Dutch GP, qualifying: Verstappen overtakes Leclerc and is pole by 21 thousandths!  Sainz 3rd Direct

Dutch GP, qualifying: Verstappen overtakes Leclerc and is pole by 21 thousandths! Sainz 3rd Direct

from Daniele Disappear, sent to Zandvoort

In Zandvoort the Dutchman will start in front of everyone, behind Charles by 21 thousandths

16:13 – Leclerc: Tomorrow we will be close

We missed very little, our car improved lap after lap while with used tires I was a bit worried. I am confident for the race: we have an excellent pace, we will need a great start.

4:11 pm – Verstappen: Crazy ride

After a difficult Friday we worked hard on the machine to change things. crazy to take pole here, we were really close with Charles.

16:10 – Perez turned around on the last attempt

The momentaccio continues for the Mexican who at the last attempt turned around causing the yellow flags, when Leclerc and Sainz had already crossed the finish line.

16:08 – The top 10

Verstappen, Leclerc, Sainz, Hamilton, Perez, Russell, Norris, Schumacher, Tsunoda, Stroll.

4:05 pm – Verstappen pole

Leclerc slightly misses the last attempt and Max flies to take the pole of the Dutch GP in front of the Monegasque. Sainz third, then Hamilton.

16:04 – Last attempt, Leclerc and Verstappen on the track

They launch for the last lap, it will be a very tight challenge.

16:02 – Stroll failure, start tenth

Problems on Aston Martin, the Canadian does not take part in the last minutes of qualifying and will start tenth tomorrow in the race.

16:01 – The provisional top 5

Leclerc, Verstappen, Hamilton, Sainz and Perez. There remains an attempt available to each for the pole of the Dutch GP.

3:58 pm – Leclerc climbs over Verstappen

Fantastic lap of Charles who puts himself in front of Verstappen for 59 thousandths. Third Hamilton, then Sainz.

3:54 pm – Q3 starts, Verstappen immediately on track: best time

Verstappen immediately launches into the curves of Zandvoort, followed by Perez. Max laps in 1’10 ” 515 ahead of Perez.

15:50 – Verstappen favorite for pole

Also in Zandvoort Max showed an impressive pace, Q3 is about to start, the last session of qualifying. He is the favorite for pole, with an eye on Sainz and Russell. Good performance by Mick Schumacher in a delicate moment of his career, he has no guarantees that he will race in F1 also in 2023.

15:49 – The top 10 of Q2

Sainz, Russell, Verstappen, Leclerc, Hamilton, Norris, Perez, Stroll, Schumacher and Tsunoda.

15:46 – After Q2, the eliminated

Gasly, Ocon, Alonso, Zhou and Albon

3.45 pm – Leclerc approaches Verstappen, Sainz first

Leclerc climbs second to 61 thousandths from Verstappen, Sainz takes the provisional first place in 1’10’814. Verstappen does not make the second attempt.

15:43 – Ferrari tries again

Leclerc and Sainz launch for the second attempt with new tires.

15:41 – The smoke bomb launcher identified and expelled

The FIA ​​warns that the fan who launched the smoke bomb has already been identified and removed from the circuit by the security officers. He also risks a criminal complaint.

3:39 pm – Ferrari had used tires

Both Leclerc and Sainz used a train of soft already used in free practice, we will see how much they improve by mounting the new ones. For even Verstappen had used tires.

3:38 pm – The provisional top 5 of Q2

Verstappen, Hamilton, Perez, Stroll and Russell

15:36 – Leclerc struggles, Sainz too

On the first attempt in Q2 Leclerc pays a delay of eight tenths, Sainz also struggles and takes 664 thousandths from Sainz.

15:34 – Verstappen immediately first

Max lowers the time again (1’10 ” 927) and takes the lead ahead of Perez.

3.11 pm – The session restarts

After the interruption to remove the smoke, the Q2 restarts. There are twelve minutes to play.

15:27 – Red flag for a smoke bomb on the track

Despite the F1 campaigns, smoke bombs continue to be present on the racetracks. Q2 was interrupted due to the launch of a smoke bomb by the orange. Dangerous gestures risk ruining the orange party. In the meantime, the security officers also had to remove pigeons from the runway.

15:26 – Q2 starts

Machines already on track for the second qualifying session at the end of which there will be ten to fight for pole. The reduced gaps and the continuous evolution of the Montecarlo-style track could give big surprises on this Saturday of the Dutch GP.

15:22 – Norris under investigation

For unsafe release, dangerous exit from the pit lane. The McLaren driver risks being penalized.

15:20 – The top 10 of Q1

Verstappen, Hamilton, Tsunoda, Leclerc, Norris, Russell, Stroll, Perez, Alonso and Albon. Sainz qualified from 14th.

3.17 pm – Verstappen the fastest in Q1

Eliminated Latifi, Vettel, Ricciardo, Magnussen and Bottas.

15:14 – Last attempts of Q1

In the rear, Vettel, Ricciardo and Schumacher risk elimination.

3.13 pm – Top 5 changes

Verstappen, Leclerc, Russell, Hamilton and Perez.

15:12 – Leclerc improves and second behind Verstappen

On his second attempt, Charles goes to a tenth of Verstappen.

3.10 pm – The provisional top 5 of Q1

Verstappen, Russell, Hamilton, Alonso and Sainz

15:08 – The Mercedes overtake the Ferraris

We are only at the beginning of qualifying, but Verstappen has already made it clear how much he wants to take pole in front of his audience. Mercedes also did well: Russell and Hamilton overrun the Ferraris.

