Men and women, Isabella Falasconi got married to a former knight of the program!

Men and women, Isabella Falasconi got married to a former knight of the program!

Isabella Falasconi became known to the public of Channel 5 after attending the dating show Men and women.

Here was born the love story with Mauro Donà and only after 7 months we saw them participate together also in Temptation Island in the 2015 edition. However, their relationship was immediately put to the test and great differences emerged between them. Despite these, however, the two decided to abandon the program together. But, only a few months later, in 2016, Mauro And Isabella they finally said goodbye and ad today their relationship is closed and buried.

Isabella Falasconi however, she has never stopped believing in love and today she can be sure she has found it and is called Giuseppe Tranquillino. To tell of their splendid tale, completely incredible, it was she in the first person:

It was the year 2014, I was participating in the program Men and women from Maria De Filippi. Giuseppe Tranquillino introduces himself, he was sitting in the studio center exactly in front of me. I look at him and his blue eyes immediately struck me. He tells about himself, that he lives in Altamura and has a degree in Law, the Conservatory and also mechanical engineering. Do you remember the man of the three degrees criticized by everyone? The man who worked in the bank today became a notary in Trani. To the question of Maria: “Josephwho struck you among the ladies?“, he answers: “Isabella“. Let’s do a dance together, a very strong emotion arises in me. I was almost embarrassed by her strong and exuberant character. He made me feel almost totally awkward. He denigrated me because everyone talked badly about me (they said I danced in clubs … Which is quite false). I was trying to get in touch with him, but nothing …

A stroke of lightning therefore the one between the lady and the knight who, however, did not have time to blossom:

I dropped everything and went on with my story. He also dated a girl from the show with whom he lasted a month. After about seven years, he tried to contact me through the broadcast as well. But nothing, they didn’t give him my number, citing privacy laws. He has recalled production about three times, but nothing. He didn’t use either Facebook nor other social networks. He didn’t even remember my last name. Then, out of the blue, he managed to catch a glimpse of a picture of me up there Facebook through an account that had only opened to look for me. There we found ourselves; I gave him my mobile number and we immediately spoke. Then we met in Civitanova and after a long hug we found ourselves. In transmission, unfortunately, it is difficult to be what you really are.

That long hug was so strong and sincere that the two, after that moment, never left each other and so they started their story:

From that moment we have always been alone “We“, in all and for all. He always dedicated poems and love songs, on the other hand he plays three instruments. I fell in love immediately. But then, in 2020, one day we went to the sea in Polignano and he disappeared. Where is it? He had run into the room to agree on the earliest date to get married! Then he came to me and he said to me: “My love, we are getting married on August 27!”. I immediately said “Yup! “.

That fateful day, which saw their love crowned, has arrived. Indeed, on 27 August, Isabella and Giovanni were able to officially say “Yes, For a lifetime! “.

On 27 August we crowned our dream in the cathedral of Altamura and we celebrated in Polignano a Mare. Joseph, under the house he made me find a horse that led me to the cathedral; it was truly a fairy tale: our fairy tale! Saying that we are happy is an adjective that does not describe who we really are. We love each other in all respects and we are sure it will be Forever.

Isabella Falasconiwanted to conclude his exciting story by revealing a small anecdote:

Ps. She never asked me to marry him but before entering the hall to celebrate our big event, she dedicated a long poem to me and asked me not only to marry him but mainly to bear and support him and gave me the ring. Now we live in Altamura and we are very happy for what we are today and what we will be in the future.

Here are the images of the marriage of the two former faces of Men and women:

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