LIVE TJ - FIORENTINA-JUVENTUS 1-1 - Perin salvarisultato, è pari al Franchi

LIVE TJ – FIORENTINA-JUVENTUS 1-1 – Perin saved result, equal to Franchi

49 & # 39; – It ended at the Franchi, Juventus took home a point in a match that turned out to be more difficult than one might think. The final is 1-1, to decide the goals of Milik and Kouame. Thanks for following our direct text, a greeting and a wish for a good evening

48 ‘- Zurkowski tries, on Biraghi’s assist, but his right doesn’t go down.

46 ‘- Fiorentina closes in attack, Juve defends the same. It has been a few minutes since the Bianconeri, with the exception of that launch by Miretti for Milik, have given up attacking.

45 ‘- Four minutes of recovery granted by the match whistle.

41 ‘PERIN! – Another prodigious intervention by the Juventus number 36 who opposes Amrabat’s shot from distance.

39 ‘PLAY OF MIRETTI – First magic of Miretti talent, but Terracciano anticipates Kean.

34 ‘- Last change for the bianconeri: out of Paredes, Fagioli enters.

30 ‘- As anticipated, Bonucci on the pitch for Alex Sandro. Italian replaces Jovic and Barak, for Cabral and Zurkowski.

29 ‘- Bonucci close to entering the field.

25 ‘PAREDES ON THE GROUND – He too, like Danilo a little while ago, remains on the ground and is rescued by the medical staff. The Argentine returns shortly after without problems.

22 ‘ – Fortunately it is nothing serious, so Danilo can return to the field.

21 ‘DANILO ON THE GROUND – The Brazilian central anticipates Perin and stretches his right knee too much. Still on the ground, the health workers come in to help him. Meanwhile, he recovers from a corner kick in favor of Fiorentina.

17 ‘- Allegri along the lines of Italian inserts Miretti and Kean, for Cuadrado and Kostic.

16 ‘- Double change of the viola: out Maleh and Kouame, the author of the goal, enter Mandragora and Ikone. Martinez Quarta had also entered for Milenkovic in the 9th minute of the second half.

15 ‘- Providential McKennie in anticipating Jovic with a header, Juve struggling to get out well with the ball out of their penalty area.

13 ‘ – Milik complains about having suffered a foul that seemed quite evident on the part of Amrabat.

12 ‘- Bravo Paredes to recover the ball and trigger the restart Juve, the action ends with a corner kick in favor of the bianconeri.

11 ‘- Barak’s cross on the outside, Danilo sweeps in a lateral foul.

9 ‘- A few minutes and Danilo also gets the yellow for the game clash with Kouame.

6 ‘- Locatelli is the first to end up in the bad guys’ notebook for the broken intervention on Maleh.

5 ‘- Good series of passes from Juve, with De Sciglio putting it in the middle and the two best positioned, McKennie and Milik, anticipated by the purple defense.

1 ‘- Duties whistle the start, the kick-off is of the hosts.

16:05 – The first substitute is Di Maria, De Sciglio enters in his place and will be placed on the right wing. Cuadrado will take the place of the Juventus number 22.

16:02 – Dusan Vlahovic is warming up with vigor, eager to enter and offer his contribution.

Super Perin saves the Lady! The deviation of the Juventus goalkeeper is providential to intercept the ball and send it just enough on the post, with Jovic desperate for the mistake from the spot. The bianconeri, after Milik’s goal, are unable to find important offensive sorties and concede goals in the restart with Kouame. Balanced first half, the viola is better for intensity. We will hear from you in 15 ‘.

47 ‘- Duties sends everyone to the locker room, it is the final at the Franchi between Fiorentina and Juventus. It is 1-1, to score are Milik and Kouame.

46 ‘- Broken game, this time it is Biraghi who commits a foul on Di Maria.

45 ‘- Two minutes of recovery granted by Doveri.

44 ‘PEEEEEEEERIN – The Juventus goalkeeper deflects so much that Jovic’s penalty takes the post. Juve is saved!

43 ‘ Penalty for Fiorentina – After the consultation at the Var, Doveri whistles the penalty kick.

42 ‘- Duty stops the game and goes to review Paredes’ intervention in the previous action at the Var.

41 ‘- Fiorentina assault with a series of taps and taps, at the end of the action it is Perin who takes the ball.