15:05 – Ferrari also out, Verstappen best time

Leclerc and Sainz prepare the first attempts of Q1, for now Verstappen’s best time in 1’11 ” 317 ahead of Sainz and Leclerc.

3:03 pm – The roar when Max comes out

Verstappen leaves the garage, Zandvoort greets him with a roar. For levels of popularity he is approaching Schumacher said Stefano Domenicali, head of Formula 1.

15:01 – Cars on the track, qualifying starts

The single-seaters come out of the garages, the first to launch are Magnussen and Schumacher with the Haas.

14:55 – A continuously improving track

One of the characteristics of Zandvoort is that it is a constantly evolving circuit: with each passage the grip increases and the times decrease. It will be important to stay out as much as possible to avoid mockery.

2:50 pm – Q1 is about to start

Less than ten minutes to go to qualifying for the Dutch GP in Zandvoort: in the initial session (Q1) the five slowest drivers will be excluded. It will be a good battle also in the rear, the gaps on the shortest track on the calendar are very small.

14:47 – How much improved Red Bull?

what everyone is asking after the domination of Spa. If it were to be confirmed also here in Holland on those levels it would mean that it has made a huge leap in terms of performance. Zandvoort give many answers in this sense too. For Ferrari, the goal of the end of the year is to win as many races as possible: the gap between Leclerc and Verstappen (98 points) is too great to hope for anything else.

14:33 – Ferrari is looking for the tenth pole

Cavallino has achieved nine pole positions this season: seven with Leclerc and two with Sainz. But the victories were only four: three for Charles and one for Carlos. Verstappen instead won nine GPs, one Sergio Perez.

14:27 – Sainz has a better feeling than Leclerc

Despite the best time in the last free practice sessions, Leclerc still does not feel completely at ease with the car. He feels a better feeling Sainz who finished the Fp3 in fourth place.

2:23 pm – Sun and festive atmosphere in Holland

It is shortly before the start of qualifying for the Dutch GP: in Zandvoort summer temperatures with 26 degrees and asphalt at 38.3 C. The orange fans dance in the stands, sold out with 300 thousand spectators expected throughout the weekend.

13:06 – The Mercedes surprise

Hamilton said on Friday: Unless a miracle, it is impossible for us to fight for pole. On Saturday morning, in the last free sessions, she arrived due to the denial by her partner, George Russell. Second and very close to Leclerc. He must be said that Ferrari does not squeeze the engines when it is not needed and that the gaps could increase when the chase for pole is set off. However, Russell must be kept in sight, in Hungary he mocked the Ferraris.

12:54 pm – Free Practice 3: Leclerc in front of Russell

In the last free practice before qualifying (here times and tv) Charles Leclerc was the fastest. The Ferrari driver lapped in 1’11”632, ahead of George Russell by 66 thousandths. And Verstappen of 161 thousandths. Ferrari confirmed to be competitive on a favorable track, but the fight for pole will be pulled as if demonstrating the subtle differences of the top three. In fourth place is Carlos Sainz with over three tenths, then Hamilton Perez and Alonso. Mick Schumacher (9) also enters the top 10, with no certainties for 2023, ahead of Norris.

12:47 pm – Domenicali hard with Monza: The presence on the calendar is not guaranteed forever

Stefano Domenicali spoke to Sky about the future of F1, focusing on Monza, where the Italian GP will be held next week. Monza is part of F1 but not a sufficient element to be part of it forever (the contract until 2025 ed). As an Italian, it is very difficult for me to say such a thing. What I am witnessing is not beautiful, you cannot live by history alone. The competitive drive of many countries helps to keep the bar high, Monza must do its part to modernize. The irritation of the F1 chief evident at the events in the Brianza circuit, where the Fan Zone (with a Ferris wheel, padel fields and entertainment for the fans) remains seized by the judiciary.

12:45 pm – Verstappen avoids the penalty for the change

The Dutchman has fitted an old gearbox (after the transmission broke in the first free practice on Friday) and thus avoids the five-position penalty that would have taken place if he had put on a completely new one.

11:43 am – Qualifying on TV

11:41 am – Ferrari suspects

11:25 am – The constructors ranking

1. Red Bull 475
2. Ferrari 357
3. Mercedes 316
4. Alpine 115
5. McLaren 95
6. Alfa Romeo 51
7. Haas 34
8. AlphaTauri 29
9. Aston Martin 24
10. Williams 4

11:20 am – The drivers’ classification

1. Verstappen (Red Bull) 284
2. Perez (Red Bull) 191
3. Leclerc (Ferrari) 186
4. Sainz (Ferrari) 171
5. Russell (Mercedes) 170
6. Hamilton (Mercedes) 146
7. Norris (McLaren) 76
8. Ocon (Alpine) 51
9. Alonso (Alpine) 46
10. Bottas (Alfa Romeo) 46

11:18 am – Friday’s balance sheet

11:15 am – Ferrari brilliant in free practice

Ferrari scares the orange, but Verstappen plays hide and seek. Friday’s free practice ends with Verstappen’s Red Bull with the sword of Damocles on his head due to a gearbox problem in the first free practice session (and who gave up the fastest lap in the second). Ferrari was brilliant (Leclerc and Sainz the fastest, just 4 thousandths apart) in front of the Mercedes of Hamilton and Russell among which Norris slipped with McLaren. Only eighth Verstappen.

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