Auto Stamp, when you can avoid paying for it: if you buy it you won't have to worry too much

Auto Stamp, when you can avoid paying for it: if you buy it you won’t have to worry too much

The car tax is one of the expenses that must necessarily be met when owning a car. However, there are some exceptions.

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Buying and owning aCar always involve a series of expenses that must necessarily be met if we want to travel in complete tranquility both from a technical and legal point of view.

Maintenance, repair, petrol, insurance, road tax, these are the main costs from which we cannot really exempt ourselves from paying, even if, for the Stamp Carthere are some exceptions that give you the opportunity to save on expenses and that allow you to rest assured, at least for a few years at least.

Auto tax, as it is calculated

The Auto Stamp is none other than the possession tax of a vehicle. For its calculation certain parameters must be taken into consideration, such as the actual power of the car expressed in kilowatts and its environmental class.

These values ​​can be found in the registration document of the same vehicle. For Cars Euro 0 the amount to be paid will be 3 euros for each kW of power. If the power is greater than 100 kW, € 4.50 must be added to the total amount for each additional kW.

For the Euro 1 the ratio is € 2.90 per kW within 100 kW. If your vehicle has more, you will need to add 4.35 euros to the total for each additional kW. The same amount within 100 kW of power also for the Euro 2with the difference that for each kW above the 100 threshold, € 4.20 will have to be paid out for each additional kW.

For the Euro 3 it starts from 2.70 euros per kW. After 100 kW, there will be an extra cost of 4.05 per kW. Lower rate, however, for Euro 4, 5 and 6which have a ratio of 2.58 euros / kW and 3.87 euros / kW above 100 kW of power.

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In short, in certain cases, the outlay for the stamp of a car can reach considerable figures. Just think of a particularly powerful SUV or a supercar that involve sustainable costs only for the “chosen” few.

However, in certain cases, it is not mandatory to pay it and, as can be guessed from the same amounts indicated above, CO2 emissions also have something to do with it.

When it is not compulsory to pay the stamp

Clearly, we cannot avoid paying the costs of repairing and maintaining a vehicle if we are to continue using it. In the same way, insurance is also one of those costs that cannot be waived if we use the car. In the case of the stamp, however, there are some exceptions.

In particular, not all those who, by requesting it, use the law 104 that is, all those who suffer from disabilities – ascertained through an official certificate – among those provided for by the law and their family members up to the third degree depending on the case.

However, it should be emphasized that attention must be paid to the type of car: exemptions are not allowed for owners of vehicles with a displacement greater than 2,000 cc and those with diesel engines with a displacement greater than 2,800 cc.

No road tax then even for cars that have passed the thirty years from the registration, even if in the case of cars over thirty years circulating on public roads, a flat-rate road tax valid for one calendar year must be paid.

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For the cars of historical and collectible interest between the ages of 20 and 29, on the other hand, there is a halving of the stamp prior to the Certificate of Historical and Collectible Relevance issued by the Italian Historical Automotoclub (ASI) and Brand Registers. Furthermore, this recognition must be indicated in the vehicle registration document.

Finally, we are not obliged to pay the stamp duty if we were in possession of aElectrified careven if the exemption has a limited validity: 3 years for hybrid and 5 for 100% electric, depending on the region of belonging. Some regions, in fact, provide that the road tax is not mandatory for the entire duration of the vehicle.

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