Beat in the middle of the election campaign.  Stop to radiotherapy from October, "year zero for Molise health care" - Primonumero

Beat in the middle of the election campaign. Stop to radiotherapy from October, “year zero for Molise health care” – Primonumero

The Molisans will no longer be able to cure themselves of the tumor: from October stop to radiotherapy at Gemelli

Tecla Boccardo (Uil Molise): “Life-saving health services at risk, intervene immediately”

“The news that comes to us from Gemelli Molise leaves us dismayed. It is unacceptable that the only center that performs radiotherapy services in favor of cancer patients in the Region will not soon have a sufficient budget to be able to offer life-saving services. The commissioner structure assumes responsibility, the Molisans cannot die and are entitled to treatment in their region, the one that makes them pay taxes among the highest in Italy! It’s a shame, there are no other words.

According to what was anticipated by the leaders of the Society, therefore, from next month, those who already live a difficult life condition due to an oncological disease will have to go outside the region to receive adequate treatment, with enormous sacrifices, which are added to their daily ordeal.

And all this will create additional costs that will still weigh on our health system due to what will be an ever-increasing passive mobility. And as if that were not enough, we have heard from the statements made by the Structure that even the cardiac surgery services are at risk of interruption, in the short term.

A dramatic social and economic cost: but who pays? Whose Responsibilities Are They? All this, however, is the result of the absence of planning and of an adequate plan of needs that takes into account at least the essentials.

Meanwhile, with respect to this alarm launched by the Gemelli structure, the work of the commissioner structure will be unspeakable if this incredible and scandalous situation is not remedied immediately. We hope that in planning for the future, the person and her rights will be put first in order not to find in a few years an additional debt to be paid to the Regions that have assisted our patients “

Roberto Gravina (Mayor of Campobasso): “Mayors Conference must take a stand”

“If the Conference of Mayors still makes sense, – declared Gravina – it would be appropriate to immediately take a position with respect to a fact that affects all citizens, not just those from Campania.
The news of a feared block of radiotherapy treatments from October until the end of the year leaves us dismayed.
It is very urgent on the part of all those involved to resolve the situation with every urgency to ensure the continuity of oncological treatments at the Gemelli Molise facility “.

Rossella Gianfagna (candidate in the Senate for the center-left in the single-member constituency): “Smacco e controsmacco”

“Health care must not answer only to the accounts of the accountant, health is a right of citizens, of all citizens, especially of the most fragile ones, because they are sick: this must be asserted at a central level. What is happening in one of the main accredited health facilities in the region, the Gemelli Molise, which represents an excellence for our territory and beyond, is not a civilized country. Exceeding the spending limits could lead to the cessation of radiotherapy services, with the risk that from 1 October 200 cancer patients from Molise will have to be treated outside the region. We are back to the year zero. Pain and discomfort for those who suffer and face terrible diseases, a double defeat for Molise health care already burdened by impressive deficits: it will also be necessary to bear the expenses for treatments outside the regions. Smacco and counter-smacco. Our commissioner Toma pointed out to the competent ministries, economy and health, the difficulties of Gemelli Molise, and awaits an answer, at least this is how some newspapers report: intervention, so to speak, a bit late as well as weak.
Over the past five years we have had a totally silent parliamentary representation on the issue. And instead there is a real defense of our health care in Rome, we need to claim all our constitutional rights that this story shows us in all their precariousness. Now, who defends us from these risks, the center-right coalition that first and now has differentiated autonomy of fiscal federalism is its battle horse? Federalism or differentiated autonomy, as we prefer to say now just to use less immediate terms, are very dangerous tools, destructive weapons for weak territories like ours. We are not second-class citizens, health is a right of us from Molise. We have the opportunity to assert ourselves in Rome, let’s try ”.

Luigi Valente (candidate for the Senate for Action-Italia Viva on plurinominal): “Tragedy to the detriment of Molise is staged”

“While Conte walks like a movie star, while Lotito makes promises as a sailor to the Campobasso fans and Cesa says he feels at home in Molise, a new tragedy is staged in this region of ours to the detriment of Molise. A real earthquake will strike the battered Molise health care from 1 October: the Molise Region will decree the interruption of the radiotherapy service, a life-saving therapy for cancer patients.