37 ‘ – Game stopped as Sottil remains on the ground following a game contrast with Cuadrado. The referee stops the game.

34 ‘- Sottil’s punishment hits the barrier in full.

33 ‘- Paredes lost the ball in a dangerous way, Bremer intervenes foul on Jovic who is approaching the penalty area. It is punishment for the hosts.

31 ‘- Cuadrado’s shoulder on Sottil, Duties nearby hints at the viola player to get up. Meanwhile, Alex Sandro has been booked for a foul challenge against Dodò.

30 ‘- Aureliano al Var, after a check that lasted a few minutes, confirms Kouame’s goal.

28 ‘Draw by Kouame – On the restart of the previous corner, the viola is quick and quick with Sottil finding Kouame who, in front of Perin, pierces him face to face. Draw to the Franks.

27 ‘JUVE IN ATTACK – With a compass the Di Maria’s ball for McKennie who doesn’t trust and slips it in the middle, the ball happens to Kostic whose conclusion is hit back in the corner.

26 ‘- Fiorentina again to come forward with Amrabat who does not find the goal from twenty-five meters.

25 ‘- Unrealistic left from the distance of Dodò, he blocks Perin well and without worries.

22 ‘- Alex Sandro’s cross is too long, Milik can’t get there.

17 ‘- Biraghi’s complaints as his teammate Barak, according to him, is anticipated in a foul way in the penalty area. Juve is now trying to relax on the restart.

15 ‘- The first yellow card of the match is Amrabat, the referee punishes him following a tactical foul against Milik.

14 ‘- Cuadrado, in a slide, and Bremer with the gambone closing on Maleh’s dry right in the area more than close, Fiorentina earns a corner.

12 ‘- Kostic tries to serve Milik again, but this time the Juventus is anticipated by Igor.

8 ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL BY MILIK – Polish again! Assist by Cuadrado, shot by Kostic who finds Milik well positioned and from a few steps through Terracciano with an abdominal deviation. The Old Lady is already ahead!

5 ‘- Milenkovic tries, with his head, but does not find the door.

2′ – Immediately Paredes to intercept a pass, Milik served just outside the penalty area fails to control and the possible offensive action fades.

15:01 – The kick-off is for Juve, the challenge of Franchi has begun under the orders of the match whistle Doveri.

14:57 – The two teams make their entry into the field.

14:45 – On the homepage the words of the protagonists, here you can find Maurizio Arrivabene’s interview with Dazn’s microphones (click here to read).

14:33 – Some statistics: Juventus have only won 3 of their last 10 matches against Franchi. The latest success came with Max Allegri on the bench in the 3-0 in December 2018.

14:25 – Even the Juventus management is not spared by the purple supporters. Fiorentina on the pitch at the moment, while for the bianconeri on the pitch only the owners.

14:18 – Copious whistles of Franchi as Juventus entered the field.

14:10 – The reconnaissance

14:05 – Juve on the pitch with the black and white shirt


Fiorentina (4-3-3): Terracciano, Dodo, Milenkovic, Igor, Biraghi, Maleh, Amrabat, Barak; Kouame, Jovic, Sottil. All. Italian

Juventus (4-3-3): Perin; Cuadrado, Bremer, Danilo, Alex Sandro; McKennie, Paredes, Locatelli; By Maria, Milik, Kostic. Herds Allegri.

13:56 – The Juventus bench:

13:55 – The Juventus team:

13:20 – Soon the arrival of the teams at the Franchi.

13:15 –


12:16 – RAIN OVER FLORENCE – At this moment in Florence it is raining quite heavily.

11:49 – ALLEGRI WILL BET ON 4-3-3 – Juventus is retiring in Florence and is preparing for the match against Fiorentina. For the match against the Viola, Massimiliano Allegri will rely on 4-3-3: Perin will be in the door. In defense it will be De Sciglio’s turn on the right, Danilo and Bremer will play in half space, Alex Sandro will play on the left. While Bonucci will start from the bench. In midfield there will be Paredes’ debut and McKennie and Locatelli will play alongside him. In attack space for Di Maria, Milik and Kostic.

Juventus (4-3-3): Perin; De Sciglio, Danilo, Bremer, Alex Sandro; McKennie, Paredes, Locatelli; By Maria, Milik, Kostic.

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