Altroconsumo survey: the ranking of the most convenient supermarkets in Alessandria

Altroconsumo survey: the ranking of the most convenient supermarkets in Alessandria

ALESSANDRIA – Like every year the magazine that protects consumers, Other consumptionwrote the ranking of the most affordable supermarkets. An analysis that these days assumes even more value for thesoaring prices and the consequent weight on family budgets.

The study probed all the chains first of all to understand the price trend during 2022 (the analysis took place between 7 March and 1 April 2022 ed), noting a price increasein supermarkets and hypermarkets, equal to 1% compared to 2021. On the other hand, the variation in price increases is much higher discount with an average increase in their products of 5.2%.

Despite this surge, however, the discount the places where you can buy more conveniently: to the first 7 places in fact, we find this type of shopping center with the greatest convenience from Aldi and Eurospin, this year on an equal footing. According to Altrconsumo theirs prices are 34% lower respect to the last classified sign, Carrefour Market. Behind the discounters we find the supermarkets Esselunga Superstore and Esselungawith prices on average 9 and 12% higher than those of the discounters in the lead.


Natrually the outlay to fill the carts varies according to the type of products that are purchased. Who prefers those brand, you will find Esselunga convenient where it’s possible save up to 9% compared to the expensive Carrefour Market, in last place. For the branded productsand instead Carrefour to conquer the record by ousting Conad. THE less cheap in this case are Bennet, Eurospar and Esselunga.

At the top of the mixed shopping chart, nationally, they stand out Famila Superstore and Dok such as supermarket and hypermarket signs cheaper. Otherwise, Carrefour and Bennet are at the bottom of the ranking, in that 11-12% more expensive. 0C8BC382-73EA-44A3-8782-84E7B9F58CEB Survey of affordable supermarkets 2022 Alessandria

From a geographical point of view, the Triveneto is always the most convenient place overall, although it is Parma there city ​​where you spend less (18%, which is equivalent to 1,410 euros a year)choosing the cheapest point of sale between super and hyper visited (Esselunga Superstore) instead of the saltier (Sigma). The the most expensive supermarket in the investigation, on the other hand, is Sigma in Ravennafollowed by Coop of Venice and Sigma of Parma.


Coming in Alessandria Extra Market has conquered the peak of savingsfollowed by the Galaxy to Christ and fromlong S in progress Teresio Borsalino.SURVEY OF SUPERMARKETS SAVINGS 2022 ALESSANDRIA

Methodological note:
The Altroconsumo survey analyzed a sample of 1.67 million prices recorded between 7 March and 1 April 2022 in 1,171 points of sale, including 700 supermarkets, 125 hypermarkets and 346 discount stores in 67 Italian cities. 126 different categories of products were examined, specifically food, household and personal care products, and pet food. The prices of the current investigation were then compared with those found in June 2022.
The prices have been processed and an index has been created that allows you to understand which is the most convenient sign according to the type of shopping you make: one for shopping with the cheapest products on the shelf, one for shopping with branded products, one for commercial brand products (distributor or private label) and one for mixed shopping, which includes all these types of products. Hyper and super were taken into consideration, of which at least 9 points of sale were visited and present in at least 5 regions. The discount stores, on the other hand, are selected on the basis of their presence throughout the country, including the brands of which at least 25 points of sale have been visited. 100 Indicates the most convenient chain. If the index is 110, for example, it means that prices are 10% more expensive than the cheapest sign that has, in fact, index 100.

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