Campiello Prize 2022, the rookie Bernardo Zannoni wins

Campiello Prize 2022, the rookie Bernardo Zannoni wins


The writer wins with “My stupid intentions” (Sellerio). To Corrado Stajano the Career Award. The tribute to Primo Levi in ​​the 60th anniversary edition

Campiello Prize, last act, Saturday evening 3 September at the Gran Teatro La Fenice. The finalist writers on stage tell their stories to the public, presented by Francesca Fialdini, TV presenter (live on Rai5) waiting for the verdict of the popular jury. And the show continues, with the curtains by Lodo Guenzi, musician and actor, who gives each novel a key word: Branch, Anger, Fear, Segment, Ink. The suspense finally breaks, there is the name of the winner. Like other times in the history of Campiello it is not the novel, first in the five of the finalists, voted by the Literary Jury, chaired by Walter Veltroni.

Therefore triumph My stupid intentions (Sellerio) by Bernardo Zannoni: triumphs with 101 votes (he was in fourth place). “I didn’t expect it, this is my first work and I’ve already made a mess”, says the author, twenty-seven years old from Sarzana. The easygoing air of someone who does not take themselves seriously, she explains: “I started at twenty-one, then I interrupted and then resumed this story set in a wood where animals behave like men”.

They follow: The fig leaf. Stories of trees, women, men (Einaudi, 54 votes) by Antonio Pascale; The diver (The ship of Theseus, 46) by Elena Stancanelli;
Nova (Adelphi, 43) of Fabio Bacà; Updated roadmap of all my kisses (Ponte alle Grazie, 31) of Daniela Ranieri.

In addition to the big names, the Campiello Award looks to budding writers with a dedicated section. The winner of this edition of the “Campiello Giovani” is the twenty-one year old from Palermo Alberto Bartolo Varsalona, student of classical literature, author of the story The Spartenza. The motivation of the Jury: “The text is characterized by a notable linguistic tension which, albeit with some turgidity exhibited, is linked to a noble regional and national literary tradition … Giving voice to a community of Sicilian fishermen, the text reverses the perspective habitual of the Mediterranean migration “. The Opera Prima prize goes to Francesca Valente for Nothing else to report (Einaudi).

From a young promise to a longtime writer, the ninety-one year old Corrado Stajano who received the Campiello Foundation 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award on the stage of the Fenice.

But the novelty of this edition is the “Campiello dei Campielli”, it is the special recognition on the occasion of the sixty years of the Prize. The chosen writer is Primo Levi – recalled in a video by Liliana Segre – that, with the text The trucethe first Campiello won, in 1963, and then again in 1982. This was announced by Veltroni, underlining with emotion «the important civil testimony of Levi and the extraordinary literary quality of his texts».

There Jury of the Campiello writers, led by Veltroni, is composed by Pierluigi Battista, Federico Bertoni, Daniela Brogi, Silvia Calandrelli, Edoardo Camurri, Chiara Fenoglio, Daria Galateria, Luigi Matt, Lorenzo Tomasin, Roberto Vecchioni, Emanuele Zinato. But the last word went to the popular jury of 300 readers from all over Italy and from various professional categories: 133 males, 167 females. In the end, the voters were 275. The winner doubled the runner-up.

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