Our corregionalI will be able to take advantage of the same therapy only by going outside the region (if they can) by activating the so-called journeys of hope to which unfortunately the Molisans have been accustomed for years. Laconic and tragic is the press release from the property of Gemelli Molise, which in any case will continue to provide its services only to citizens from outside the region.

The Molisans cannot remain indifferent and not react to this inconclusive policy, made up of catwalks, slogans and handshakes, which however is unable to administer anything and which seriously damages people’s quality of life ”.

Vittorino Facciolla (candidate for the House for the Democratic Party in the Molise plurinominal college): “Toma completely inadequate”

“The future of Molise cancer patients is dramatic. Stefano Petracca does not hesitate to define him as president of the Agostino Gemelli IRCCS University Polyclinic Foundation, the only hospital in Molise to provide life-saving radiotherapy services. The reason? Our Health Commissioner, President Toma, has set a spending ceiling that is not calibrated to the real needs of the territory, in practice, unfortunately, in Molise there are many more cancer patients than the economic resources that the Region has set up to treat them. We say that President Toma was completely inadequate for the role of Health Commissioner since the beginning of the covid emergency. Day after day we are having sad confirmation. You have to change direction and do it quickly. The choice that each of us will make on 25 September will also have a strong impact on the future of our region ”.

Aida Romagnuolo (councilor of the Brothers of Italy): “Finding a solution immediately without exploiting”

“Continuing to provide services for cancer patients in Molise is fundamental, it is a duty and a commitment that cannot be avoided. Only those who live this drama directly, or have a loved one who is sick, can understand how fundamental these treatments are, and Gemelli Molise is the only hospital that guarantees them in the area. A condition that would not affect, however, patients from other regions. Beyond what may be an expenditure ceiling estimated on the basis of a hypothetical need, we must guarantee everyone the same right to health which, I will never tire of repeating, is enshrined in our Constitution. The disease cannot and must not be exploited. May the Molise Region and Gemelli immediately find a solution, a meeting point, so as not to further demean our community. However, I will present an urgent motion, soliciting the involvement of all my colleagues ”.

Giuseppe Forte (journalist and Municipal Councilor of Vasto): “I would never have imagined such a crazy decision”

“The news of the interruption of the delicate and very important radiotherapy service at the Gemelli Molise Hospital in Campobasso, for the citizens of Molise, left me thrilled. I could never have imagined the taking of such a crazy decision by the Molise political class after having directly experienced the qualities, merits, professionalism, education and availability of prof. Francesco Deodato, his closest collaborators and all the medical and paramedical staff of that service. How can a citizen of Molise be denied the possibility of being treated in a structure that boasts great professionalism and has a very high level of equipment that is difficult to find in other health companies in Molise and the neighboring regions?
For 25 days I accompanied a family member to that facility, traveling 200 kilometers a day, aware, however, that I was in good hands. And how can a politician, a local administrator decide on the suppression of such an important service for the health of citizens?
Allowing Gemelli Molise to continue providing (for a little while longer) the service only to citizens from other regions means decreeing the closure of that service.
But have Molise politicians ever set foot inside that “jewel” of which they should only boast of having it?
I want to hope that common sense will help them retrace their steps in order to ensure a very high level of service to cancer patients from Molise.
To Prof. Deodato and his team all my admiration and all my appreciation for what they have done so far and for what they will continue to do to raise the level of health care in the Molise Region ”.

Michele Marone, Alberto Tramontano and Rita Colaci (candidates for Parliament for the League): “we are disconcerted”

“This is disconcerting news. We strongly ask that the regional commissioner structure immediately find a solution to avoid an unacceptable exodus of patients to other extra-regional structures, in consideration of the fact that Gemelli Molise is the only Molise structure that provides these life-saving services. Molise families must be protected, fragile citizens must be supported, first and above all else. Cancer patients must continue to have the assistance they need, they must be able to enjoy medical services in Molise. The Gemini must be supported because it represents a fundamental defense for treatment and integrates the public health offer effectively and punctually. The League is on the side of Molisans, it is on the side of cancer patients, it is on the side of Gemelli Molise and will always fight to ensure that our fellow citizens are recognized the right to treatment and the right to health ”.

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