Napoli, Spalletti: "We need to find quality of play. Kvara? Normal things"

Napoli, Spalletti: “We need to find quality of play. Kvara? Normal things”

The blue coach in conference on the eve of the Olimpico match: “Sarri’s quality of play is recognizable, Lazio will press relentlessly”

“We should review the quality of the game, recognize more quickly where the space is free to play in it, move the ball with less touches and more quality”. In the conference on the eve of the challenge on the field of the Lazio, Luciano Spalletti try to shake the Naples after two consecutive draws, the last of which arrived at Maradona against Lecce: “I am delighted to be the Napoli manager, but I don’t guarantee anything. You always put it on winning or dying and I don’t like this, if you don’t win you have failed … and I don’t know if I win “.

The match against the Biancocelesti will be above all the match against Maurizio Sarri: “I have already said it several times, Sarri’s quality of play is recognizable, every now and then we go from 4-3-3 but the systems are deformed because we don’t always remain 4-3-3 and we go to take those spaces that the opposing team leaves, for this reason the players have to adapt to different scenarios. If that space to be taken by the midfielder is occupied, another rises and goes to play that role. They apply constant and continuous pressure, have spaces behind them, can enhance our quality but if they do it well they get on you and it becomes difficult in tight spaces. It will depend on us to find well the gaps and spaces that are not on the trocar, but where others leave them “.

An important help can also be given by the many new faces arrived in the last days of the transfer market: “They are at a good point, they begin to know each other, we begin to talk about what our football is, what we want to offer in matches, to know the team, in my opinion we are at a good point because in training the ball turns quite well and you also go with the right rhythms because you have to go fast in many phases of the game. When they cancel us with the pressure you have to find the right pattern to steer on the other side , strong and continuous, always staying short and then regaining it high “.

It is no longer a new face instead Kvaratskheliawho slowed down a bit after being elected best player of the month of August: “These are normal things, it also depends on the strength of the opponent, of the condition at that moment, he is someone who comes from a different country, used to different things , a little knowledge is always needed, to find the shortcut to adaptation you burn more energy and you are missing something.

Speaking of the transfer market, the Azzurri coach sends a message to the fans after the end of the summer session: “I am very happy to be the manager of Napoli, my ambitions are of a level that I don’t know if others can get there, but I don’t guarantee anything. I do what is required of me, if not everyone likes me (laughs), this is my answer “.

“I live to create well-done training sessions and develop a great game, enjoyable for sportsmen with a fine palate like those of Napoli – continued Spalletti, explaining his words better – But you always put it on winning or dying and I don’t like this. if you don’t win you have failed … and I don’t know if I win, the direction is that there. Have you seen those left or do you need the diagram? We need to reorganize the team, change the predictions based on what happened the day before. The personalities were there, it’s a growth path, you can do it faster or slower but you have to do it and it takes some time to become a group like last year, I had taken into account in the new player cycle “.

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