Napoli, Spalletti: "My very high ambitions. I don't guarantee anything to the fans"

Napoli, Spalletti: “My very high ambitions. I don’t guarantee anything to the fans”

The importance of the match

On the stakes of the Olimpico match: “We challenge a team that plays very good football, that has our value and us theirs, like last year in my opinion and we have to play it and show who is the best.“.

On the tactical aspect to be reviewed

When asked what should be reviewed after the last match: “The game quality summaries should be reviewed. Recognize where the space is free to play and move the ball with less touches and with more quality“.

About Kvaratskhelia

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia was named best player of the month of August, the path of the Georgian player: “All this is normal and it depends a lot on the strength of the opponent and the condition. He is a guy who comes from a different country, he is used to different things and it takes adaptation. You burn energy to adapt and you are missing something, these are running-in periods that we know we have to do “.

On the running in of the latest arrivals

On the inclusion of new purchases: “Running in at a good point, you get to know each other. There are summaries of what our game is, of the opponent we are going to meet. We talk about what our football is, the thing we would like to offer in matches, team knowledge. In my opinion we are at a good point because in training the ball turns well, you also go with the right pace and speed. Many phases of the game are strong, everything must be done continuously and always run enough to recover the ball“.

The situation of the championship after the transfer market

On the transfer market and a message to the fans: “I am very happy to be the manager of Napoli, my ambitions are of a level that I don’t know if others can get there, but I don’t guarantee anything. I do what is required of me, if not everyone likes me (laughs), this is my answer. Negative climate? I do not feel anything, but even if I do I do not change anything in my behavior and my work. I live to create well-done training sessions and develop a great game, enjoyable for sports with a fine palate like those of Napoli. But he always starts with winning or dying and I don’t like it, if you don’t win you have failed … and I don’t know if I win, the direction is there. Have you seen those left or do you need the diagram? We need to reorganize the team, change the predictions based on what happened the day before. The personalities were there, it’s a growth path, you can do it faster or slower but you have to do it and it takes some time to become a group like last year, I had taken into account in the new player cycle

On Raspadori

Spalletti exalted the skills of the former Sassuolo: “He is a flexible player and able to adapt to situations that leave spaces. He is a guy with great muscle strength and can do both outside and mid-striker as well as first or outside striker in this kick. He is really very flexible. Football is an easy thing“.

The importance of Ndombele

When asked about the technical importance of French: “Tanguy is a great footballer, he must know things, adapt to our football, but he is a great footballer, he knows how to make it move fast, you can hear the noise when he passes by, he is someone who always has the rearview mirror well positioned, when he looks in front he has pocketed of very high quality, has shot, good physical impact, you have to raise everything a little and let it play sometimes“.

On the construction from below

The coach then explained in detail the construction of the game from below and his doubts about it: “The only way to make those arrived in Napoli become players is to make them play, otherwise it is difficult. We built with sub-level playing quality for our way of doing, if you go into the analysis it is tiring but if I play the ball 15 meters from my opponent, if I lose the ball I cannot get back on him. I have to pre-mark and remount him, if I come with the midfielder under the line of the attackers I don’t move anything, they are 10 under the ball, we are 3 under construction and I don’t go to flush them out, I can’t find spaces. All situations of a few seconds, a few meters, but which make the difference. When you lower the spaces are reduced, as in the second half, you need more quality and you must not miss the good ball“.

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