Sonia Bruganelli: "Me and Paolo? We will live in separate buildings" and the daughters will divide

Sonia Bruganelli: “Me and Paolo? We will live in separate buildings” and the daughters will divide

Sonia Bruganelli, the wife of, this phrase, or rather this way of referring to her, has haunted her for years. Today that she has a company of hers and is a well-known face on TV, she no longer weighs as much as a few years ago. Bruganelli spoke about her family, her professional aspirations and her career in a long interview with Corriere della Sera, in which she also offers marriage advice. For a lasting marriage everyone needs her space and for this reason she and Paolo Bonolis will soon live in two buildings connected only by two doors onto a terrace. But who is Sonia Bruganelli?

The extended family, the children, Paolo is the key to a lasting marriage

As for the family, Sonia is very protective. Davide moved to Trieste where he will play football, she was very happy but admits: “When he left for the retreat, on August 2. There I cried. In the overflowing bag I put a jar of Nutella for him: in flight he burst and he made everything dirty. After three days of video calls he told me: ‘Mom, come on, enough’ “. Anyone who talks about him appealing to him as a recommended is wrong: “It bothers me a lot when they give him the recommended. But what does that have to do with it? If the son of a public figure works, it is thanks to his father; if he doesn’t work, he is a retained person. . It is against all logic … “.

Silvia, the eldest of the children, is 19 years old: “She attended high school until the third year, I withdrew her during Covid due to the anxiety that she would fall ill, given her heart problems. But for her potential she must above all learn to be self-sufficient. He does hippotherapy, music, athletics “. Now she is learning to make photocopies, telephone numbers, to take photos to be stapled in the candidates’ cards. When she is ready she will be a secretary: from the ranks, like mum “.

Sonia Bruganelli in tears: “My daughter is teaching me to accept her as she is”

Bruganelli is not religious, but Silvia had to undergo a delicate operation and Sonia had dreamed of Padre Pio the night before: “I promised myself that if the surgery went well I would have my face tattooed. I have it on my forearm”.

A few weeks ago the entrepreneur showed up after having undergone a blepharoplasty, she is not against surgery and more generally follows the motto of live and let live for this when she is asked if her haters ask her if she plans to take off the leek near her lip replies amused: “Kill, always! Anyway I will take it off, but only because it weighs down my mouth and my make-up artist is unable to widen it”.

Bonolis has two children born from a previous marriage, Stefano and Martina, with them the relationship has not always been excellent, she was jealous of her past, but now everything is different: “Martina has created a chat where it’s just me, her and the father. If they want to ask Paolo for something, they talk to me first, to get my support. “

Then here comes the part dedicated to marriage advice, in particular the secret lies in leaving room for the partner and Paolo and Sonia know it well: the two sleep in separate rooms and will soon live in separate houses. “Sleeping in separate rooms is a sign of civility! However, now we go further: I am arranging my new home, where I will move alone with Adele. Silvia stays with him”. The two will stay together, “but in different buildings, communicating by a double door on the terrace. It is the secret to staying together for life”.

“Bonolis and Bruganelli are not in crisis”. But Sonia is not there and displaces the journalists

Sonia Bruganelli: “I dreamed of being an entrepreneur”

When asked which job she dreamed of growing up, she replies by exclaiming “This!”. “But I didn’t know she was called an entrepreneur. I grew up watching Beautiful and my model was Sally Spectra, certainly not Brooke. I dreamed of becoming an executive.”

His father was an inspector of the Bank of Italy, but his great passion – which was also partly a job – was football, he trained Lazio goalkeepers and in fact many former Lazio players in uniform came to the funeral. still some of his tales of the gold bars he found in the vaults “. Her mother was a housewife but she had a great revolutionary spirit: “She has always had a rock soul. She is a woman who wore the miniskirt as soon as it was marketed. She Today she is the administrator of my company”.

Sonia has a brother, Marco, who is a partner, together with Bonolis, of her scouting company. The world of entertainment has always been present in her working life, she started as a model: “Once I was chosen for the cat kitchen billboard: that’s where Claudio Noto made me up for the first time, she still does it today “. Then photo novels and teleshopping, at Tira & Molla she met Bonolis, she was 23 and was about to graduate in Communication Sciences. After the engagement, her model, Sally Spectra, was not that far away, but she said no: after the engagement with Paolo they proposed to work on Waiting for Beautiful, she instead preferred to do the apprenticeship to Ciao Darwin where Federico Moccia also worked who “always made her cry” because he was very strict.

In 2005 he opened the scouting company with Lucio Presta: Sdl 2005. Together with them there was also the gynecologist Daniela Gaetano, “whom I met on Sunday when Paolo entrusted me with the maternity space: I had proposed to him to follow a pregnancy until at childbirth “. The authors took advantage and continually shifted the time to weaken us. I remember them all, in fact in Ciao Darwin they are no longer there (laughs, ed). Our competitor was Maurizio Costanzo’s Buona Domenica. He left the closure to Maria De Filippi with Men and Women, at the time of Alessandra and Costantino. At the last episode, Cesare Lanza decided to turn him against us, with the birth: they had a 26% share, we 28 “.

The first job was to choose the competitors for La Talpa. Now Sonia is “the majority shareholder and I take care of the creative part. We employ about fifteen people, three times more during the productions: we are dealing with Chiambretti’s program, The charge of 100 and 1, and another Avanti!”.

Sonia Bruganelli at Gf vip for the second year

The first big flop of her career was the role of columnist in Paola Perego’s La Talpa, it was 2009. She was known only as the wife of Paolo Bonolis “who had just made the second Sanremo. I was not credible and I was not believed. Among the competitors there were untouchable characters: I had too many stakes and I was too young “. Today everyone knows her for having been the ruthless commentator of Big Brother Vip, where she too had a fight with Alfonso Signorini, the conductor. The decision to do an encore was directly linked to the non-renewal of Adriana Volpe because Bruganelli herself says: “Now it’s different. I’ll be with Orietta Berti: I admire and respect her, she doesn’t take herself seriously, like me”.

The proposal of the Gf Vip “bis” came to her at a particular moment in her life: “The boys who grow up, the dynamics of the couple that change, the famous empty nest … I needed lightness: I owe only to Big Brother Vip let me do my makeup and watch the Day Time in the tub before the episode “.

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