Horoscope of the week // 5 - 11 September 2022

Horoscope of the week // 5 – 11 September 2022

We are at the gates of an important week: opening with the entry of Venus into Virgo, the yardstick of value shifts from the pure, at times excessive, genuineness of Leo to a more attentive and meticulous look. The beauty lies in the details, but nevertheless this transition to a bittersweet flavor, because in this pragmatism we never stop noticing the small flaws and the ways in which something can be better, more beautiful. The Full Moon in Pisces of September 10th is therefore a time to get away from illusions and get back down to earth, perhaps even freeing oneself from the emotional involvement that one had towards a dream. So the start of Mercury retrograde from this weekend fits perfectly for a phase in which to review, reprogram and reorganize one’s goals. Beware, however, it will be interpersonal relationships above all to suffer from misunderstandings.

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Highlights of the week:

  • September 5th: Venus in Virgo – a phase in which to notice the beauty that lies in the details
  • September 10: Full Moon in Pisces – an opportunity to let go of a cumbersome emotional burden
  • from 10 September: Mercury retrograde – a phase of general revision and reorganization, which brings with it some minor inconveniences

    To take advantage of this week: Keep your feet on the ground and set yourself goals to break down into small steps – take one step at a time, without skipping basic steps

    To be repeated aloud this week: Rearranging brings me clarity

    The horoscope of the week from 5 to 11 September



    This week brings with it a different way of living and seeing your daily life: even the most tedious tasks can be done lightly when we have the right company and the right advice, Venus in Virgo teaches you, while the Full Moon in Pisces reminds you that it’s okay to disconnect from time to time and take a moment to reflect. You are in a phase where it is necessary to work on your inner workings, recognizing those times when you have sabotaged yourself by remaining on the defensive. Being collaborative takes a bit of practice and with Mercury retrograde at the door it is possible that you find yourself at the center of some misunderstanding with the people closest to you: learn to weigh words.

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    It is invigorating to go back to cultivating your creativity and with Venus in Virgo from this week you learn to appreciate the little moments of joy, which can go from buying a bouquet of flowers to simply giving a touch of color to the house or totally dedicating yourself to an activity. that makes you happy. This rediscovery of spontaneity could lead you to see in a different light those acquaintances that diminish your passions. Be honest with yourself and the people you reach out to: do you really want to spend time with them or are you just doing it for status? You will need a clear mind to go through the Mercury retrograde period: be careful not to overestimate your organizational skills and take care of one thing at a time.

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    Think of your space, or your home, as your kingdom – that’s where your inspiration and personal well-being are cultivated, so we might as well make it welcoming. Decorate the bare walls to make them richer and more suggestive, work on the small details, take out moments to be with the people closest to you. You may come to reconsider your job position or responsibilities with the Full Moon in Pisces – in the end, is it really necessary to stress that much? Think about your goals, but instead of dwelling on a seemingly unattainable goal, divide the process into small steps. With Mercury retrograde in the next period, you may repeatedly retrace your steps, but that’s how you get really good at something.

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    The more you interact, the more you learn, the more your days can proceed with more balance: Venus in Virgo reminds you of the importance of effective communication, which means knowing how to coordinate and transmit the right information, as well as listening to and understanding what comes to you from the outside. . Look around and look for stimuli in your surroundings, with the Full Moon in Pisces you will realize that perhaps there was no need to go too far to find the answers. And if in the next period of Mercury retrograde you should find yourself mulling over the past, make this reflection as fruitful as possible: how much have your family’s teachings weighed on your worldview? Is it possible today to scale them down and develop new ones?

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    “Those who want nothing too tightly”, they say, and if it is true that with Venus in Virgo from this week you are finally recognizing your value, perhaps asking for a much desired increase or starting to indulge in some shopping that you have wanted to do for some time, the Full Moon in Pisces it is the realization that the point is not to have more, but to be more autonomous, especially financially. This is the time when you may feel the need to pay off debt and respond to favors done to you – basically doing your part. This newfound autonomy, however, also means encountering some small inconvenience, because you find yourself managing more commitments and information than you are used to, as indicated by the beginning of Mercury retrograde. Be kind to yourself and give yourself time to get used to it.

