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Alberto Angela, after the death of his father, the incredible “legacy” appears

The death of Piero Angela has shaken all the Italian people who have always been fond of the excellent science communicator who was the face of the Rai network for seventy years. For his son the farewell was very painful by virtue of a heavy inheritance left by his father.

On August 13, 2022, the journalist and Rai face Piero Angela died in his home in Rome.

Needless to say, this loss has shaken millions of Italians who are really fond of the programs of the most important and famous science popularizer in our country. For a long time he brought culture, art and science to the small screen, often acting as a real informer for many people.

His son Alberto Angela he followed in his footsteps by learning from his father the profession of journalist and popularizer and conducting various programs with him. After the death of his father, Alberto gave a new meaning to death thanks to the last words of his beloved father. Piero was able, even in the last moments of life, to rationalize the end thanks to his incredible ability to analyze everything and to exploit the dictates of science.

At the funeral, which was attended by many people from various parts of Italy, Alberto Angela shared an aphorism from Leonardo Da Vinci moved that his father often repeated and that it is practically impossible not to repeat: “Just as a day well spent gives a happy sleep, so a life well used gives a happy death“.

A teaching that Alberto and his sister they gathered with love and joy and that made them feel the presence of the great Da Vinci in the family home for a long time.

The vigil for the great Piero really struck all the spectators as well as the sweet memory of his son Alberto. The reporter said excitedly: “The people we love should never leave us. But it happens“. Simple and harsh words that summarize all the pain of a conscious child who will have to take up the heavy inheritance of his father, that of spreading culture and science to all Italians.

Piero Angela’s dedication

Piero Angela has dedicated his entire life to disclosure with devotion and commitment. His program “Superquark” has kept many spectators glued in for forty years of airing. In the first episode, the reporter explained Superquark’s goal for his audience by saying: “it will try to explore the world of science and research in a clear and understandable way“.

That episode had 9 million viewers and still today Superquark continues to feed the curiosity of the people and to accompany the evenings of the Italians.

For AlbertoNow comes the most difficult moment and he will have to face a series of commitments to take over the reins of his wonderful father’s legacy. A man who has also put his end in perspective as evidenced by the latest press release dedicated to us public.

In this regard, Alberto at the funeral said: It was the last thing he said. The last speech with little strength my sister and I picked up. It is a speech, there is a lot of affection and a lot of love for everyone. For the public, for those who loved him “.

In short, the death of Piero Angela it was a blow to all of us. Nobody will ever forget his enthusiasm, his desire for knowledge and the desire to spread it to as many people as possible. His loss has deeply affected his children but on the other hand what we are heartened by is the knowledge that the journalist faced everything with extreme analysis and strong reasoning.

The man of death spoke of it in these terms: “Death intrigues me, attracts me, offers me questions, but I hope to find answers as late as possible ”. And to Piero Angela, after all his work and his love for knowledge, our profound thanks go.

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