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Plug in your finger, do you know what happens if you don’t take it off? All the unexpected dangers

A thorn in the finger is dangerous and even experts say so. What happens if you underestimate and don’t take off in time? The dangers can be many and unsuspected.

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There are so many types of thorns in the finger and in any case all of them must be removed immediately, because the dangers can be many. It is common to ignore it believing that it is not a problem, yet it is preferable to act immediately even before an infection forms.

How do you remove the thorns from your finger?

Thorns and splinters can be annoying and also result in complications of a different nature. How many times does it happen to feel stung after touching wood, a fruit or a plant? Then there are the cases in which the skin is pierced by splinters if an object breaks in your hands or if you grab something old and damaged wood.

Thorn in the finger
Thorn in the finger-NanoPress.it

For remove the thorns and the splinters it is good to do like this:

  • There first thing to do it is to wash the affected part well with fresh and clean water, and then dry the area by disinfecting to counteract possible infections;
  • If the plug is very small it cannot be removed with bare hands, because it can only be distinguished by touch but not to grasp. For this reason it is good to use the sanitized eyebrow tweezers, proceeding with delicacy in order that the plug does not break inside the skin;
  • The thorns of prickly pears they all penetrate in the same place, as well as those of a succulent plant. You can remove them with a wax or adhesive strip, always acting with extreme delicacy. If the splinters are superficial they can also be left where only waiting for the skin to change;
type of plugs
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  • If the plug is in sea ​​urchin it is advisable to immediately contact a doctor who will arrange for the extraction. Few people know it, but these spines are full of small hooks that adhere to the skin pushing them deeper and deeper (it is their defense weapon);
  • The shards of glass they can be very dangerous, even when the outer part is sticking out of the skin. It would be good to contact your doctor immediately, because the operation must be carried out with the correct instruments in order that there are no splinters inside;
  • There splinter in wood it is painful and difficult to remove, however it will be sufficient to proceed with one of the methods listed above. You can also use vinegar to sanitize the compromised part and disinfect it, before extraction.

Obviously, there are shallow splinters that are removed by themselves and with a single gesture, others that require the intervention of an expert.

What happens if you don’t remove the plug from your finger?

Having made this necessary premise, a thorn from the finger should always and in any case be removed. It is a foreign body that the skin does not recognize, creating an unpleasant domino effect.

Remove the thorns from the skin
Remove the thorns from the skin-NanoPress.it

The skin is brought to regenerate itself continuously, for this reason many times it expels the splinter by itself without it need help. Waiting is not the solution considering the effect that this foreign body creates: le infections they can be of different levels, with pus and blood coming out of the infected finger. Furthermore, the proliferation of bacteria is greater if we consider this fertile ground where we can continue to “eat”. In some cases, the skin engulfs the splinter inside and isolates it from the rest of the hand but it is still an action not to be allowed.

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