end San Siro sings Pioli is on fire and so that’s okay.


Handanovic 5.5 – Not really a manifesto to reactivity on the first goal, little to do on the occasion of the other two.

Skriniar 5 – He remained and now, waiting for the renewal, he has to find that serenity that he seemed to lack in some releases. Soft like all the Nerazzurri defense in the 2-1 Rossoneri.

De Vrij 4.5 – If you leave a meter and a half of space for Giroud in the area, there is a risk that he will turn around and hurt you. No sooner said than done. (From 83 ‘D’Ambrosio sv).

Sticks 4.5 – The fever cleared, perhaps not yet its after-effects. An evening of fatigue, delays and errors, like the rest of the Inter rearguard. (From 63 ‘Dimarco 6.5 – Good impact, it is one of those that changes the end of a derby, even if it is not enough).

Dumfries 5.5 – He puts Theo in trouble by invoking his second yellow, but on balance he can’t break through there. Behind follows Leao, like everyone else.

Stretcher 5 – Devastating with Cremonese, anyone in the derby. By detachment he loses the all-blue duel with Tonali, without being able to impose himself. (From 63 ‘Mkhitaryan 6.5 – The weapon that Inzaghi was waiting for: enter and revitalize Inter. Final thrill, a happy note).

Brozovic 6.5 – Not very epic at the start of the championship, the crocodile bite arrives at 21 ‘when he opens the dance by running around in the central corridor opened by Correa. From then on, ups and downs but among the best of him.

Calhanoglu 5 – It is not a match like any other, the stain with the superficiality error that opens the doors like the Rossoneri. He tries to redeem himself in the second half, Maignan tells him that is not the case.

Darmian 6 – The assist for Dzeko and more. With the hierarchies on the left still to be defined, it offers good answers to Inzaghi (From 83 ‘Gosens sv).

Correa 6 – Favorite to Lukaku, he rewards Brozovic’s inclusion with the ball that seems to put the game downhill and instead is just a flash in the pan. A few tears and a few shoulders, not enough. (From 63 ‘Dzeko 7 – Burn Tomori and this is news. Again: after twelve dry races, he finds the net again. In general, revitalize the team).

Lautaro 6.5 – From football school the job that opens the way to the initial advantage of his. In front of goal you can see little and nothing, but for an hour well he does not get one ball and the rest does it Maignan: he tries to put on his shoulders a team that goes in gusts and under rhythm. He misses the goal: not really a detail.

Inzaghi 5.5 – Schematic in the changes, as usual, but at least this time they agree with him. At the level of setting and identity, Milan at the moment is from another planet and the suspicion is that the two coaches also have to do with it.

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