Fake insurance, the updated list of sites to avoid: stay away

Fake insurance, the updated list of sites to avoid: stay away

Today anyone tries to save a little on anything, even on car or motorcycle insurance, by giving in to online insurance, which is sometimes false insurance.

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Insurance activated on the internet, allow you to save a lot of moneyguaranteeing excellent coverage, assistance every day at any time of day or night.

In addition, this kind of insurance has apps through which you can have access to dozens of services, non-existent for normal insurance agencies.

Fake insurance online, here’s how to recognize them

Savings are certainly important, but you have to be very carefulwhy fall into the trap of fake insurance is not difficultIndeed, today the victims who fall into it in full are really many. These are real criminal organizations, which work with cunning, hiding behind names similar to insurance agencies best known.

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We must also be wary of insurance companies that send invitations, discounts and bonuses via social networks, especially on There are scams of this kind on Facebook and WhatsApp that advertise themselves with very low premiums. These are almost always invalid, unauthorized contracts issued by irregular sites. Before transferring and paying the insurance, it is advisable to always check the address of the office, the telephone number, the PEC address, the fax or all the identification data of the insurance intermediary.

Any insurance agency has an identification number, a date of registration in the register of insurance intermediaries. All profiles that are not in line with these indications indicate the risk of counterfeit policies. In this case, you just have to be wary, despite the fact that the prices are affordable.

Here are some of the fake insurances reported over the past few months

Should you choose to pay the insurance online through the card, not being sure of a valid insurance, it is advisable not to pay with Postepay or with such cards, which do not give any guarantee in this regard.

In recent months, following checks and reports, a long list of false insurance has been drawn up online, as reported by the Giornianomotori.it website, here it is:

  • www.agenziafanzani.it
  • www.assicuraonline1.com
  • www.assicurazionibroker.com
  • www.quiassicuraonline.com
  • www.giorginibroker.it
  • www.h24insurance.it
  • www.assicurazionisas.com
  • www.righetti-broker.it
  • www.caprioassicuratrice.it
  • https://stipulaonline.godaddysites.com
  • www.agenziacolombosrl.com
  • www.agenziatime.org
  • www.morellibroker.org
  • www.assitaliabroker.net
  • rcaassitempo.com
  • www.generalyassicurazioni.com
  • www.primeassicuraonline.com
  • www.avivaonlinerca.com
  • italiaassicurazionitalia.it
  • www.florenzi-assicurazioni.com
  • www.novabroker.net
  • https://www.colomboassicura.com
  • https://stipulasemplice.godaddysites.com
  • auroraassicurazioni.wixsite.com/assicurazioni
  • https://www.damabroker.cloud
  • https://tulini-assicurazioni.com

If you have fallen into the trap of false insurance, you must immediately contact those in charge, or to the police. After filing a complaint, all you have to do is hope you can get your money back. If it is necessary, so for example in case of use of the card by scammers, it is better to block it and replace it with a new one.

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