Bari-Spal 2-2, Antenucci e Cheddira non bastano. Fatali i 5 minuti shock. Rivivi il live

Bari-Spal 2-2, Antenucci and Cheddira are not enough. Fatal the 5 shock minutes. Relive the live

What bitterness at the ‘San Nicola’. In a game largely dominated by the cockerels and with an advantage of two goals, signed by Antenucci-Cheddira, the 3 points disappear due to an empty pass of 5 minutes in the middle of the second half. The next engagement is set for next Saturday in Cosenza.

96 ‘- Triple final whistle

95‘- Caprile diving saves on the conclusion of Rabbi in progress

91 ‘ – Alfonso again safely on D’Errico’s shot

90‘- Five minutes of recovery

88‘- Alfonso blocks Cangiano’s shot

85 ‘- SPAL change: outside the Walls, in Varnier.

83 ‘- Salcedo close to scoring. Beautiful serpentine in the area and right, Alfonso rejects in an awkward but effective way

80 ‘ – Spal responds with Rauti and Prati in place of Proia and Finotto

79 ‘ – Mignani changes the attack: inside Salcedo and Cangiano, Antenucci and Cheddira come out

79 ‘ – D’Errico returns to the right and kicks: high

75 ‘ – Double change of the cockerels: out Bellomo and Folorunsho, in Mallamo and D’Errico

75 ‘ – What saved Meccariello! Antenucci finds space on the right and puts it in the center for Cheddira. The attacker kicks in the goal but the white and blue central avoids the goal in a truly daring way on the goal line

74‘- Doll cockerels and lots of space for guests. This time Dickmann completely misses the measure of the passage

69 & # 39; – DRAW OF SPAL. La Mantia supports the new entry Rabbi, who beats Caprile from the edge of the area with a precise shot

66 ‘- Cheddira devours himself 3-1. All alone in front of Alfonso is hypothesized

64 ‘- THE MANTIA SHORTENS. The defenders of the cockerels are unable to remove the ball in the area (Mazzotta above all) and La Mantia bags with a splendid close overhead kick

61 ‘- Double change for the guests: Rabbi and Valzania for Tunjov and Zanellato

60 ‘– Spal again dangerous with La Mantia, ball on the side.

58 ‘- Esposito goes, but does not center the door by centimeters.

57′- Good opportunity Spal. Free kick from the edge. On the ball the specialist Esposito.

55 ‘- Another chance for Cheddira, who jumps two Spal defenders in the penalty area but is stopped at the best.

53 ‘- Opportunity for Cheddira. Di Cesare drops ball and chain and throws the Italian-Moroccan into the open field, who jumps Alfonso at speed but is recovered by Meccariello.

51′- Antenucci earns a good punishment. Pucino goes, ball just wide.

50 ‘- Nice cross from Pucino for Cheddira, who serves Antenucci. The shot of the former of the match goes out a little to the side, deflected. It will be corner.

49 ‘- With the exit of Maita, Bellomo has climbed in direction, with Folorunsho advanced to the trocar.

48 ‘- Immediately yellow for Bellomo.

46′- The recovery begins Benedetti notes Maita, still sore after the contrast at the end of the first half.

51 ‘- End of the first fraction

47 ‘- DOUBLE OF ANTENUCCI. Nice work with his back to the door of Cheddira, who leans on his partner. The ex of the match kicks at the net from 20 meters and finds the low corner of Alfonso’s goal

46 ‘- Six minutes of recovery

45 ‘- Maita remains on the ground after a conflict with Meccariello

44 ‘- Dickmann knocks out Cheddira and gets the yellow

43 ‘- Spal occasion. Beautiful Tujnov exterior for Proia’s head: great Caprile reflection. It will be corner

38 ‘- Mazzotta very well in coverage

35 ‘ – Maita warned for protests

35 ‘- Nice restart of the cockerels, concluded by a cross shot by Maita, not exploited by his teammates

33 ‘- Throw of Maita for Cheddira, who collapses to the ground in the area after a contact with Delle Mura but the referee lets it go

31 ‘- Physical problem for Maiello but no apprehension from the health staff

29 ‘- Zanellato serves La Mantia, who seeks the goal with the first intention left: high ball

27 ‘- Beautiful Caprile exit on the shore of La Mantia for Finotto

24 ‘- Cooling break

23 ‘- Spal more offensive in these minutes. Dickmann tries his luck from outside the box: ball wide

18 ‘- Hard clash between Di Cesare and La Mantia, health workers on the field

15 ‘- Overflowing Cheddira, who hits the post after deceiving Tripaldelli with a nice footwork

14 ‘- Spal answers. Right of Tujnov and nice detour of Caprile in the corner

14 ‘- Bari close to doubling. Free kick from over 25 meters by Folorunsho, involuntarily deflected by Cheddira, who almost mocked Alfonso

12 ‘- Warned Delle Mura, author of a dangerous intervention with a high leg on Cheddira

10 ‘- Dangerous guests with a photocopy action to the previous one. This time the cross is from Tripaldelli and La Mantia’s header is deflected for a corner by Mazzotta

9 ‘- Tripaldelli still providential on Cheddira launched at the net

8 ‘- Spal is dangerous. Dickmann’s cross from the right for La Mantia’s head: ball just wide

5 ‘- Perfect launch by Bellomo for Cheddira and a great intervention by Tripaldelli in closing

4 ‘- BARI FORWARD, CHEDDIRA. Beautiful control of the Moroccan striker, who finds the corridor for Antenucci in the penalty area. The great ex of the match kicks with the left but hits the post, Cheddira arrives on the rebound, who bags with an unguarded goal

3 ‘- Start characterized by several fouls, especially by Spal

1 ‘- The match begins, possession for the guests

Good afternoon from the editorial staff and welcome to the direct text of Bari-Spal, race valid for the fourth day of the Serie B 2022/23. Galletti in search of the first success within the friendly walls after that of last weekend on the ground of the ‘Curi’ of Perugia.

The formations officers:

Bari (4-3-1-2): Caprile; Pucino, Di Cesare, Terranova, Mazzotta; Maita, Maiello, Folorunsho; Bellomo; Antenucci, Cheddira. Herds Mignani

Bench: Frattali, D’Errico, Botta, Gigliotti, Salcedo, Galano, Zuzek, Bosisio, Cangiano, Benedetti, Dorval, Mallamo

Spal (4-3-1-2): Alfonso; Dickmann, Meccariello, Dalle Mura, Tripaldelli; Proia, Esposito, Zanellato; Tunjov; Finotto, La Mantia. Att. Venturato

Bench: Pomini, Thiam, Fiordaliso, Varnier, Zuculini, Valzania, Prati, Celia, Puletto, Almici, Rauti, Rabbi

Referee: Rapuano

Assistants: Miele and Trinchieri

Fourth Official: Arena

VAR: Minelli; AVAR: Of the Judges

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