The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, First Two Episodes Review |

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, First Two Episodes Review |

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is one of the most anticipated series of the year and was anticipated by very high expectations, strong fears, a billion dollar budget and even a social controversy. Yet, this television product comes at a time when the schedule seems to be saturated and which in recent years has seen a surge in the quality expectations of the public.

The task of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is anything but simple given the budget record used for the production and the sense of responsibility in wanting to respect the work written by JRR Tolkien and the film transpositions registered Peter Jackson.

The first two episodes (out of a total of eight) of the TV series produced by Prime Video have been available since yesterday, while the following ones will be published weekly on the streaming channel.

The Prime Video product

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is based on the works written by the English writer John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. While for the film transpositions the entire story was contained within a book, as regards the TV series a work of research was carried out by extrapolating information on Middle-earth both from the book. The Silmarillioncome on Unfinished Tales that you give Appendices endings of the book of The Lord of the Rings, together with some insights written by the author himself.

From the opening minutes of the first episode you can feel the sense of responsibility that Amazon Studios, Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Trust, Harper Collers and the showrunners JD Payne and Patrick McKay have tried against this product.

The rings of power

Responsibility that also manifests itself on the part of the cast who flawlessly manages to wear the clothes of fantasy characters belonging to a saga that has become an unparalleled cult.

Director JA Bayona (The Orphanage, The Impossible) proves to have in mind a vision of Middle-earth aimed at creating a sense of continuity with the cinematographic works, for example by emulating the shots from above to present the beautiful settings. His fantasy narrative scheme seems to develop perfectly the events that develop independently from the others, but only in appearance because presumably, with the passing of the episodes, the various stories will reach a common epilogue.

Howard Shore returns to curate the soundtrack of a product of The Lord of the Rings and the result is impeccable. From the very first minutes, the music manages to envelop the viewer to catapult him into a world that still has so much to tell.

Welcome back Middle Earth!

The television opera is set during the Second Age of Middle-earthabout a thousand years before the events narrated in the film transpositions.

Just like the sagas produced by Peter Jackson, in the first minutes we are told the antecedent events therefore belonging to the Before It Was of Middle-earth, ending with the fall of the Dark Lord of Melkor (or better known as Morgoth).

It is from here that the events narrated by the TV series will develop.

For those who have already watched the two film sagas, this product will represent a happy return to Middle-earth, giving the opportunity to see her in a guise unpublished.

The rings of power
The rings of power

In this period, in fact, the Shadow of Mordor has not yet influenced the settings and the peoples; the lands are still densely populated by elves and dwarves, while the camps of men are fewer. In addition, we can also follow the events of the people of Pelopodswhich represent the ancestors of the much loved hobbits.

An unprecedented Middle-earth that gives the viewer the opportunity to see settings already glimpsed with films in the cinema, such as the elven capital of Lindon, the island of Numenor or the mines of Moira.

The narrative expedient of using the map drawn by Tolkien’s pen as a means that allows the viewer to orient himself in the vastness of those lands is very interesting.

Girl Power

Notable are the cast interpretations of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. It is certainly not an easy job to have to interpret characters who have now entered the collective imagination of everyone and, for some, even having to deal with previous transpositions.

In fact, in this TV series you meet new characters such as the elf Celebrimbor (the one who will forge the Rings of Power), played by Charles Edwards or the pelopod Noriplayed by Markella Kavenagh.

The rings of power
Morfydd clark as galadriel

The most difficult task was certainly that of the actress Morfydd Clark (Galadriel), called here to deal with the interpretation of a sacred monster of cinema such as Cate Blanchett. The young actress, in these first two episodes, proves to be up to the role she was given. In fact, already in these episodes it is possible to recognize the hard and ambitious character of Galadriel, together with her tenacity and strength that will lead her to become the Queen of the Elves of Lothlórien.

The desire to claim his brother’s death and to complete his mission will be the reasons that will push Galadriel in search of Sauron, fighting against a world (slightly male-dominated) that has decided that the enemy threat is now over.

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