Vagnati: "I wanted to take Praet back, Brekalo wanted to come back. My future? I would like to stay at Toro" -

Vagnati: “I wanted to take Praet back, Brekalo wanted to come back. My future? I would like to stay at Toro” –

The press conference of the technical director of Turin, Davide Vagnati, at the end of the summer transfer market session

At the end of the summer transfer market session it is time to take stock and to make them is the technical director of Turin, Davide Vagnati, in a press conference: “After the end of the market it seemed appropriate to make a report. I want to thank Simone Zaza who left the club for what he did with us and especially for the help two seasons ago. I do the same to Armando Izzo and Simone greens who went on loans to Monza and Verona respectively ”.

Vagnati: “We have invested a lot in young people”

On the non-arrival of the midfielder: “There is no regret for the midfielder who did not arrive. We tried to take Praet, I would have liked it, I’m in love not only with the player but also with the boy, he wanted to come to Turinbut it was neither an economic nor any other problem, it was Leicester’s legitimate choice not to let the player go. However, we are satisfied with the market. The answers in the field then give the actual value of the work one does, there will be time and way to tell if the work has been good “.

“If Torino are stronger this year or last year? If at the beginning of the market I had been asked if I would have been happy to finish it like this, I would have answered like this “.

Vagnati then revealed an anecdote: “I’ll tell you an anecdote: Brekalo he wanted to return to Turin, he did everything to return but it was not correct to take him back and not for sporting reasons. We wanted to keep it last year. As a line we keep whoever wants to stay. This year I do not think that other Brekalo cases will be repeated, of the 8 players who arrived this year 3 are on loan with the right of redemption ”.

On young people: “We have invested a lot in young people, this must be our direction. Now football has to go in this direction, taking talented players that we follow. What we try to do is this. Ilkhan he is a player with an incredible talent, he is a boy from 2004, he has to work but he has the right mentality to take off and let us take away some satisfactions ”.

“I don’t like to say if we are stronger now or if we were last year, I would disrespect those who were there last year who did well. We have high hopes and expectations for some guys and I hope that we can continue with many of these players in the future too, I don’t like changing a lot ”.

Vagnati also spoke of Schuurs: “Schuurs is a guy we followed, it was a difficult negotiation because there were also other teams who wanted to take him. He has the physical parameters to become an important player, then it’s up to him to work, to make himself available. He wanted to come to Turin and he did everything to come to Turin and it is not something to be taken for granted because he was a player who was important to remain ”.

On the failed ransoms of Mandragora, Pjaca and Pobega: “Mandrake we tried to understand together with the player and Juventus, that he was willing to sell him, if he could stay but he made a legitimate choice to change team and go to another club. Pjaca instead it was not redeemed for technical choice. On Pobega he did not have the option of redemption and Milan did not want to speak for a permanent transfer “.

Vagnati: “Radonjic is practically ours”

Vagnati then spoke of the Lukic case: “Lukic remains and is an important player, he has always shown with facts that he cares for Turin. It arrived that he was a kid, he has become a player who gives us a lot both on and off the pitch. Let’s say that he had a sunstroke due to the heat. It’s all gone nowand the team’s response in Monza was also great ”.

On the midfield: “How short is the blanket in midfield? We tried to get Praet for this reason, then there were also other names of players we dealt with who didn’t come out. It is always better to have a few more players, but we are convinced that we have the resources to do well. Let’s take into account that there are only 10 games left in January, so we needed a player ready immediately. If Praet had come it made sense, in that role we wanted Praet and we only treated him ”.

About Radonjic: Radonjic it is practically ours, there is the obligation of redemption. The Radonjic idea was born a couple of months before taking it. He is a strong player who has thrown away his talent a bit, he has had some passages. Before taking him I talked to him a lot, he wanted to come to Turin and he proved it to me by cutting his salary a lot. Although at the beginning I had some negative references about the player, in the end we were convinced to take him ”.

“How do we make up for Belotti’s absence? With talented players and some we have, we have taken on a striker like Pellegri who is young and has great room for improvement, then there is Sanabria who is a player who gives us a lot in terms of ball management and maneuvering ”.

On the goalkeeper issue: “The goalkeeper? Last year I saw a little too much fury towards Milinkovic-Savic who was in his first year as owner. When you entrust the goal to a goalkeeper who has never played it is normal that you run into some question marks, Vanya I think last year he had a good season, then you give us a lot also from the point of view of managing the ball and of the outputs. I think that even in these first matches he has shown that he is a reliable goalkeeper, he needs to improve but he has great room for improvement ”.

On the budget: “It doesn’t seem correct to me to say the budget we had, the numbers are important. We must have respect for every penny we spend, I feel a great responsibility because I am in a large square and in a particular moment. The players we have dealt with or did not come for a matter of choice or strategic choice, not for economic problems ”.

“What if Juric asked me about the players? One of the two we took it and it is Karamohwhich both the winger and the central attacker can do, for the midfielder we had thought about Praetwho can also play as a midfielder in the two-man line, also because we also had other players in the frontline ”.

Vagnati took stock of the operations: “The operations that have given me the most satisfaction? The sales of players who were out of our project, when there are players who are not part of a project is not nice. We often talk about the players coming in but the ones going out are not easy to place ”.

About Linetty: “Linetty’s recovery? I am very happy because he is a boy of a kindness, of an incredible professionalism. He has always trained without complaining, he has never skipped a workout. When I sit in the stands I want to see the team give their all and Karol is the maximum expression in this “.

About Gemello: “Gemello is a guy that I really respect a lot, if he had had a request in Serie B we would have let him go. In Serie C we already know what he can do, in a higher category we will have done with different evaluations ”.

Vagnati: “Lukic? We are talking about the renewal “

“What grade do I give myself? She will say it on June 6th. I am satisfied but not only for the incoming market, but also for the outgoing one. Buying players, especially in today’s market, is not easy. If we improve last year’s ranking I will be satisfied ”.

On Lukic’s renewal: “We are talking to Lukic’s agent about the renewal, he has the contract expiring in 2024 but for us he is an important player. We will try to find an agreement ”.

Finally Vagnati also spoke about his future: “My future? I am very happy to be here at Turin, to have changed the inertia of the last few seasons which have not been good seasons. I would like to continue at Toro because I see that there is great room for improvement, I am a person who sleeps little at night to find solutions, I want to try to do something important for this club and for the president who has put a lot of money in Turin. What is indispensable in society, in addition to the fans and history, is someone who puts in the money, luckily we have it ”.

Davide Vagnati

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