Charlene di Monaco torna su Instagram

Charlene of Monaco is back on Instagram: the photo of the twins (and their prank)

In front of the photographers’ flashes are two adorable and very polite children, but what happens when they are within the walls of their home? Twins Jacques and GabriellaApparently, they give Munich’s mom Charlene a run for their money, like any other feisty kid their age. This time they combined it big, and the Princess wanted to share their prank on Instagram, posting a really funny photo.

Charlene of Monaco, the photo of the twins

Absent for almost two months on social media, Charlene from Monaco took advantage of the opportunity to return to Instagram. She did it with a funny and very tender snapshot, which stars her two children Jacques and Gabriella. For once, we see them in the role of normal children, who in their green age occasionally get into trouble. The twins, who will turn 8 next December, seem to be mischievous and sometimes even their mum can’t help but laugh in front of the small misdeeds of which they “stain”.

This time, it was Gabriella who made the mess: the child, as revealed by Charlene, would be like this excited about going back to school soon that she wanted to give herself a new haircut… done by herself. And so, she now sports a very funny asymmetrical bangs (she managed to make a real hole in the center of the forehead!). As if that weren’t enough, Gabriella has decided to lend her hairdressing talent to his brother Jacqueswho is now missing a nice lock of hair on the right side.

Maybe Mum Charlene got a little angry when she found out what had happened, but she certainly couldn’t hold back a smile. This is why she wanted to take a couple of photos of her children to post on Instagram: a portrait that finally shows them just like two children who, in their most comfortable pajamas, have fun (and combine pranks). “I can’t wait for Monday to go back to school” – she wrote there Princess of Monaco in the caption, a little outburst that probably any other mom could share.

Charlene of Monaco, third child on the way?

Becoming a parent is always very challenging, even for a Princess who can afford to have all the help she needs. But Charlene, at least according to her mother’s words, has always dreamed of a large family and the difficulties do not scare her: according to some rumors, she is already pregnant with her third child, and some believe that this is precisely the reason why she has not appeared in public for some time. In fact, her official appearances have thinned out and it was impossible to see her even on vacation – during which Prince Albert II was immortalized in splendid photos with the twins.

Of course, the news of the alleged pregnancy seems to be out of tune with the many rumors about the crisis between Charlene and her husband, and which for months have been chasing each other relentlessly. There are those who claim that their marriage is just a facade, and that even the Princess did not go on vacation to Corsica with her family. The spouses have chosen, at least for the moment, the path of silence and do not give in to the temptation to respond to the many rumors about their private life. On the other hand, Charlene continues to need peace of mind to recover from the long illness that has prostrated her over the last year.

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