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    Now it is enough to belittle yourself, with the arrival of Venus in your sign you can learn to value your strengths, developing a true awareness of who you are and what your desires are. From here we can start an interesting reflection with the Full Moon in Pisces about what you really think is ideal for you on a relational level. For some of you it may be the time to downsize the expectations you place on other people, for others it may be the awareness of having to be self-sufficient first before bonding with someone else. Do not be afraid to contradict yourself and retrace your steps, your planet Mercury begins its retrograde motion this weekend, opening a phase of frequent indecisions, because you are re-evaluating what is really of value in your opinion.

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    Weight scale

    Restore your priorities, with the arrival of Venus in Virgo the time you spend on your own is more quiet, balanced, rediscover the pleasure of reflection and a slower pace. So you don’t need to set big goals to revolutionize your habits, such as a strict diet or intensive training, just learn to give yourself your time, follow a pace that takes into account your mental balance, the Full Moon in Pisces tells you. Of course, with Mercury retrograde in your sign you could become more taciturn and continually renege on your words. But perhaps this period can help you to be more concise and find out what you really want to communicate.

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    Be happy to see Venus in Virgo give your social life a boost, as a phase opens up where you can see the best of the new connections you are making. These can offer many new stimuli and, above all, the opportunity to be truly authentic and sincere. In fact, the Full Moon in Pisces is a time to move away from more superficial relationships, looking for depth and honesty, while re-evaluating the way you spend your free time experimenting with the new interests you are discovering. Sure, it might take you some time to get used to it and really feel part of the group, as Mercury retrograde has been saying this weekend. Dwell on your defense mechanisms and retrace your steps to no longer let insecurities prevail.

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    “Duty first and pleasure second,” or both at the same time? The transition of Venus into Virgo is an invitation to cultivate connections at work for the next period, you may notice how profitable exchange with people with similar goals to yours can be an inspiration to continue working on your future. Enjoy the process and don’t be afraid to cut with your past, especially when it makes you feel behind others, or as if you have taken the wrong path. The Full Moon in Pisces reminds you that the past does not define your future, it is just a piece of luggage that you carry. If you start interfacing with more people, however, it is natural to face a greater likelihood of misunderstandings and arguments, as you will see with Mercury retrograde from this weekend onwards. Be diplomatic.

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    Dismantle your beliefs, now that Venus enters Virgo you can rediscover the pleasure of discovery, whether it is because you are exploring a new place on a journey or because you return to study and deepen a topic that particularly interests you. In this sense, the Full Moon in Pisces of September 10 invites you not to remain attached to your beliefs: be open to truths that are also very different from yours in order to really learn. So there will be no more need to be loud to get a message across, your confidence will be enough because you know both points of view. With this information you may be tempted to try new approaches at work too, but since each technique takes time to master it it is normal for you to be tempted to go back to your old practices during Mercury retrograde. Arm yourself with patience and keep practicing.

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    If you are planning for your future, perhaps considering some long-term investment, the arrival of Venus in Virgo is for you. At this stage you may have a nose for the right chords, recognizing the importance of finding a meeting point, but always managing to emphasize the points on which you are not willing to compromise. Build your agreements carefully and it will be easier to untie yourself from an emotional view of finances. Your worth does not depend on how much you have, but on how you manage what you have, the Full Moon in Pisces on September 10 tells you. Of course, if we talk about important investments it is also important to think carefully about what you are going to choose and with the arrival of Mercury retrograde you may begin to have doubts about which path is best to take. Don’t panic, however, as this review of your goals can help you see them more clearly later on.

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    How can you feel more present when you are with someone special? Sometimes you are in awe of fear of saying or doing something wrong, but with the arrival of Venus in Virgo you are invited to reflect on how you express affection and how you can enjoy bonding. This process also inevitably goes through small changes in yourself: the Full Moon in your sign on September 10th helps you close a chapter with your past, free yourself from an emotional burden that you need to confess, or recognize that you are entering a new phase of your life. It is a subtle balance that you have to achieve, respectful of your spaces as much as those of the other, for this Mercury retrograde will be a long phase of revision of the agreements and of what unites you to the other person.

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