Calhanoglu denies the greeting to Theo Hernandez, slap and poisons before the derby: he has not forgotten

Calhanoglu denies the greeting to Theo Hernandez, slap and poisons before the derby: he has not forgotten

Shortly before the kick-off of the derby, at the moment of the greeting between the players of the two teams, there was a very particular episode between Theo Hernandez and Hakan Calhanoglu: old poisons have returned to the surface.

Tense stories between Inter and Milan before, during and after the derby, a beautiful and exciting match that ended with the Rossoneri success. A very tense atmosphere, full of tension and not only competitive that were seen on the pitch during the match but also just before the kick-off. Protagonists? Theo Hernandez and Hakan Çalhanoğlu, former teammates at the time of the Rossoneri’s parenthesis by the Turkish and today opponents.

On the pitch, even for positions on the pitch and roles, there were no real opportunities for contact between the two players with the Frenchman who gave his classic support especially in offensive maneuvers with verticalizations and accelerations to open the Nerazzurri defense and the turkish in search of the right passes to their strikers (and touching the goal, denied him by a super Maignan in the final). But there was a contact – and something more – before the initial whistle. The opportunity came in the pre-match, during the classic exchange of the various “five” to formations lined up, among the various players.

An episode that has escaped most but not the watchful eye now of smartphones scattered almost everywhere and which act as a further magnifying glass on everything that happens and so, in the post derby it is a video that portrays Calhanoglu and Theo as protagonists has gone viralin a more than visible moment of tension.

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In the images you can see very well how, at the moment of the exchange of the classic touch of the hand, Cahlanoglu performs the ‘five’ with all opponents but dahead of the Frenchman he removes his arm and does not grant the salute. Gesture of annoyance on the part of Theo who thus gives a pat on the nape of the Turk who, when he realizes it, before leaving, pulls the AC Milan player by the suit jacket. Thus, a quick verbal confrontation arrives between the two players who evidently have more than a few personal annoyances to solve, which goes far beyond a simple sporting antagonism.

But what have Cahlanoglu and Theo Hernandez to say to each other even before starting to play a derby which will then prove to be an extraordinary match full of competitive spirit and overall correct? Obviously, it is not clear from the players’ lips what they are saying on the pitch at San Siro, but it is clear that it’s easy to rewind the tape of memories and find the previous one who has loaded this swift face to face with poisons. One can almost certainly draw on what happened last summer, during the Milanese celebrations for the last Scudetto. Choruses started from the bus with the AC Milan players on board, then picked up by the cheering Rossoneri crowd, some directed against Cahlanoglu, a great ex with whom the AC Milan fans did not leave very well and who had already provoked the Rossoneri people by exulting in another derby .

A deplorable episode, born of the enthusiasm and excesses of the Scudetto party, combined with others who had stained the Rossoneri’s joy as the unacceptable gesture of the Turk’s shirt burned in Piazza Duomo. Everything had immediately sparked strong criticism and fierce controversy especially because the French side of Milan had been identified among the authors of those offending choirs. An affront not forgotten by the midfielder today at Inter who, at the first opportunity, took the opportunity to remind the Frenchman, expressing all his disappointment.

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